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Um … Who the Heck Is This????


Jenna Jameson just posted this pic on her MySpace page. (I really think what Jenna Jameson’s MySpace page is lacking is more pics of Jenna Jemeson.) She just gave birth to TWINS a month ago!

Is it even physically possible for your stomach to look that hot a month after childbirth? I really don’t see how. The tits are way smaller too. If you look closely near her sternum, it almost looks like you can see a scar — is that how they got all the silicon out?

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  • She started skinny she finishes skinny. Just like Kate Moss! DUH
    Plus look how she has her arms upstretched spreading the little fat she has – out.

  • Thats what happens when you get a plastic surgeon to give you a tummy tuck immediately following delivery.

  • She looks great! Healthy at least. She was pretty much all skin and bones before getting pregnant.

  • She looks great and Im so so happy for her.
    You complexed freaks who have no idea what she has been through.
    Nobody needs your stupid opinions.

  • why does her face look like China? And are there literally any pictures of her pregnant ever? I don’t think I ever saw one.

  • No way – I had twins 2 years ago. Her boys were a lot smaller than mine (mine were 7 lbs each), but still. Even if you lost the weight – it stretches the skin. My belly button is stretched and will never be the same without surgical intervention.

    I may just be bitter, but I say Photoshop or plastic surgery…

  • I only had one baby and (thank god) pretty much lost all the weight the moment I had him but HELLO, skin stretches and while you might magically lose the weight it takes a while for you skin to tighten back up. I think her stomach looks un-natural and definitely like a tummy tuck.

    • I had a tummy tuck and it took quite a while before the swelling went down. Marvellous, even if heavily photoshopped.

  • I think she looks great and I envy her, I don’t even have kids and my tummy does not look like that, If she had a tummy tuck good for her, she looks very good.

  • Actually it is possible. My ex wore size 1 jeans out of the hospital after she gave birth to our daughter.

  • I gave birth to twins and walked out of the hospital in my own pre pregnancy jeans. I certainly didn’t have a personal trainer or chef. Some women are just like that. I did have stretch marks and if you look close at the picture it looks like she does too. She looks great.

  • God looked down at Jenna and bellowed from the heavens “FINALLY!! She used that vag for what I intended!!”

    Seriously though, she was going on about how she had the easiest birth ever because she has such strong core muscles.

    Puhleeez Jenna! You’ve done more shaft than an elevator in the empire state building. The fact that those babies didn’t just fall out after the first trimester is a bloody miracle!