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Fergie Wants to Make Sure You Know She Has Breasts


Just in case you hadn’t noticed them before, she put a big ole star on them and framed them with a… is that a gun holster? What is that?

The Dutchess did her best Tomb Raider impression on the red carpet at this Saturday’s 102.7 KIIS FM Wango Tango event– which does not refer to a Ted Nugent song, but a Summer Concert held in Irvine, CA.

Lady Gaga was also present, but turned the corner from delightfully insane antics to just plain old pyschosis when she started laying wet ones on Perez Hilton. Let’s all hope she soon goes back to talking to her tea cups.

Lady Gaga Kisses Perez Hilton

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  • Fergie scares me. She looks like a man, and her hairstyle doesn’t do much to hide that.

    • An ex-boyfriend of mine was all about Fergie. I never understood his obsession; I think he may have been gay because.. well, who would tap that, besides Josh Duhmel? :/

  • KELLY!!!! don’t you know ANYTHING ABOUT EVILBEET!! sasha is gonna fire your ass in a hot minute if you dont get rid of that pic of perez!!! beet told me on twitter she doesnt like to give ANY press to perez good or bad. TAKE IT DOWN NOW.

    • I used to read his site way back when he was all fat and giggly. It quickly became apparent that he is a hypocrite of the worst kind as well as a misogynist and borderline pedophile. His impact on celebu-sheep is pathetic. Any celeb who befriends that guy instantly loses any hope of respect or admiration from me. They’re all so stupid and afraid, and he laughs all the way to the bank. I think women everywhere should boycott him. That alone would drive him back under a rock, where he belongs. Sure, everyone has flaws, but that dude has very, very bad mojo.

  • What is woith the anti-GaGa stuff? She’s a great singer, has a serious set of pipes, is great live, and doesn’t piss herself like Fergie. Sure, GaGa can be over the top flamboyant at times, but so was/is Elton John, who is a fantastic piano player and singer. I sometimes don’t understand the extremes artistic people go to, but to see people with their own opinions, style, and love for fun things is a fresh change from the no-talent idiots like the Kardashians and the Hiltons (though I adore Nicky).

    I think you and the other writers are a little harsh on people who grab a li’l attention now and then.

    • Now stop acting like GaGa is the most impressive singer to hit the music seen a long time.
      She’s not, at all.
      From the songs I’ve heard she’s okay, not good nor bad.

      She dress like she does for attention.
      And do you know what attention whores get?
      Bad press.

      • Woah hold up SHe wa slike this b4 she was famous! She has also been playing piano by ear sence she was 2 annd lessons sence she was 4 she has been taking voice lessons sence she was 12 playing in clubs sence she was 14 she didnt get here by looking like tht she got famous by being a great singer/performer/dancer and you need to do research b4 you post something totally biased and rediculous!

    • IK ! gosh these ppl need to take a look in the mirror b4 talking trash about other ppl.

  • She should get Thermage done on her cheekjowlthings. There’s really no need for those things in the modern age.

  • FERGIE needs a reality check. She thinks she has fashion sense and is soooo conceited. REALITY: FUCKKING UGLY BEAST WHO GETS UGLIER EACH YEAR THAT PASSES. Husband must be blind in bed too.

    • dude she does look great for a 40 something year old though.
      Shes not the prettiest thing to walk this earth but really i bet your not mch prettier eather neither r these other conceited ppl talking trash about her. Im not a huge fan of hers and i dont want to start an argument its just honesty and you know that.

  • All of yall who r trash talking take a look in the mirror and youl see that your only saying this stuff to make your self feel better.