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Where in the World Is Paris Hilton?


Paris and Douche Reinhardt are having a lover’s getaway on some secret island where the paps can’t find them — but that didn’t stop me from tracking down some pictures of her and Doug sucking face all over the island. We get it, Paris. You guys are in love, and it’s the real thing. Just like it was the real thing with Benji. That relationship was going to last forever. Just like this one is, dear.

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  • of course i don’t know if this is true, but i read somewhere that she might do these dissapearing acts when she gets a cold sore. that would make sense.

  • the photo in the bottom row where she is kissing him and he is looking at the camera is hilarious.

  • HEADBANDS, always headbands. Several of them. I have a theory that if you take the bands off her head, her forehead will split in half and fall off like in that story about the girl with the ribbon around her neck from that book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

  • Beet,

    You should do a Skank Tracker for Paris, Lindsay, etc., like Dominos does to track your pizza delivery over the Internet. You could show a world globe with little icons for each celebrity that you can click on to show their last reported location (it could even use Google Earth so you get the zoom aerial feature).

    • Yes – brilliant idea. You would get loads of hits. I for one would sign up for the RSS feed.

  • They both look like bad kissers! Posed kisses never work out well in photographs.

  • I saw those on her Twitter. (I know, lame.) I didn’t know you can take someone’s pictures and put your url on it if you didn’t actually pay for the rights… not being catty, just genuinely curious.

  • I think paris has more in common with this guy than any other she’s dated… for example, Benji Madden isn’t a complete douche bag and they were therefore incompatible, but THIS guy, total douche – match made in heaven!

  • Yay they are spreading the herpes all over the globe…Anyone have a barf bag handy? I think I am gonna blow chunks!

  • just like she looooveeeddd benji and looooveeeddd nick carter and looooveeeddd that paris guy and looooveeeddd stavros and looooveeeddd….

    ugh. I hate when people abuse the word love. If you have been in love 20 times, you have never been in love.

  • You can almost see the diseases cross contaminating each other. A soup of disgust. Every time she talks about breeding I just want to hurl.

  • Taking photos of you kissing is sooo tacky. Especially when the kiss looks awkward and posed. Ahem.