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Oprah Destroys KFC

No, Oprah did not go into her local Kentucky Fried Chicken and rip tables and booths in half with her bare hands in a fit of extra tasty crispy fried chicken-craving rage… Although I wish she had.

On last Tuesday’s Oprah show, the would-be saint announced a deal she had partnered with KFC to promote. Customers and Oprah devotees could download a coupon and bring it into KFC for a free two piece meal of their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken (a product whose slogan should be “Kentucky GRILLED Chicken? What’s the Point?”).

The promotion was originally supposed to run through May 19th, but it seems like the chicken pluckers underestimated the Oprah effect. Similar to the butterfly effect, the Oprah effect mandates that if Oprah flaps her underarm fat in a field in Africa, blindly devoted wildebeests American consumers will stampede to buy whatever product she’s currently promoting and a giant thunderstorm will brew inside KFCs all across North America.

The overwhelming response to the promotion–which included long lines and clashes between tired employees and hungry customers– has led KFC to put the free meal deal on temporary hiatus. Customers can bring in their free meal coupon and fill out a form to receive a new coupon in the mail which they can redeem for a free meal and a free Pepsi at a later date. I love the video above because the PR team directed KFC president Roger Eaton to sound really excited and happy when he says “We can’t redeem your free coupon at this time!” Yaaay! I suspect that might not even be the real President of KFC. I think he’s a plant, because the PR people understand that almost anything sounds like a good idea when it’s being said by a happy, excited Aussie.

If you don’t feel like filling out a voucher and waiting for your new free chicken coupon to show up in the mail, you can just go into El Pollo Loco, who is capitalizing on KFC’s gaffe by promising to honor KFC’s coupon for free chicken– on Mother’s Day no less. What better way to thank your mother for squeezing you out of her vagina and selflessly putting up with decades of your crap than by taking her to El Pollo Loco for some free coupon chicken?

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  • Just as an FYI (and I don’t know why KFC isn’t putting this out there, a big part of the problem was that people were printing the coupons, then heading off to the xerox machine. The coupons were coded to use only once, so at least the local KFC here was inundated by people who didn’t get chicken, not because they were out but because they were trying to cheat the system and get multiple meals..

  • I don’t understand why the KFC president keeps saying in the video that this happened because “people love the taste of Kentucy grilled chicken” when the coupon is for people to try a new product they hadn’t had before. How could they love something they had never had?

  • i almost went to kfc myself to try the grilled chicken that mon when it was supposed to be free. but alas i was too lazy! too lazy to get free grilled chicken?!?!?!lolololol

  • They were giving away something for free- and they didn’t expect to be mobbed? Duh!

    • I TRIED THE NEW GRILLED CHICKEN AN IT TASTED SO BORING!! A real let down. So much for the secret recipe.

  • he doesn’t sound Aussie.. sounds South African maybe?

    this whole thing is stupid. I dont think KFC realizes how broke people are these days. As soon as I heard about ‘free chicken’ I was like ‘Hell YES’ and printed my shit out and went to KFC. Mind you, I HATE KFC but I am super broke. just sayin.

  • kelly – that guy is south african not austalian. theyre completely different accents.

  • lmao i loved the comercial for el pollo loco.. That was funny.. And i didnt know you guys are lucky enough to have el pollo loco in the states!! that is so cool! i wish we had good stuff like that in here…

  • Ugh. Apparently I am just piss poor at identifying accents. I called that one guy Creole when he was Cajun, and now this. Sorry guys! :(