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“Hey Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call

When she get tired of runnin’ after you down the hall

And she’s all worn out from those late-night feedings

and she’s ready for another rock and roll meeting.”

The subtle lyrics to Prince’s new song, “Valentina.”  Incidentally, Prince has obviously had a thing for Salma Hayek for quite awhile.  In his 2001 song “Liquid Dreams,” he sang, “Angelina Jolie’s lips to kiss in the dark, underneath Cindy C’s beauty mark.  When it comes to the test, well Tyra’s the best, and Salma Hayek brings the rest.”

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  • Liquid Dreams was by that boy band O-Town. Don’t think Prince had anything to do with that masterpiece…

  • Yea…Liquid Dreams was definitely by O-Town! I listened to the song on repeat for about a year…it defined my 8th grade year

  • Oh my god, i was convinced the entire band of O-town were the loves of my life, how did you confuse their terrible song with Prince?

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