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Hugh Hefner with Girlfriends Crystal Harris and the Shannon Twins

“The notion that I would want her back as a girlfriend is bizarre. I am now in one of the best relationships in memory with Crystal Harris and the twins. I’m not going to screw it up with former girlfriends. I would not trade Crystal Harris for anybody in the else in the world. And then this thing comes out and today is Crystal’s birthday … It’s ridiculous.”

Hugh Hefner, on the rumors that he wants Holly Madison back.

Listen up, Hef: When you talk about your girlfriend and “the twins,” and you’re referring not to her breasts but to your other teenage girlfriends, there’s a problem. Right there I can spot a problem.

Also, at 83 years old, you can stop with the references to “this thing” that “comes out” that everyone finds “ridiculous.” We all know what you’re talking about. Can’t you give the girl a rest on her birthday?

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  • He’s an old perv, but he is ‘living the dream’. Not my personal dream, but I’m sure there are many people who would like to be Hef.
    I like how the pic has Barnes & Noble in the background. I didn’t realise the twins were avid readers.

  • All these worthless freaks look like they could be related. I thought they lived in California, not West Virginia….

  • pathetic. what a sad little old man. yes, I am sure you are in the best relationship(s) of your life with your paid whores.

    • Yeah, but don’t forget that Hef can barely remember where he left the pajamas he took off 5 minutes earlier. I’m sure he has to be reminded daily as to why these women are even in his house.

  • Every time I read a story about this 83 yr old & his teenage girlfriends I throw up a little in my mouth. I know that’s an extremely cliquche thing to say but it is true. I actually vomit. Just a little.
    My best friend’s daugher just turned 19 on Tuesday. That’s like her dorkin my grandpa! UGH!

  • Poor Hef. Yeah, I said it… so what? He’s old and alone. The only chicks who bother coming around him have to be paid and his empire is crumbling. Quite sad.

    On the other hand, he says every relationship is his best. That’s either really cute or really annoying. When he was with Holly it was like, “She’s the best thing to ever happen to me.” And now he’s trying to sell us on the fact that the new chick “Is my best relationship in memory!”

    Get it straight Hef, you’re embarrassing yourself.,

  • it is so agesit to ridicule the man due to his age, would you want a group of people to mock your grandparents, and state they were bumbling bafoons who couldn’t locate matching socks if your own life depended on it?? It’s ignorant to assume age robs one of mental faculaties, only in the most cruel cases.

    I, however who love to see Hef reunited with Holly and spend his remaining years with her. They seemed to really get on and acutally care about one another.

    Long live the H&H :)