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Blind Item!

Christina Aguilera Drunk at Chateau Marmont Pictures Photos

Okay, this isn’t really a “blind item” so much as it’s an “if-you-haven’t-noticed-this-yet-you’re-blind” item, but I saw it in Gatecrasher today and it caught my attention:

Which starlet’s constant state of inebriation is causing problems in her marriage? Her hubby hates having to physically remove her from nightclubs.

I’m gonna go with Christina Aguilera hands-down here. I was actually wondering how long it would take for this sort of rumor to surface. We see photo after photo of Christina’s drunk ass stumbling out of a club, makeup smeared and eyes half-shut, poor Jordan Bratman practically carrying her. What guy wants to deal with the 28-year-old mother of his child pulling that crap every week? It was just a matter of time before it started causing problems. Xtina needs to get that shiz in check.

By the way, we’ve got an interesting article over on Zelda Lily today about how women think men want them to drink way more than men actually want them to drink. You can check it out and add your comment here.

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  • i’m gonna say avril as well… but she’s not really a starlet, right? she’s more of a little annoying teenager who constantly hangs out a Hot Topic.. right? I dunno..

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