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Now Is Tori Spelling Ready For An Intervention? How ‘Bout Now?


Tori Spelling might not be able to be saved from her mandible.  And if she hasn’t learned the Bright Lipstick, Neutral Eye Color (or vice versa) rule yet, it probably isn’t going to ever sink in.  But Tori Spelling is wasting away in front of our eyes.  She’s always been thin but she looks a little insane at this point.

Tori’s skeleton, her husband Dean and their children Liam and Stella all attended Tori’s Mommywood book release party last night in Bev Hills.  Also there were Lisa Rinna, Jennie Garth, Kim Kardashian and inexplicably, Bobby Trendy.

Spelling has been going through a lot of familial stress lately which could be contributing to her gaunt appearance.  Her mom Candy just released her own book, titled Candyland.  Beyond their ability to cleverly title books, it seems like this mother and daughter don’t have much in common.  According to Mama Spelling, Tori has cut Candy out of her diet life.

Of course, Whori says she loves her mom but they “simply never meshed.”

I don’t know how to tell you this Cands, but it seems like your kid just isn’t that into you.

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