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Clay Aiken Snubbed by ‘Idol’

Clay Aiken

Let me put on my Cosby voice for a minute: You see kids, you can’t just go burnin’ bridges and then expect to be able to walk back across ’em later on. Pudding pops.

The Enquirer is reporting
that when Clay Aiken visited the set of American Idol recently–without being invited or letting anyone know he was coming– he was given limited access, confined to break rooms and a few backstage areas, and then shuffled quickly and quietly out the door.

The purpose for his visit was supposedly because he wanted to have a talk with the contestants– Adam Lambert in particular, who is said to be his favorite– and offer them advice and mentoring from someone who has been there before… the key words in that phrase being  “has been.”

Producers and reps from “American Idol” have had a long-simmering feud with Clay because he was one of the first contestant to bolt from 19 Entertainment, the management company that oversees the recording deals, merchandising, touring, sponsorship, and movie deals for “Idol” stars.

Network execs believe that Clay encouraged Kelly Clarkson to cut her ties with the show as well.

“They’ve always held a grudge against Clay for that,” revealed the insider. “So when he showed up at the ‘Idol’ studios and asked if he could give a little pep talk to the remaining finalists, they told Clay thanks… but no thanks.

“It was made clear to him that he was not welcome.”

People are speculating that visit may not have been motivated purely out of concern for the wellbeing of the remaining contestants, but might actually have been *gasp!* a self-serving and desperate attempt at reviving his own career. The 30 year old was dropped from his record label, RCA, late last year, and like a college kid hauling his empty stomach and his dirty laundry home to mom & dad on the weekend, has no place to go except back to Idol.

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  • The only truth to this story is that Aiken brought his son by the Idol studios to show his friends there his baby. Adorable kid and Aiken is always welcome. Sorry to burst your buble.

  • that cpsby voice thing made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! pudding pops. oh man thats hilarious

    • Yes, I loved the cosby voice shit too. Nice to see the “Claymates” are still alive and kicking. Keep up the fight ladies.

  • The NE is also reporting that Michelle Obama is dying of anorexia. You need a better source. Clay has stated numerous times that he hasn’t watched Idol this season and doesn’t know one contestant from another. The “Adam-is-his-favorite” idea is just that — someone’s made up idea.

  • If American Idol DIDN’T snub that arrogant twit Clay Aiken, they SHOULD have. For years, he’s been putting AI down, saying he wanted to distance himself from Idol, likening doing anything Idol-related to going back to the football games after graduating from high school. Now that his career is in the toilet, he should be so lucky as to have AI want him to appear on their show. I’m NOT holding my breath for THAT to happen!! LOL!!

  • So how arrogant and ungrateful is that….to not even bother to watch the very program that launched your career, and publicly say. I can’t say if he was welcome back at American Idol or not, but why would anyone go out of there way for such an ungrateful former contestant?

  • The National Enquirer article has agenda written all over it. It is laced to embarrass Clay and sounds like they are still pissed that THEY screwed him and Kelly and got caught and Clay and Kelly were able to get out of the 19 Management portion of their contract. Why dredge up five year old crap NOW???? Gimme a break.

    Ungrateful? Clay? He has been quoted many times that he loved his Idol experience.

  • Clay’s never had anything but great things to say about his time on the show & all the people who work there. He compliments the judges constantly & has remained friends with the show’s voice coach, musical director, makeup gal, stage manager…. he just went to one of the producer’s birthday party. This story is a load of bull.

  • It must be a slow news day when you need to ‘report’ an unfounded story from the NE using Clay Aiken’s name.

    He’s doing just fine, must to the consternation of many who would LIKE to see him fail.

    And he’s always said he’s grateful to AI for launching his career, he just doesn’t watch the show any more. I see no problem in that at all.

  • LOL I love The Enquierer! They never tell the truth, hahaha. For some reason I do beleive this story 100%!

    p.s. this year is the 2nd year I don’t watch, and what I have seen so far, I’m GLAD!

  • Clay fag is just a whiney loser. He is going nowhere and they shouldn’t even report any stories about him rumor or not.

  • Am afraid am going to say something that may not be taken very well. But I have to say it because I love Clay Aiken and I believe that he is the best contestant Idol has produced so far. Adam Lambert is giving a run for his money but he’s not there yet. Clay still has many fans who are waiting for his next album the same way we were waiting for Adam’s single.

    Let’s give the devil his due when he deserves it, Clay Aiken is a very talented musician and entertainer and the world is a better place because of him. Adam Lambert is another very talented musician and can entertain the hell out of his audience.

    The music industry is big enough for Clay and Adam.

    • I agree totaly with your comment. I beleive the two best vocalist are Clay and Adam. It’s toobad either one came out on top. It has you wondering when the winners of the 2nd season and last year were so iniereoor to either one of the second place contestants. If Idol isn’t snubbing Clay why is it he is never on the show?? I stopped watching after the second season. Only watched last year once I saw Adam perform.