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Paris Totally Wants to Party with the Taliban

Paris Hilton

Earlier this week, Paris Hilton somehow met the wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. America’s unofficial Ambassador to the World (it’s sad, but it’s true) later talked about how she liked Tony Blair better, how Tory leader David Cameron is “not hot,” and how she would bring about world peace if she were elected President.

Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown described Paris Hilton as “smart” and “caring” after they met this week in Los Angeles while the heiress in turn gushed that Mrs Brown was “inspirational”.
…And as for her own plans if, God forbid, [Paris] ever becomes President? She’d “definitely try and make peace with the countries we are fighting. I’d throw a party so they could all get along and stop the war.”

Of course! Why didn’t I see it before now? Remixed versions of “Blue Monday” and body shots are the answers to all the world’s problems!!

Why the hell is Paris Hilton meeting with with the wife of the Prime Minister? And why do I think of this song by The Stanglers every time I write the name “Gordon Brown?”

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  • No worries, she’ll never be president. There are just too many things that she can’t understand because of the way she was raised. A president needs to be able to identify with the constituents. If she wanted to help she should try to give her entire fortune to the US Gov’t. That would be nice.

  • oh god, now i’m gonna be thinking of that song every time i read his name too. haha, thanks, kelly :P

  • ok didnt this bitch say that she was gonna change her ways after she spent 20 days in jail, in her own cell mind you. the bitch was terrified! LOL plus she says she had clostrophobia, which was code for, i have a coke habit. anyway the dumb bitch is back to her usual ways, thing is she keeps getting older. soon she’ll be like pam anderson.

  • Her nose is looking extra long in that photo…and now I have the Strangler’s song in my head!

  • There is a political precedent for “I’d throw a party so they could all get along and stop the war”. (The first thing that occured to me was ‘let them eat cake’ but apparently that’s apocryphal). Didn’t Sergio Berlusconi recently encourage earthquake survivors to think of their refugee accomodation as ‘a camping holiday’? I think Paris could do it, she’d be a sort of Sarah Palin of the left. I’d vote for her.