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Dionne Warwick Promises, Promises To Pay Back Taxes



Dionne Warwick, who was an exceptional singer long before the Psychic Friends Network arrived and carried the last shreds of her career away, is back on the top ten…list of California tax offenders, that is.  I don’t know why no one predicted that she’d end up in hawk to the IRS to the tune of $2.5M dollars, but she is.

According to Warwick’s rep, she has been paying back what she owes on an installment plan.

Also on the list is the not-so-funny comedian, Sinbad.  Remember him?  He wasn’t available for comment about his $2.4M debt.  I did a search of pictures and found this one of Sinbad at a party honoring LA County Sheriff, Lee Baca.  I love irony.

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  • Dionne Warwick and the people associated with her are thieves. They had an inaugural ball for Obama set up, took money from hundreds of people for tickets, got all kinds of vendors to pony up food, drinks, etc., then canceled their “ball” the day of the inauguration.
    To date, no refunds and no explanations. This is the second time she’s been involved with a shady event like this in DC.

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