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It’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day!

Today is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

I’m going to play my role by reminding 17-year-olds that, as of several weeks ago, Plan B, the pregnancy prevention pill, was approved for them to purchase without a prescription. (It is also approved for anyone 18 or older.) What that means is that you can buy it without a doctor visit at your local pharmacy. Just walk in and ask for it. Easy as that.

Plan B is not an abortion pill — it works by preventing pregnancy in the first place, and it needs to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, and the earlier the better. It will NOT terminate an existing pregnancy. It’s not a substitute for birth control and it will not prevent STDs, but, if you think you may become pregnant and you don’t want to be pregnant, you can get this pill at your local pharmacy for around $50.

If you’re under 17, you can still get Plan B with a prescription from your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor or you can’t pay for a doctor visit, you can go to your local Planned Parenthood or free clinic and talk to them about a prescription and options for reduced payment.

You can read more about Plan B on their website. Get the facts and tell your friends.

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  • It is an abortion pill. If you are going to get pregnant after you have sex then that is already in the process. Even in the 1st 72 hours the pregnancy is starting. When you put a stop to it you are essentially aborting…

    • I disagree with you. The abortion pill is something very different. Plan B essentially is like birth control. It doesn’t prevent ovulation but it just prevents implantation, and most birth control pills do both (in a different way).

    • Don’t spread lies. If you’re going to think like that, then every time a dude jacks off it’s an abortion, because that sperm COULD HAVE made a baby.

      • Don’t accuse people of lying when you’re wrong. The fact is that Plan B prevents ovulation, or implantation of a fertilized egg. Those who believe that the sanctity of life attaches to a fertilized egg are being entirely consistent, and include the clergy of a lot of religions, although not mine. It doesn’t mean they are opposed to all contraception; it does mean they believe a fertilized egg is a potential life.

        Personally, while I am very uneasy with either oral contraceptives, Plan B and other birth control that stops implantation but doesn’t prevent fertilization (a lot of the old style IUDs, for instance,) and would not use them myself, I think they should be legally available. Especially in the case of rape, when it isn’t possible for the woman to take appropriate measures beforehand, it’s a very valuable option, and even if it’s ethically questionable, it’s a better option than a woman having an abortion, or having to be pregnant with her rapist’s baby.

        The other issue with Plan B is that the long term health effects are not known. This doesn’t mean it should never be used (see above) but it does mean that people shouldn’t consider it a “back up” method because it’s a shock to your body – a big hit of synthetic hormones. Not as good at all as regular birth control. And we know that a large chunk of the population, especially teenagers, will view this option as a reason to be less careful with regular birth control, which also contributes, as you mention, to higher risk of STDs.

        Finally, it’s only about 75% effective. One of my doctors has a son she conceived after taking the morning-after pill; he’s called Max (they decided that was close enough to MAP to amuse them.) Worth pointing out so people really know what their options are, and don’t count on it as a sure thing.

        In conclusion (ahem) there are a lot of ethical and medical issues involved with the morning after pill/emergency contraception that have very little to do with your position on abortion. Many – but not all – who oppose abortion will oppose this, but a lot of pro-choice doctors, nurses and public health workers have expressed concern with the side effects, long term safety, effectiveness and false sense of security that surround behind-the-counter access to emergency contraception. You’re a gossip blog, so you’re under no obligation to be factual or honest, but don’t slam commenters who disagree with you.

      • “Especially in the case of rape, when it isn’t possible for the woman to take appropriate measures beforehand, it’s a very valuable option, and even if it’s ethically questionable, it’s a better option than a woman having an abortion, or having to be pregnant with her rapist’s baby.”

        So rape babies are less valuable than babies made when sex could’ve been prevented? What about your SANCTITY OF LIFE? Sorry but that’s all I got from your post.

        You’re psychotic, I hope Donkey Punch comes and sets you straight.

      • Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I said, well done condensing it so succinctly!

        Jeez. I love tawdry gossip. I love politics and philosophy and writing and comparative theology. Given that 90% of gossip readers seem to have the collective intelligence of a goldfish, maybe I should exercise better mental hygiene and find a source of online amusement that’s not quite so low-brow.

      • UM HELLO JR. “The fact is that Plan B prevents ovulation, or implantation of a fertilized egg.”


        It’s the same method. It tries to prevent ovulation (THEY BOTH DO THAT). It tried to make it harder for an egg, if one is still released, to be fertilized (THEY BOTH DO THAT). If one IS released, and IS fertilized, it makes it harder for it to implant (THEY BOTH DO THAT).

        I don’t think you understand how ‘normal’ birth control pills work.

    • Plan B is an emergency CONTRACEPTIVE pill, which by definition means that its purpose is to decreases the chances of BECOMING PREGNANT. In fact, plan B taken AFTER conception WILL NOT terminate the pregnancy. By definition the term abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, Plan B is prevents the actual pregnancy and thus is not an abortion. Please educate yourself before presenting misinformation.

      Also it seems to me you are of the view that all birth control methods are ending a potential life, since you say “If you are going to get pregnant after you have sex then that is already in the process”. Do you consider condoms a form of abortion then, since had they not be there the sperm would have continued on its way. Ah, ignorance.

  • Looks like Canadians are ahead of the game, considering this has been approved for those under and over 18 for quite some time.

    Also, its cheaper here for about $30.

    Stay safe kiddos!

    • Thats a good idea but i dont think it is realistic for teens today. However, i do think teaching the importance of birth control is a better method of preventing teen pregnancy rather than plugging emergency contraceptives.

      As a side note, Plan B has been available without a perscription for about 2 years or more in michigan.

      • Not realisic, why? Probably because the media treats sex like it’s meaningless, and that whoring our bodies out as objects of sex has become the “cool” thing to do. I can assume someday that I’ll have to buy my 9 year old condoms.

      • That is sad. I read that middle schools are now serving up birth control to 11 year olds. WTF. Most 11 year olds haven’t even gotten their first period yet.

      • Actually all the hormones in milk + whatnot are causing girls to get their periods earlier and earlier in life (my friend got hers when she was nine omgwtf) so 11 doesn’t seem that crazy! (I mean, crazy to give an 11yrold birth control, but not to have their period)

        We’re gonna be in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” very soon, people!

    • Yeah but sex is fun…and it’s 2009. Asking teenagers to not have sex is completely unreasonable and dangerously naive.

      • Sex is for adults. Teens should be focusing on growing their minds not their score card. Considering how unattractive and jerky most teenage males are I find it hard to understand the desire to sleep with them. I was happy to wait. :)

      • In many parts of the world, teens are adults. It’s really only North America that coddles our children until they’re 25.

      • “Teens should be focusing on growing their minds not their score card.”
        Only the idiots think of it like that, and– contrary to popular belief– we’re not all idiots.
        Some view sexuality as a spiritual thing, linking body and mind, and experiencing pleasure and pain can cause spiritual growth.

        Sex is for people who are mature enough to handle it, and you can’t decide for someone over fifteen.

  • If you live in Wisconsin, you can get FREE women’s health services (annual exam, birth control, planB, STD help, etc.) if you apply for a FORWARD card. See this site for details:

    Also, check your state government for similar plans for women.

  • Interesting how semantics is used to cover up unpleasant truths.
    As a matter of fact life is created at conception (of course it is more convenient to ignore this fact and invent arbitrary definitions of when life is really life) and Plan B simply prevents the embryo from implanting in the uterus, thus it can’t survive and dies. Sperm by itself will not grow a human so you can go on and waste it all you want. An embryo though is already a human at its earliest stages of development and he or she has already has been called into existence. Of course it seems somehow more morally acceptable to end its development sooner rather than later and that’s what the Plan B is for.

    Oral ontraceptive pills (especially the ones with the lower levels of hormons) have the potential to do the same (ovulation does happen sometimes when you are on the pill except the embryo can’t implant in the uterus).

    Now, if you are happy with the definition of pregnancy as beginning after implantation of the embryo into the lining of the uterus then it is your choice. This is the definition that many people want us women to accept (especially pharmaceutical industry) in the name of making it ‘easier’ for us to cope with difficult decisions and supposedly caring about our freedom and rights. I bet most of ppl on this forum truly believe that the latter is true and I don’t blame them. We’ve been indoctrinated about these things for some decades now….

    But please don’t get angry at ppl who choose to believe that life starts at the conception and who view any action taken to prevent implantation as an early abortion. Don’t call them uneducated because they have a different point of view about some things that have equivoca definitions.

    • There is absolutely no way of knowing if egg and sperm even met when you take plan B… Taking plan B mostly just makes people feel better immediately after a slip up.

    • Most people who believe life starts at conception attack those who don’t first, so it’s usually a defensive response on the part of those who have a different viewpoint. Also, those who believe life starts at conception also take steps to try to legally (and sometimes illegally) disable to rights of those who dont. So if anyone’s going to play the “leave us alone” card, it would be those of us who would like to have our beliefs and not have our rights taken away.

      BTW, I don’t want kids, and got sterilized, but even that’s not a for sure thing. My husband and I are armed to the teeth with protection. But if I accidentally get preggers, at that point I don’t give two flying effs when life starts. I just want the sucker outta there. This viewpoint was not indoctrinated in me. My father has actually been arrested a number of times for blocking girls from getting abortions at clinics and picketing, so that’s an indication of the belief system I was raised in.

      And as far as adoption goes: name anyone who would just L-O-V-E to carry a parasite (because scientifically, that’s what it is…if we’re going to get technical) around for 9 months and then give it away, knowing it’s going to know someday that it wasn’t wanted by it’s “creator”.

      • Thanks for doing the rest of us a favor and getting fixed. I’d happily chip in to a charity that paid for people like you to get sterilized – you don’t want babies, the rest of us don’t want you having babies, we all win! You’re such a good citizen.

      • Hey thanks JR, I love “people like me” too! We have sooooo much in common! I love anonymous support wherever I can get it! You’re totally awesome! Wanna get married? I’d totally reverse this for you. I mean, I didn’t know you existed before I had this done. Who doesn’t want to procreate with people who take their anger out on anonymous internet forums? And I don’t really care if you’re a man or a woman…anything can happen when two people love eachother right? Call me baby: 212-660-2245

    • Most pro-choicers don’t dispute that life begins at conception; they simply disagree with the morality/immorality of terminating that life pre-birth, or (pre-2nd trimester if you’re like most pro-choice).

      Personally, I have no problem terminating non-sentient life. And no one is going to convince me that a zygote or blastomere is sentient, hence I have no problem terminating them.

  • So..I’ll share my story.
    When I was 18 I got way to drunk one night and had sex with a guy I had been talking to. We used a condom but it broke. Next morning I totally regretted everything, explained to the guy things never ever would have went that far had I been of sound mind. He told me he wasn’t that drunk and I told him that I was and I regretted it and was ashamed of myself and broke things off. I then went to the insta clinic and requested the day after pill. I was 18 and had been stupid. The old lady behind the desk looked at me like I was slime. I took a pregnancy test for the nurse and was looked at for any std’s, the doc gave me the pill and told me to follow up with my gyno. It was humilating but the responsible thing to do. I’d like to add I myself am adopted, I now have a beautiful baby boy and I’m 100 percent against abortion. Plan b is not an abortion pill, it’s emergency birth control. It’s the extra step to make sure a night of druken foolishness doesn’t lead to an unwanted pregnancy for two people that can’t provide for a child.

      • the church’s job is to brainwash the mass of idiots who believe everything they say and to take all your money and rape your children

      • This is crap. Just because you’ve had bad experiences or don’t like religion doesn’t mean all churches are bad. My church doesn’t ask for money, they have a box that you can donate if you want to but they never pass around a plate or guilt you into anything. And we have two pastors who are probably around 25-30, married, and would never rape anybody’s children. I’m a non-denominational Christian, I don’t push my beliefs on anybody, I’m friends with a bunch of agnostics and people who were burned by the catholic church into hating the entire institution. I don’t guilt anybody and I don’t stand on corners holding picket signs. People are so judgemental of religion because of a handful of outspoken born again Christians and televangelists. Well we’re not all like that. It sucks that people think all churches and branches of Christianity are the same.

  • I’ve used it a couple of times as I’m a GENIUS at forgetting my pill. Nobody’s perfect and it’s a useful tool for when things don’t go to plan. I had a similar experience as kt with a snooty pharmacist.. i just figured she was peeved because she wasn’t getting any.

    The last time I got bought it, the chemist (My regular fella this time) told me I was smart for getting it and more women should use it!

    You can argue back and forth all day about whether life begins at conception- but for those of us who don’t take the view that every sperm is sacred… this pill needs to be promoted!

  • if anyone needs it i would highly recommend getting it at planned parenthood, they usually give it to you around twenty dollars, and they are completely non-judgemental! and bring a friend, its good to have emotional support.

  • I think that you should have to see the doctor to get plan B. I think that if you are young and you have had unprotected sex, the doctor’s office is a good place to start. You need to be tested for STDs. i think that this only encourages young people to be less careful about sex.

    • It just makes it hard because Plan B is more effective the sooner it is taken. Let’s say the sex in question happened on Friday night, and PP wasn’t open until Monday morning.

      Get it?

  • Not having sex hasn’t been a realistic option for teenagers since.. lets..see… Noah and the ark?
    Plan B works 80 percent of the time, and the best way it works is by shoving ovulation back 3 or 4 days to give those little dudes time to die.

    Don’t like it? Then please be more supportive of your local Family Planning programs which are doing everything they can to help women avoid unwanted pregnancy with reliable birth control.

  • Do you guys think it’s weird that a lot of people who are pro-life are anti-social welfare programs? It’s like, you think all of these unwanted babies have a “right to live,” but then you could give a fuck about the quality of life that they may have to suffer through.

    I don’t understand Republicans :/

  • Totally agree with the post above. The reason a lot of these people are so pro-life is because it’s not THEIR potential problem that could end up here in 9 months. I’ve taken the morning after pill and would do it again. It’s not an abortion, otherwise it would be called an abortion pill. People need to get off their soapboxes.

  • Are women allowed to do anything without anti-choice people smothering them with guilt? This is getting pretty fucking ridiculous.

    • No. Because religion is a massive game of D & D and they are always looking for a new nemesis or it’s GAME OVER.

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