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Virginal Love Is in the Air!


Jordin Sparks took in a Lakers game last night with her boyfriend, “singer” Steph Jones. I took twenty seconds out of my day to listen to some of his stuff on his MySpace page, and, IMHO, it’s totally unexceptional and amateurish. There’s a reason I hadn’t heard about him before now.

Jordin famously took Russell Brand to task at the VMAs last year for poking fun at the Jonas Brothers when they talked about promise rings. “It’s not bad to wear a promise ring,” she said on stage, “because not everybody — guy or girl — wants to be a slut.” I found that statement exceptionally annoying, and I resent the implication that the decision to have pre-marital sex makes one a “slut.” (I don’t like the term “slut” in general, but that’s neither here nor there.) Anyway. I’m wondering if Jordin’s letting this dude pork her, or if she sits at home polishing her promise ring while he jacks off in the bathroom.

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  • I really don’t like her at all. The word slut is also right up there on my hate list. It’s used so often as an insult, no matter whether the girl is, in fact a slut, or a virginal girl. I’m in high school, at a very preppy, privileged school in DC, and i hear that word used all the time. In middle school, again, at a really preppy school, I was called a slut all the time. I was a virgin, and I hadn’t even kissed a guy until the summer before high school, and I was still called that, because the most popular girl at school thought I was snobby, or on a pedestal, but instead of calling me that, she called me a slut. Also, for someone like Jordin Sparks, who many girls idolize, to use the word slut, makes it seem acceptable, which it never is.

      • Omg a bunch of my friends go to gds! i went to st. patrick’s until middle school, and now i’m at maret.

  • I resent the implication that the decision to have pre-marital sex makes one a “slut.”

    Yup. Ditto.

    There’s too much of a double standard going on and that dingbat isn’t helping it at all. Someone should just tell her to stick to singing. (And to also stick to staying inside so I don’t have to see photos of her and those size of my head guns arms. :X)

  • Poor thing… Jordin Sparks is a… /nice/ girl, why is she dating this reject?
    This is gonna be over as soon as he gets enough Myspace hits.

  • I’m guessing people, girls OR guys, that sleep around generally don’t like the term “slut.” It probably bothers women more though… being labeled one, that is. I dunno, it’s a bit of a double standard. If a guy’s slept with a bunch of women it’s not that big of a deal, in our society, but if a girl is say 25 years old and has been with 25 guys, that’s kinda gross. Whatever.
    The whole purity ring shit is just a scam thought up by Disney to sell sex to tween girls with the approval of their retarded Christian parents… and it works.

  • What bothers me most about the use of the word “slut” is that there isn’t an equivalent term for a guy who sleeps around. And the attitude so many people STILL have that a guy who sleeps around is cool, a player, while a woman who does the same is thought of as a slut or worse.

    But I forget, I’m old. Maybe you young people can educate there a derogatory term for a guy who sleeps around? Thanks!

    • I tend to use man-whore for a “slutty” guy, or just dirty. That gets the point across too.

    • i call guys whores and sluts… still works. especially if they are dirty and shallow.

  • Wjile I disagree in the use of the word slut as referring to anyone who has sex before marriage, I think she had guts to say what she did, she stood up for her beliefs, and hurt no one. Her decision to remain a virgin until marriage is personal and hers.
    “I’m wondering if Jordin’s letting this dude pork her, or if she sits at home polishing her promise ring while he jacks off in the bathroom.” I think that was out of line Beet.

    • Psh why do you even READ evilbeet Cat?

      and who IS Jordin Sparks?

      Seems like just a silly bitch to me.
      Who cares what BS comes out of her dumb mouth?

    • Yeah. Clearly, Beet feels strongly that her personal choices are her own, which leads her to treat the personal choices of others with respect and courtesy.

      Hypocrite is a far uglier word than slut.

    • Umm… I think she hurt and offended a LOT of people who decide to have pre-marital sex when she called them a slut!

    • I think it was funny beet. i could read about celebrities anywear i come here for catty comments!

  • He’s a good looking kid with a marginal singing career, which means he’s getting more ass than a Greyhound Station toilet seat. She’s a delusional teenager with an entire corporation telling her that being a smug know-it-all is fine – as long as she isn’t a slut.

    Personally, I hope the 1st guy who f*#ks her, gives her crabs or chlamydia. Nothing uncurable – just painful and painfully embarassing. That oughta wipe that smug little smile right off of her face.

  • I wish she had appeared on any season beside the season she happened to be the most “talented” of all the untalented contestants(Sanjaya anyone?)…then we wouldn’t have to hear or see her or her self righteous comments.

  • Hey Manda, I read beat because I find her funny and witty, she has a unique voice amongst gossip bloggers. Just because I don´t agree with one line she wrote does not mean I´ll stop reading her blog.

  • i don’t know who these people are, i just wanted to say AMEN regarding the term ‘slut.’ that shit is so old, sexist, and off.

    • Just listened to his music on Myspace… actually is pretty good for Myspace hits. Better than some of the established artists out now.

  • im going to have to go against the grain on this one…
    i like jordin sparks…i think shes a talented, positive, beautiful, role model for many of today’s youth.

  • Sanctimonious twunt. She’s no Jennifer Hudson that’s for sure. I’m sure her man is getting plenty of ass, it’s just not some D list karaoke singer that gets him a tiny bit of press.

  • “I’m wondering if Jordin’s letting this dude pork her, or if she sits at home polishing her promise ring while he jacks off in the bathroom.”


  • I think when she used the word “slut” she was just reacting. I’m sure she doesn’t care or think too much about people who choose to have premarital sex. You’re being too sensitive about it Wendie.

    Yes, it horrible to call people sluts and I can’t stand that word. However, it’s funny that people think it’s ok to make fun of girls who opt for virginity, celibacy, abstinence or modesty (whether you view those as the same things or not).

    Make fun of someone for being skinny as bad as making fun who is fat. And the same goes for sex…but as a society we don’t realize that.