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Who Looked Hotter? Beyonce vs. Ali Larter



Co-stars Beyonce and Ali Larter went for very different (although, IMHO, equally ridiculous) looks at the NYC premiere of Obsessed.

Who looked better, kids?

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  • Beyonce for sure – I think she looks hottttt!

    I kind of love that the dress is strapless but holds that shape at the top.

  • Ali Larter in her whipped cream bikini from Varsity Blues was a cinematic achievement of epic proportions; and her proportions still look great. Beyonce might need a whole can of whipped cream; but still looking stellar.

  • both are very hot BUT i like beyonce’s look better. there’s something about ali’s shoes that just knock the balance off for me. beyonce’s dress, i could do without the long back

    • I concur. The bare legs with the over-done, too-shirt skirt with the polain jane pumps is too weird and it makes her look chunky. I love the other chick’s look from top to bottom.

  • I like Beyonce’s dress better but Ali’s combination of hair and make-up is a much nicer look. More sultry.

  • Ali Larter, thought I am not sold on those shoes with that dress.

    Beyonce’s skirt is too tight, the ruffle hits at the wrong spot making ehr hips look bigger and I hate the train.

  • While Ali’s choice of shoe is questionable, she looks better. Ali’s look is more fashion forward where Beyonce looks like a trashy 80’s prom-queen wannabee. The top of her dress barely fits her, and seriously B, get your roots done!

    • WOW! You really think that is her real hair! It is a lacefront weave. Dont you notice her hair is a different style and colour every 5 day? She was just on letterman with blonde hair. If it were her real hair it would be fried by now. I pick Ali. I love Beyonce’s dress except for the train and that was the wrong shoe choice.

  • Whilst B is rocking the ‘goth mermaid hooker’ look, (like, so 2006) Larter is much more understated in her swan napkin get up. Plus, I need her shoes in my life.

    Larter for the win.

    • OMG I LOVE those shoes! There’s probably no chance I could afford them, but I want to know who makes them and where I can get them. Anyone know? May be worth a splurge…. 0:-)

  • Beyonce needs a stylist who’s not her mom. She always looks like someone’s playing a joke on her: “Oh, you look grrreeeaaat, Beyonce. Really!” [snickers].

  • Beyonce, but it was definitely a hard choice. Both their dresses are amazing, But Beyonce’s face looks better than Ali’s in the picture…

  • I love both looks. Two of my favorite women. I can’t choose. I’m loving Ali’s shoes something fierce though! Meow!

  • Both are beautiful but Ali is very sexy, very beautiful and have more class. Sh`s one of the most beautiful women os the today cinema.

  • they need to trade shoes. it looks like they somewhat coordinated outfits. i dont care for either one of them really.

  • Okay, number one rule of dressing here.. Never wear shoes that “chop you up” how much better would that look with silver stilettos or something similar? But Beyonce for sure

    • you are crazy. beyonce is gorgeous but have you seen her hair. she has a different style everytime i see her, and if you look at her roots carefully you can see the color changes. ali larter is one of the most beutiful women who had ever showed her face on the big screen.

  • Beyonce is HOT. I don’t even care how ugly her dress is, her body is rockin and her face/make up looks gorgeous.

  • 1) beyonce looks like she’s on her way to charo’s funeral

    2) ali looks like she’s on her way to hang with her new bff, miley cyrus

    uggggh…..good grief charlie brown!

    *eye roll*

  • Ali looks waaaaay better!
    Though I hate Beyonce so I may be biased… her hair always looks like a boring curtain. WHERE IS YOUR ROBOT ARM BEYONCE?

  • Oh my…woow…Beyonce, who the hell made you wear those horrible tights?
    Ali definitely looks way better and her dress makes far more sense. I guess though that my opinion isn’t all that objective since I really really REALLY don’t like beyonce…girlfriend is always trying way too hard…

    • YES!

      THAT’S IT!!! THANK YOU! (i’ve been tryin’ to put my finger on it)

      the tights! those eva-lovin’, motha-fuggin…tights!

      who in the hell wears pantyhose/tights with a cocktail dress/gown under the age of 30…even 40?

      that is some dolly parton -ish right there. & i love dolly. but she is like 60+.

      50+ woman (except for madonna) have to wear hose for the most part.

      but, wherethefug does bey get these old grandma ideas?

      her granny ways make me wanna hurl.

  • Beyonce FOR SURE!!! I Just Love her! She’s awesome! And at least all of her tits aren’t hanging out like other people!{U Kno Who U R!}

  • I love Ali Larter’s outfit a lot more than Beyonce’s.

    Beyonce looks like she’s trying a bit too hard, while Ali looks stunning, but it’s a shame about the black shoes, she would’ve looked a lot better with some simple silver stilettos.


  • Depends what you like. If you like bigger women
    with meat on their bones it would be Beyonce. If
    you like them tiny and small breasted stick with Larter.
    As to a catfight, it’s Beyonce very easily. Both are
    sexy. It is what one would prefer. Luckily tastes differ.

  • They’re both sexy! The catfight is more interesting. No contest.
    Beyonce is much bigger, stronger, and wins that easily. Ali is
    size 2 clothing and Beyonce a 10. Beyonce also has noticeably
    larger breasts, hips, and thighs. If Ali wins on sexuality, it would
    have to be the fact Ali is smaller and looks more feminine. The
    dress has nothing to do with it. Beyonce will take all the votes from
    men who like curvier women and Ali will take all the votes from
    those who like thin women. Ali is not anorexic and Beyonce is not
    too big. It’s a toss up! Makes for an interesting matchup. Forget the dress! Both dresses suck. I’d like to see both ladies pick those
    dresses up from the rear and reveal their panty covered buttocks
    like Beyonce in one particualar pic. Anything wrong with that?
    Both are scorchers!