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Stevie Nicks Responds to Rumors About Lindsay Lohan

Stevie Nicks dances like your grandmother at your cousin's wedding

Stevie Nicks dances like your grandmother at your cousin's wedding

Thanks in part to a tendency to engage in activites like this weekend’s Red-Bull and vodka fueled extreme version of what most women do when they get dumped (new hairstyle, copious amounts of drinking) singer and former Fleetwood Mac front woman, Stevie Nicks, isn’t too keen on the idea of Lindsay Lohan playing her in a movie about her life story.

“Over my dead body,” the 60-year-old singer told the New York Times after learning that Lohan was interested in buying the rights to her life story in order to nab the lead role.

“She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we’ll talk,” added Nicks.

And she’s absolutely right.

I mean, we’re talking about someone with a personal life rockier than Sylvester Stalone’s IMDB filmography who has been addicted to more drugs than you or I can even name. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan too.

Hello everyone. My name’s Stevie and I’m a big ole scarf-swaddled pot calling a kettle black.

Honestly, at this point, Lohan is probably underqualified. She needs to be a basket case for about 15 more years, become addicted to about 40 more kinds of pills, and marry her best friend’s husband right after she kicks the bucket from Leukemia.

Taking a page from Nicks’ book, I’d like to remind all of you that if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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  • I was wondering when this would come up on here. My mom and I were talking about it a couple of nights ago, and we both agreed that there is no one more ideal for that role than Lindsay. I mean, we’re talking about a coke addict playing someone whose septum was surgically replaced due to … what kind of addiction was that, again? Hmmm… let’s see…

    • So let me get this straight. you’re saying that because Stevie did her share of drugs decades ago, they should hire an actual drug addict to play her on the big screen? Surely you can’t be serious. Due to being wasted all the time, Lindsay L. would have lacked the focus needed to do an accurate portrayal of Ms. Nicks….which is what i’m sure Stevie meant. You also need to understand that cocaine wasn’t considered to be that dangerous back in the ’70’s like it is today….it was more of a pick me up, especially for musicians who suffered from exhaustion due to non stop touring, etc. Rather than judging her, perhaps you should think how much courage and determination it took to beat her addictions and remain sober all these years. She’s learned many valuable life lessons over the years… hope lindsey takes note before it’s too late.

  • Talk about needing to get a grip! Stevie apparently was SO wasted throughout her younger years that she doesn’t even realize how closely their lives are even related. Whatever, lady.

    • The Lady of Glencarin should play the role of Stevie … period. Why … They are identical … uncanny and she is a Huge FAN of Stevie.

  • I don’t know, I thought of it as Stevie trying to push Lindsay to avoid some of the same mistakes she made. Stevie has always said that she really regrets her years spent hopped up.

    • If that were the case, she wouldn’t have taken the holier-than-thou attitude. She would have said something to the effect of: “perhaps she could learn a lesson or two from my own experiences.”

  • Another hypocrite. Stevie Nicks did so many drugs that it killed her singing voice and her nose. She shouldn’t be giving out drug advice to anyone. it is amazing to me how these people get away with trash talk with no consquences.

    • Thank You! I was wondering when someone was going to defend Stevie, Kelly what a snarky blog. Yeah, Stevie was a mess, but she straightened out and she still rocks out. We’ll probably more likely see Stevie attending Lindsay’s funeral, which would be tragic, I wish Linds would get her shit together. Maybe Stevie needs to pay her a personal visit and give her a verbal bitch slap

  • OMG, get off Stevie, for crying out loud. Linds the whorebag doesn’t hold a candle to Stevie and I think it’s joke she it would even cross her mind to play her. And to think, I used to like to read this blog.

  • This is a movie about her life and she should be allowed to have a say over who plays her. She’s probably concerned that with Lindsay’s crazy life she’ll screw up the movie and it’ll be a flop.

  • What is the source of the quote? Is there any evidence that it is recent (or even true)?

    In the April/May 2007 issue of Blender, Nicks was posed this question:

    “Is it true that Lindsay Lohan is going to play you in a movie?”

    She replied:

    “Lindsay Lohan thinks she is going to play me! But what the hell movie does she think she’s talking about? There is no book, there is no screenplay, there is no movie. There is never going to be a movie made without me, because it’s never going to be the story of me. Even though a lot has been written about me, the fact is nobody actually has a clue to what my life was really like. So good luck, Lindsay.”

    She was also asked:

    “What advice would you offer to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan as they go through rehab?”

    She responded:

    “I’m more worried about Britney than Lindsay, because I think Lindsay is a serious actress, and that is going to be her saving grace. The only thing I could ever say is — I look over film footage and interviews for the Crystal Visions DVD, and I can totally tell when I’m high. There are a couple of videos that are really good — except that I was high. I’m sorry I let that happen. I ask myself, “Stevie, could you have just, while you were filming that video, not done any cocaine and not drank and not smoked pot? For those three days, could you have laid off of it so you could have looked great?” But I didn’t, and now I’m very sorry. If I could have gotten it together a little more I would have had a better career. I would have made a couple more great albums, I would have painted more pictures. You are sorry later … that’s what I would tell them.”

  • I don’t blame Stevie Nicks for not wanting fucking Lindsay Lohan playing her. I mean, Lindsay actually looks older than Stevie Nicks so I don’t see how it could work. Also, Lindsay doesn’t even really act anymore. That part of her career is pretty much over. For Christ sake, her latest movie, which apparently she filmed awhile back, is premiering on ABC Family Channel. That pretty much means your shits over and you need to start looking for other lines of work.

  • A lot of people bitch about chauvinism, racism, etc., but this entry was really a smack at those of us who are older than you. It’s obvious you know very little about Stevie’s life. Her best friend had just had a baby before she died of leukemia. Stevie and Robin’s husband were grieving the loss together, and Stevie could not stand to see the child motherless. That is why she married her best friend’s husband. It only lasted 8 months before they realized they’d made a mistake. You make it sound so seedy and only goes to show how very little you know about this woman. I think, if Stevie had had someone to tell her she was screwing up her life, she would have made the changes a lot sooner. She has been supportive and nuturing to a lot of other female singers who revere her. And for your info, she is still fronting Fleetwood Mac. They are on tour again, selling out arenas all over North America. That’s more than I can say for Lindsey. This entry sucked, Kelly. You’re showing your age and your inexperience with this one.

      • I third this comment!.
        I admire Stevie, shes gone through shit but she has managed to get her life together and is back with FM shes got more determination in her life than Lindsey does, all you hear about Linds is who she is fucking, where shes going clubbing, what fights she is having. What kind of life is that? what kind of example is she setting? I completely agree that Linds should get her shit together and start taking better care of herself. I have highly more respect for people who make that big effort to make a change in their lives for the better rather than continuously going into a downward spiral.

    • thanks for writing this, glad you “said” it. =)

      i know gossip is all about half-truths, but c’mon..

    • I am quickly finding Kelly less funny and more Mean Girls every day. There’s a really nasty edge to most of her remarks that isn’t in the other posts, it’s not fun to read anymore.

      • I was a fan of Kelly till she called several people assholes because they suggested a prior post on Sam Ronson was homophobic.

  • Mobby – thank you. Maybe some of these people would be honored to have Lindsay buy the rights to their life story and play them.

    There is very little about Stevie Nicks that puts her in the Lindsay Lohan’s category of self destruction. Stevie Nicks has a collection of hit records and successful tours. She was functional during her druggie days. Stevie had enough sense and maturity that when her habit interfered with her art and life, she pulled her head out, and got help.

    Lindsay Lohan has a collection of smashed cars and a collection of rehab stints that end with her photographed drunk in a bar. She doesn’t even have enough class to stay home and get drunk, she’s gotta do it in the public eye.

    I don’t blame Stevie Nicks (or anyone else) for not wanting to be associated with her. Maybe Lindsay should just wait and play Amy Winehouse.

  • Thank you mobby and whoever posted the comments from Blender. I’ve been a fan of Stevie Nicks for 20 years, and her music helped me though some difficult times.

    Hopefully Lindsay can get her life back together so she can someday make a positive contribution to society.

  • i don’t see it as stevie being nasty to lindsay regarding her drug use. stevie has been there, and she’s saying lohan needs to get real and stop doing drugs before it’s too late. sometimes strong words and strong stands are more helpful than coddling, and lindsay has been coddled all of her life. she needs some tough love or she will die.
    oh yeah, and stevie is hella talented in a way that lindsay never will be. no wonder she doesn’t want lindsay portraying her.

    this is old news, kelly. all in all, this item sucked.

  • former fleetwood mac front woman? umm shes on tour right now so i think she still is the current front woman of fleetwood mac.

  • PLEASE PEOPLE !!!!! Are you f***in kiddin me?
    Hold up just a minute here …. as someone said earlier – Please! Li Lo does “not hold a candle” to Stevie. Even when Stevie was younger and on a lot of drugs – she never failed to deliver GENIUS work, to sing, to tour constantly, to write legendary, honest and beautiful songs and have hit records… She worked and produced QUALITY work through most of those drugged out years that was pure and real. She functioned as an artist and performer and held it together with DIGNITY and poise – even if she had her personal struggles behind closed doors. – SO! I hate to burst anyone’s bubble – But there IS NO WAY you can compare Lindsay to Stevie Nicks – this woman’s accomplishments, soul, honesty and craft have way surpassed anything Lindsay has thought, said or done pretty much since Stevie started – I mean how can you compare the two?? – Saying that I don’t think Lindsay Lohan has any of what it takes to play Stevie. As people they are vastly different. She doesn’t deserve it and she ain’t got the heart, the soul or the talent. She should stick to awful soul- less pop music and the cold, plastic world she lives in.

    Stevie may have done some drugs but she never lived in that world. She is a true artist. She always gave all her heart and soul to what she did. And even Stevie on drugs is 10 times more genius than Lindsay lohan could ever be sober .. or most people for that matter.

    Face it!

  • …for the record…yes Stevie married her dead best friend’s husband Kim Anderson…and it was because of the baby boy that Robin barely gave life to…his name is Matthew. She was very concerned for this little boy…to make it sound seedy or underhanded is sheer ignorance…to compare Stevie Nicks to Lindsay Lohan is absurd…and for the record…Stevie put Matthew through college and did everything in her power to make sure that he would have a great life and make sure that he would know who his mother was…a great person who made the ultimate sacrifice to bring her son into this world…

  • I am really tired of all the Stevie Nicks worshipers. When stevie was on drugs, yeah there were some good songs but there were also a lot of bad ones because of her voice as well as bad performances including her tripping and falling on stage b/c of her drug use. Now a days, coming from a former fan, her voice is NOT the same and in my opinion it sounds horrible and her songs drag! She rarely puts out new songs, just sings the old ones…tours around the world singing old songs w/ a messed up voice. I can barely stand to listen to her “newer” music/voice b/c her voice is so annoying. The energy is gone! I think Stevie should just focus on herself and bettering her music and voice instead of trying to “give advice” to others. She doesn’t even dress up anymore on stage…c’mon.


  • This is one of the most meanspirited, bullshit blog entries I have ever read. You are RIDICULOUS for slagging so much on Stevie Nicks. Nevermind that most of your “facts” about her life and her choices are incorrect. Nicks is a legendary artist who has contributed so much to pop music it is hard to fathom. And I’m not a “Stevie Nicks worshiper.” I just know something special when it comes around. In Nicks, it came around, and is still with us. Lohan is a an interesting actress who could have a career if she cleaned up her act, but that is beside the point. If you bothered to actually research Nicks you would know that a lot of what you wrote about her is inaccurately skewed to the negative. Of course she has had her troubles, but this is a woman whose WORK has always been in the forefront. She had the talent and the good sense to keep her private struggles out of the headlines, unlike today’s crop of idiot pop bitches. I can’t believe how ill-informed you are about her best friend Robin’s son. Really, you should be ashamed for this entry.

  • I feel very simIlar, and now slightly recoil when I hear Stevie going on along the same vein regRding her anti plastic surgery comments. She even went on to say ,the women on desperate housewives looked liked like sisters. This regAding all heir face work. She also states she had Botox , and cried . Stating I will never do anything like that again. I haven’t seen her face move since Bill Clinton was president .. Maybe her glass house is rock roof-~