Just Because

Denise Richards’ Funbags from Denise Richards

If you ever thought Denise Richards was desperate, well, you were right.  This is what the economy does, people.  You’re E! reality television show gets cancelled, alimony isn’t enough to cover your monthly Botox, you can’t find work because you’re talentless and then the next thing you know, you’re making lame videos that aren’t traditionally funny yet still make people laugh.  At you, that is.



  1. mel says:

    damn thats lame…not funny at all but pretty annoying!

  2. alexa says:

    your…not you’re

  3. hil says:

    she’s ugly and annoying. gah.

  4. hotmilfchocolate says:

    oh COURSE it’s not funny!

    who the fuck can get past that horrendous crispy-burnt-orange-of-a-tan circa ‘magda from something about mary’?!

    why can’t she be more dignified & put out a sex tape or something?

    (eye roll)

    *napoleon dynamite*



  5. lulu says:

    Oh Denise

  6. Mike says:

    I wanted to order her funbags so I called and got some old lady chattering in Spanglish. That’s bait-and-switch!

  7. thatLisa says:

    the only funny part was the very last rushed line of “first 50 callers get a picture of my boobs”

    the rest was blah, but so is she…. so no biggie

    you guys should post the funny or die gay storm one!!! so much better

  8. mireee says:

    meh not impressed

  9. Mona says:

    God…I couldn’t even look at her. She seems so fake. Is it my imagination, or is her face a different color than the rest of her body? She is someone who does NOT look good with a tan and blonde hair (like someone else we know coughbrookehogancough).

    • hil says:

      or every girl out there who desperately tries to live up to the american standard of “beauty” by making both their skin and hair nice and crispy!

  10. nomen cognomen says:

    She totally has crazy stalker eyes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was home sick yesterday, and watched a horrible movie with Charlie Sheen and her. The two times I watched her show, the only thing I could think was how come Sheen couldn’t use the show as proof to pay the child support directly to her dad?

  12. Grandizer says:

    I like her, but only in a “I would like to bang you senseless”, (I know, that wouldn’t take any time, a few dozen strokes if that) kind of way, and her body is hot, many women would love to have her figure.

    Her face has strong overtones which I find pretty.

    However, I would never take her home, she could return later…

    I think that she actually needs a man in her life to complete herself, right now I think she is crazy because of how things went down with Sheen, who I don’t find faultless of course.

    If someone were to take a chance and ride through her craziness, I think she will become more even keeled again.

    And for people who think she can’t act??? So, there are tons of women with big tits and asses that can’t act yet are still on TV today. At least she didn’t have a sex tape out and fake ass implants to get on TV.

    I am sure with her beauty, which she is now, and was prettier when she was younger, she was not getting the proper feedback from the people who could have made her better, honest criticism, and real feedback go along ways towards making yourself a better actor.

  13. Anonymous says:

    she needs to blink more often.