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Guess That Ass


Which celebrity almost let the paps get an upskirt as she walked up the stairs in an office building in LA?

The answer — and more pics — after the jump.


It’s Fergie! Her assistant later picked her up in a silver Porsche. Rough life.

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    • I thought it was Shannen too. Weird, right? But I think even she has the decency to not wear anything that short anymore. These women need to start dressing like adults, regardless of how exceptional their ass/legs/tits may be. You can be sexy and fully clothed. It is possible.

    • Same here, was definately going to put money on Shannon Doherty.

      Fergie looks skinnier than I remember her.

  • i was all ready to really ponder whose ass that might really be, and then i put my mouse over it and a little tag came up saying Fergie. i was so let down…

  • Man, poor Fergie, Plastic surgery couldn’t fix that shit. Does anyone else think she has bulimia cheeks?

  • dammit beet! i was hoping this was megan fox. and it’s this fugly methwhore? ugh.

    megan fox is a filthy little hot piece of tail–i’d switch teams for that one!

  • Rough life? Rough face!

    I was sure it was Eva Longoria, but afterwards I realised that she doesn’t have that gorgeous long hair anymore.

    • Actually, she does.
      She did have it short for a little while, but she must have extensions now because she has her beautiful long brown hair back.

      However, Fergie’s hair is much too stringy to be Eva’s.

  • So, we’re all in agreement that it looks like Shannon Doherty…but should have been Megan Fox.

  • What is wrong with her face? Why cant people get the fact that these huge lips are grotesque, everything on her face looks shiny and plastic. Wouldn’t a few lines look better than this?

    Maybe if you’ve over plumped your face with shit, your ass is the only thing left to show off.

  • Her hair looks rather dark. Therefore, I would never have guessed Fergie. However, I see nothing wrong with a woman wearing a super short outfit, of the which might require certain maneuvers to maintain a level of implicit decency (i would be hoping for total failure at lesser goddesses ahead of me on a stairway traveling up…let alone FERGIE!!! Drool). Nonetheless, what does age have to do with Hollywood has to do with decency has to do with anything?
    Mickey Roarke is a raving homo…but that doesn’t make him a bad person.