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Evan Rachel Wood’s Back Together with Marilyn Manson


I couldn’t possibly care less. But for what it’s worth, she tells the new issue of GQ that she’s back in the sack with her 40-year-old lover, Marilyn Manson. Evan continues to be 21 years old. Too cute.

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  • She’s three years younger than me but could easily pass as older. *sigh*

    I have a picture of us together from about 8 years ago, but I look like a very awkward 16 year-old who just got off an 11 hour flight so it won’t ever see the light of day. She’s done a lot since then, though, and definitely made way more money than me.

  • I HATE seeing couples get back together because the guy wants the girl back. Like I see girls pining for ex-bfs all the time, but the guy’s like heeell noooo goodbye!!!, but I see tons of situations where if the guy wants the girl back she just agrees to it b/c she can’t stand up for what she wants and gives in to him. UGH I wish more women would have balls and not make me hate the fact that I’m part of this sex.
    Seriously, after seeing Rihanna, I think I want sex reassignment surgery so I won’t have to waste my time defending abused woman and fighting for them with all the strength I have, only to have them run back into the arms of their abuser because they’re weak goddamn pussies.

  • Aw, Marilyn Manson is getting old. When I was a big fan of his stuff he was, like, 27. THE SAME AGE I AM NOW.

    OH GOD augh

  • One of the reasons I like your site, Beet, is your attention to grammar and spelling. You correctly said you “couldn’t possibly care less,” rather than “I could care less,” as most people say today.

    If you could care less, that means you care a little.

    Oh, and these two together are disgusting.

  • Actually, I don’t see what he sees in her. She seems like a lost fawn (and i’m of the opinion that’s not a good thing.) Maybe it’s just cuz she’s bugged me ever since she was on Once and Again. Sela Ward, though?=YUMMY! MM?=bleh (music and personality). Props to him for makin’ the most of what he’s got, though. I just get the strong sense that ERW has made herself into his vision, rather than developed an identity of her own.

  • this guy still sports the goth look after his career is dead.. that’s like wearing your clown suit after getting fired from the circus

  • Too much powder or something like flour on his face,
    Sorta wondering, how can he be even whiter than Rachel, disgusting!
    Now I can see Michael Jackson in him.

  • And I thought Adam Lambert wore a lot of makeup….

    P.s- I do think this is MM’s excited face.

    • Yeah really she is just a stupid girl. To those who don’t really like him, he actually is a cool guy, I have watched some interviews of him, and he is funny and pretty cool. Get over yourselves its called self expression.

  • I think that they are cute and age doesnt matter, lol! and all of you people posting gag and that he is ugly, like really.
    haha, I think he is so damn sexy. and i am 15 lol. I would date him, I dont get why people get so into other peoples drama anyways. I have been into him since i was 10 and i still am lol. everyone thinks that he is such a bad guy but if you read his books and watch his interviews he is acctually a pretty amazing guy. lol, so yeah!(: