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Hot Pic of the Day: Leona Lewis’s Free-Balling Friend



So we have these neat pictures of Leona Lewis going to the airport today, after getting head-butted or something by a horse last week. I dunno. I didn’t follow that story too closely, and I’m not sure if people were referring to an actual horse or if Leona just punched herself in the face. It’s a close species call with this girl. (I know, I know. She’s a very talented young woman. Your diatribes go in the comments.)

But the FUN part of these photos is that the friend who saw her off at the airport was wearing a teensy tiny loose skirt and no underwear, and she bent over to get something out of the car and gave the photogs got a STELLAR look at her tush. It’s actually quite an adorable little butt. Normally I would go easy on the friend-of-a-celeb, but what on earth would motivate someone to wear such a little dress out in public with no underwear DURING THE DAY? Seriously. You deserve to have consequences for that shiz.

That pic is after the jump. You may or may not want to view it at work, depending on what you do. It’s a butt.


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  • Beet come on now. You know Leona Lewis is much prettier than you are (no offense she’s prettier than me too). I’m really getting sick of you insulting people who are well, better looking and more talented than you. It just doesn’t look good on you, but apparently catty and shallow is the route you like to take. Good luck finding a man with your bitter attitude and acid tongue, guys LOVE bitchy women!

    And nobody attack me today saying what a bitch I am, beet is a big girl and if she can dish it she can take it.

    • Wrong, Leona is far from pretty, the photoshopping and touchup’s make her album and promotional shots look far prettier than she is. Not saying she’s not talented, but she’s no looker, common actually.



      • Leona Lewiss is far from pretty? Dude, do you own a mirror? Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house and happen to be a homo

      • Funny. I’m just saying her photo’s look a lot better than reality. Don’t get so protective over someone who wouldn’t let you get within 10 feet without police intervention….FTW

      • I think she looks beautiful in these photos which are obviously not photo shopped because her face is like an oil slick. She isn’t “perfect” looking in person because shes not one of those shallow stars that gets their face turned into plastic because they are parenthetically insecure.
        KUDOS LEONA!!!

        Oh and you look like a cross between lurch adams and the brother nobody likes on everybody loves raymond, FTW.

      • hey evil bitch, before you start insulting people for the way they look, maybe you should have the guts to put up your own picture. insulting derek and hiding behind a cartoon avatar is cowardly.

    • I like how the people who talk shit about my looks don’t have a photo in their avatar. I’m just saying.

      • as someone who isn’t stooping down to your level and making comments about appearance, I’m going to chime in and point out that it’s pretty easy to pick your very best picture and reduce it down to 1″X1″ in order to look pretty.

        For the record, I don’t think you’re haggard. I just think that sometimes you’re catty for all the wrong reasons and it just comes off as bitter.

      • Both Megnolia (lovely avatar name) and Sasha seem to be lovely and charming lasses.

        Mucho thanky.


    • Am I the only one who comes to these sites almost SOLEY because of the clever/bitchy/superficial commentary? I mean, jeez, there are plenty of celeb gossip websites you could visit that publish polite, cute, quippy little blurbs. Why come to a site like evilbeet if you don’t want a healthy dose of insensitivity?

      And Leona looks like a horse. She’s lovely, but even beautiful people can be made caricatures of. Lighten the fuck up.

      • Amen.
        Most of the people complaining about Beet are pretty snarkily spoken. You’d think they’d fit right in.
        Guess not.
        Don’t change a thing Beet!

  • Friends thought process: Taking Leona to airport = photogs there = I gotta look cute! = I’ll wear a short little dress = must wear thong bc don’t want a panty line! = pics of bum <–“bum” bc Leona is English ;-) (I think?)

    Either way, definitely not knocking the girl for wearing that dress (I’d want to look cute for the photogs, too), but you gotta be more careful!

  • Maybe she needs a bit more length for that dress. She wouldn’t even have to lie down for a pap smear.

  • my goodness you’re condescending towards your readership.

    Does anyone else follow another decent celeb blog? I’m thinking of jumping ship, the writing/content is getting a little trite.

    • I think what you’re looking for can be found at Have funnnnn. Won’t miss you. You could have easily found another blog without posting about it and looking like a douche. Just another troll looking to start something and get a rise out of people.

      • nope, perez is even worse. I liked EB initially because the writers understand that you only need one exclamation mark when stressing a point.
        I find that over the past month or so (maybe longer, I’m probably noticing it more since adding the rss feed) the writing has declined and started to mirror the idea behind perez (despite the obvious hate that beet has for him), sass for the sake of sassing/thinly veiling personal insecurities.

        I assume many of the readers here read other blogs and figured that at least one person would have another option, quicker than googling and trying to wade through all of the crap that is out there.

        As for looking for a “rise”, I’ll go as far to say that you are far more guilty of that than I. But whatever, I’m really not too concerned.

      • Agreed. I cut out Perez about a year ago and Beet was a great replacement, but I’ve been disappointed lately as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed a difference.

        …and Abbi is always offended and accusatory. Never much substance with the replies.

      • have to agree with nora & kfd.

        not enjoying eb anymore, leaning more towards wendie these days
        (cant believe i just said that! wendie has definitely grown on me!!)

      • ugh oh my God why do you people insist on posting on how you don’t like eb any more and how you’re leaving and how you’re disappointed and blah blah blah. If you don’t like it here, leave and quit posting. NOBODY CARES!

    • words you used incorrectly: condescending, trite

      don’t use words you don’t really understand. it makes you look foolish.

  • Yeah. I’m disappointed too, especially since that stupid midget humper interview. I felt so embarrassed for them both. But mostly disgusted and insulted that beet thought that her readers were shallow enough to enjoy it, which sadly most of them were. FML

  • Is it just me, or is she actually stunning in these pictures? Her hair is gorgeous and natural, she has a wonderful smile, her skin is a beautiful color and looks to be a very good complexion without makeup, her eyes need NO enhancing through mascara or liners because they are outstanding in-and-of themselves being that they are an olive-green shade…she’s actually a natural beauty. I don’t see how she shares genes with a horse.

    Leona Lewis is beautiful.

    Beet, I love you, but this was a bit on the rude side. Even for you.

  • Aren’t all these upskirt shots photoshopped? It seems to me that her bum to hips ratio is off in a physically impossible way. Why are we drawing private parts onto celebrities? What happened to us?

    • Yes because both I and the photo agency have all the time in the world to Photoshop fake butts onto Leona Lewis’s friend. That’s how we spend our time. We have no budgets or deadlines and limitless staff.

  • Yeah Nora, agreed.
    I would also like to add that anyone who thinks that Leona Lewis or Beet are not good looking should go sit in the waiting room at the DMV for a little while to remind yourselves what real people look like. I think i’ve said this before but if I were a doctor I would prescribe this treatment often.

  • I must be the only one wondering why one girl is dressed for winter and the other is dressed for summer.

    When did it become fashionable to wear Uggs year round with a knit hat?

    And I have given up on trying to understand the need to leave home without any panties on. Then promptly get photograph with your bare butt hanging out.

  • I always thought Leona Lewis was a very pretty girl and even in these pictures without makeup she looks pretty. As for her friend, maybe she wanted the extra attention?

  • I think that Leona looks lovely, not jaw droopingly beautiful in an unnatural way but good old fashion pretty.

    And yeah, the friend is probably wearing a thong. It’s not as if it looks cold there so the outfit could be deemed appropriate for jumping in a car and dropping a friend at the airport.

    And as for Leona, she is probably heading somewhere colder, hence the layers.

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