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Yo, Stoners

Good morning, everyone!  I hope you are waking and baking this morning.  I’m so glad that I work in the written word and don’t do vlogging, because I seriously would be cracking up right now and wouldn’t be able to get through this piece.  Oh, and I would have to put makeup on.  Needless to say, I’ve never smoked a joint in my life.  Do they even call them joints anymore?  Roaches?  Spliffs?  Blunts?  Are those all the same thing or are there different varieties?  I need you to educate me.  You can even give me a pot quiz, afterward.  Get it?  Pot Quiz???  Shit, I’m starting to sound stoned.

Rapper Snoop Dogg, idiot extraordinaire, has posted NSFW video on his Twitter live stream of himself (allegedly!) smoking pot.  But don’t worry-he’s got a license to do so.  Which leads me to ponder:  Is no fashion sense a medical condition that necessitates daily use of medical marijuana?

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  • Joint is rolled in paper. Blunts are rolled in cigars. Roaches are the piece left over in the ashtray. A spliff is a blunt laced with cocaine.. Wow…. I know way too much about pot.

  • Swag is the crap left in the bottom of the baggie. I went to the store yesterday and my total was $4.20. I giggled like an idiot. And to think I’m an old lady of 38!

  • I went into watching this video with full intentions of watching the entire thing but after a couple of minutes I just got bored. Why does Snoop think watching him smoke weed is worthy of a 17 minutes video?
    My favorite line,”I’m the electronic pussy sucker.”

    • um not really

      “At 3:19 yesterday afternoon — while Snoop was getting high live on the internet — an anonymous tipper called the CHP to alert them of the alleged heinous situation… but apparently it was so ridiculous that no one at the CHP bothered to forward it to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.”

  • Snoop. Snoop a loop. Dude’s a tard.

    Having said that, any reason is a good reason to smoke up on the daily. It makes the world more tolerable. And yeah, joints are disgusting.

    • yee-ahh. and a blunt is a joint out rolled of white owl papers and they make u cough more and are larger and in-charger and harsher and more wasteful of the weed. volcano vaporizers for everyone!

  • I feel very left out now because I don’t smoke pot, nor have I ever smoked pot. I have a lot of friends who smoke, though, and I always feel alienated at parties when they do because everything that makes sense to them makes no sense to me. I guess it’s about the same as being drunk.

  • Actually, a chewy is a blunt laced with cocaine. A spliff is a blunt/joint with tobacco in it cause you don’t have enough weed to fill the whole thing. Stupid.