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70Just For Fun: Lady Gaga Or Christina Aguilera?


Am I the only person left on the planet who can’t still tell these two bitches apart?

You are all pretty shrewd celebustalkers so I’m sure it’s quite obvious to you, but I had to really stare before even venturing a guess.

It’s totally Lady Gaga!  The only clues that led me to my correct guess were that her calves are heavier than Christina’s and she isn’t wearing a wedding band.  Did anyone think Christina or is this just my hang-up?

April 15, 2009 at 3:21 pm by Wendie

70 Responses to “Just For Fun: Lady Gaga Or Christina Aguilera?”

  1. meredith says:

    no me too…100%

  2. dkanoots says:

    I’d say Lady Gaga is a cross between Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse, but I guessed correctly. Woo!

  3. Ella Dion says:

    Sooooo Lady Gaga, I’d put £1m on it!!

    • Just Saying says:

      Wow Ella Dion. I don’t have that Pound sign thingy on my keyboard. It’s game on! LOL

      • Ella Dion says:

        That’s the great thing about being British and living in England – we have the pound sign, so just so show off; ££££££££££££££££££££££££££, hahhahah!!! lol.

      • Caz2 says:

        £££ Go Britain! £££


      • mjaa says:

        oh ya check this out$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4

  4. Klipper says:

    The one major difference between the two is that one is a talented singer (Christina) and the other isn’t and is wayyyyy overrated.
    In all honesty, I thought Gaga was a transvestite for the first 6 months or so that I knew of her. I thought she was just the new RuPaul or something. I couldn’t believe when I realized she wasn’t just a joke act and that people actually liked her music. Then again, people like Britney Spears so I guess talent doesn’t mean much anymore.

    • TiffanyS says:

      Oh, I KNOW you didn’t just diss Brit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Christina Aguilera , is a marketing tool. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking that as long as the numbers line up, it means that Aguilera has some kind of talent, .. but no she doesn’t. This is just what happens. You keep hearing the name Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera, and soon it’s like somebody that wants you buy, a box of laundry detergent because you saw it on t.v. Brit-ney Sp-ea-rs wow it’s hypnotic, they use machines to alter there voices. When they sing in the studio, and when they sing live. Lady Ga Ga Jessica Simpson, that other girl, that’s famous because her sister shot to stardom for not understanding the concept of tuna fish>?????? Estimating the stupidity of the public, (that’s you Klipper) but, I’m just as guilty in a way because I like Lily Allen, some say she can’t sing I say yes, she can, it’s not screaming into a microphone,

    • chelsea says:

      dude omfg! i totally thought she was a dragqueen for a really really long time. i thought i just spent too much time with gay people. but i’m glad i’m not alone :D

    • Anonymous says:

      you are a fucking ass holl

  5. Karina in T.O says:

    C’mon now! It’s all about the shnoz, and the lack of pants!! Gaga and X-tina are way easy to tell apart. Just look for the pantless chick with (dare I say it) the big shnoz.

    (and as a gal with a considerable bump on my polak shnoz I have full right to judge big beaks. m’kay?)

  6. Karina in T.O says:

    C’mon now! It’s all about the shnoz, and the lack of pants!! Gaga and X-tina are way easy to tell apart. Just look for the pantless chick with (dare I say it) the big shnoz.

    (and as a gal with a considerable bump on my polak shnoz I have full right to judge big beaks. m’kay?)

  7. Helena says:

    I find targeting the mouth region always aids the Gaga vs. Xtina debate. Gaga sports that horsey little transvestite pout far more often than Aggy does!

  8. b says:

    I am gonna guess gaga. she always has pale lipcolor- Christina always wears red. also their lips have different shapes

  9. Ray says:

    I too guessed Gaga.

    Christina tends to dress less adventurously. And LG usually shows the leg while CA will thrust her cleavage at onlookers.

    having just read B’s post above I’ll have to admit the lipstick is also a dead give-away.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The bangs and the glasses totally give it away.

  11. TheArtist says:

    Ahhhh… that is so wrong, their lips and jawlines are completely different!
    Even the hair isn’t the same!

  12. stocki says:

    GaGa. I’ll put my life on it.
    You can totally tell by the vintage Versace’s and the lavender hair.

  13. Melissa says:

    I quite like Mizz Gaga. She’s a funky one…

  14. Liv says:

    I went by the hair. Christina’s is way fried.

  15. Peg Leg Meg says:

    GaGa doesn’t look like a tranny clown. Well… kinda tranny.

  16. peace&&green says:

    i didnt even notice the purple hair
    til i read a comment saying she had lavender hair.
    i guessed lady gaga,
    mostly because christina wouldnt wear anything that bold,
    and her jaw isnt so angular.

  17. Holly says:

    How do you make Lady Gaga cry?…….

    Poke her face….

    Sorry, I had to.

  18. Juju says:

    I knew it was Lady Gaga but the extensions really threw me off for a minute, since her hair used to be shoulder length.

  19. Evil Beet says:

    The lips are the giveaway for me.

  20. DanTheMan says:

    Gaga. One thing about her is that she always dresses in a way that she could take all that stuff off and go back to a normal life any time she wants.

    She may not be Mozart or Coltrane but she is very talented and makes some great pop music.

  21. JustMe says:

    You can totally tell them apart by their nose! Lady gaga’s is pretty big.. compared to other celebs these days.

  22. Anonymous says:

    gaga all the way.

  23. madeleine says:

    it’s christina, but it look’s like lady gaga, but i know gaga have done a haircut so this must bee christina. Well the pic kan be old but noo i’m sure it’s christina

  24. mcbiscuit says:

    A celebustalker? Is that what I am? That can’t be good. You’ve given me something to think about Wendy.

  25. Shelly says:

    “The only clues that led me to my correct guess were that her calves are heavier than Christina’s…” Her calves? We can’t even see her legs in this photo so where did you get that from?

  26. lolly says:

    no bright garish lipstick, her “trademark” she stole from gwen stefani… so not christina.

  27. britneyrocks24 says:

    what r u talking about? Lady GaGa Rules!!!! Peace out

  28. Linda V says:

    I don’t really care who it is.. i wanna know who’s on the pic to the left! he’s cute!

  29. lar says:

    Ugly gaga is copying to christina.. aguilera used her hair very similar in 2000’0 in her video come on over … gaga is a wannabe one hit wonder

    • Asta says:

      This is hilarious because she’s the first singer in around ten years to have her first TWO singles hit #1. (The last one was XTina)

  30. Serena says:

    The main difference is Christina has a disgusting mini fringe that looks like it’s been cut by her son.

    • Jessica says:

      By that picture there, if that is off you, you can not talk because you hair looks like a piece of shit.


  31. Anonymous says:

    eurghhh i hate lady gaga blatant christina rip off
    has she ever heard of individuality.

  32. tina says:

    well i know this is really stupid but in that pic of lady gaga she sorta resembles hannah montana that fukin whore

  33. Anonymous says:

    damn guys, chill it out a bit.

  34. tina says:

    whddaya mean chill it out a bit

  35. karley says:

    you can tell its lady gaga becuse of da lips!!!1

  36. victoria says:

    okay what? you can’t even see her calves in here!! and plus i knew it was lady gaga due to the fact that she’s much thinner and has a smaller face than that fat ghetto christina aguilera! gaga is so much more classier anyhow

  37. Anonymous says:

    i honestly think she is a combonation of christina n britney spears.
    like her look when i first saw her i was like christina looked just like that n i noe chistina isnt the only person in the world with that hair style but like she gives off an impression of a wanna-b. n gaga gives off sexuality like britney spears.

  38. tina says:

    the lips are so totally what makes her lady gaga and cristina definitly did not steal her look at all

  39. Dick says:

    All of you’d are cock suckers

  40. ... says:

    Idiots, it’s Lady Gaga, Christina is a bitch!

  41. Bite me says:

    omfg its obviously gaga, not the skank terd that is christina… and how can you say gaga copied christina, she has a completely different and unique look, plus she doesnt look like an avril reject…

  42. kenny oliva says:

    some of the people are mentally ill to say shit about christina well they like lady gaga that just tell what a bad taste in music u are u called christina bithc why because she speaks whats on her mind say what u wanna about her she can still sales and she can still win grammys duhh i havent see lady gog win a grammy why because she suck she is trying so hard to look like christina she smart she knows how famous christina is so that will help her with her career she should go to christina hause with flowers and tell christina thatnk u for letting me look like u know im close as fomous as you lol

  43. Jessica says:

    The difference beetween christina and lady gaga is that,
    christina is a natural blonde, has natural talent (and in my personal opinion she is one of the best singers around) and christina can dance.
    Lady Gaga isnt a natural blonde and you can tell by just look at her, she can dance for shit and she cant sing that well, sure her songs may be good but she dosent have an actual good voice. Now i know bringing the hair colour into this but alot of singers do dye there hair blonde, maybe thinking it will give them more attention but in my opinion Lady Gaga is ugly, no wonder she wears those ugly costumes of her, it keeps the audience looking away from her face.

    Christina aguilera is a great pop icon, has a great voice and is a natural beauty. Lady Gaga is just fake and her video clips are over rater. Does she think making them more sex appealing will make the audience think of her better?

    Now i do like lady gaga but not for any reason of a singer.

    Christina is truly and artist and an insperation.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually Lady Gaga is very talented! If you don’t believe me look up some of her acoustic work. She is a beast at the piano too. She also writes not only all of her music, but has written for a lot of other artists too! And if you’re still not convinced, check out Stephani Germonatta (that’s Lady Gaga when she was younger). She was and is a very beautiful, very talented woman!

  44. Anonymous says:

    No-one should ever compare these two.
    Christina is beautiful, talented and a great person
    Lady gaga is an ugly bitch who has no talent what so ever

  45. tina says:

    haha hey so sorry havent commented in so long betcha missed mee :*

  46. tina says:

    im the triangle up above ya know when it says tina

  47. tina says:

    wait a minute lady gaga is a guy right hermaphrodite right?

  48. annynmous says:

    I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan! You can’t really tell in this picture, but usually you can tell them apart because Lady Gaga has a peace sign on her wrist.

  49. Mia says:

    u can deffinantly tell it’s Lady Gaga by her ugly man structure.

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