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Levi Johnston Whines About Bristol Palin to Tyra

Oh, man. That Palin family. I thought they’d stop entertaining us after this last Presidential election wrapped up, but I should have known better.

Here’s a clip of Levi whining to Tyra Banks about how Bristol is mean to him and won’t let him take the baby anywhere. Poor Levi. He really has that “pathetic” act down pat right now. I almost feel bad for him. Almost. And I love how Tyra is just coaxing out every sob-story word of it, letting every little drop of mock-tragedy fall like water down her silly, silly extensions.

So what does Sarah Palin’s camp have to say about all this? “We’re disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship,” her rep said in a statement. Dude. That’s a really poorly written statement. It’s not clear what “their relationship” and its corresponding “distortion” refers to. The Palins can’t even get a publicist who can write?

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  • This douche kinda reminds me of a dark haired hillbilly version of Spencer Pratt. I’m not quite sure why.

  • Beet! Can’t you see Palin’s fingerprints all over that statement? That’s straight from the horse’s mouth. She probably got all pissy watching Tyra one morning in her governor’s office and was so incensed that she called in her secretary and dictated that shit to her. It sounds just like her jumbled up language from the campaign trail. I love her implication that by riding the Palin coattails someone is supposedly looking for “fame” and “fortune” of their own. Perhaps she should have used the words “infamy” and “notoriety” instead. What a bitch, honestly. I am just tickled by her slow and humiliating demise. Can you imagine if she’d have become VP? Oh Christ!

  • Again reminding all sane people that Sarah (sex education isn’t necessary in AK) Palin is an incompetent goof, he porked her daughter in her own home, made a baby in her child, he has the same rights as the mother of said bastard child. If Palin approved that PR statement, she’s too ignorant to be governing anything but the Wasilla PTA.

    On the other hand Levy should break into his mom’s stash of oxy and chillax by writing the baby mama check.

  • OMFG he is so SEXY!!!! too bad he made the biggest mistake of his life by not pulling out!!!!! i would fuck his sister also. shes so hot. anyway everything he said is true because dumb ass rednecks like him don’t lie. they have no reason to. and you know at the end he wanted to say he wouldn’t vote for Palin but he would have gotten death threats so i understand.

  • I’m willing to bet Palin’s too busy dealing with her sister having been arrested for burglary this past week to read her statements aloud before submitting them to the press.

    • Ooh, this is interesting! I will have to look that one up. She just gets better and better.

      I especially like where John McCain wouldn’t say that he would support her in 2012. He just kept saying that there were a lot of talented Republicans out there with promise. Funny he had all that talent and landed on this chick last summer.

      Endless entertainment.

  • What punk he must be….. It does make we wonder about all the attention this is getting, and the fact no one seemed to give a damn that Vice-President Biden’s daughter was caught on film snorting COCAINE! Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm.

    • That hasn’t been proven yet. I’m sure if it is, we will hear more about it.

      But baby mama drama is always funnier than coke at a party. Always. Just ask Maury.

  • I am way too old to say, “That boy is downright edible,” so, I just won’t.

    Besides, he’s a total FBF (Fat by Forty).

  • Sounds to me like Levi is doing a public service, by proving that teaching abstinence and turning a blind eye don’t work, and that having protected sex “most of the time” results in pregnancy. BRAVO, Levi!

  • He reminds me of Brittney’s first husband. The whole crew is the Alaskan version of redneck.

  • I would do all the palins bristol is hot with her big tits and heart shaped ass. Ill bet she can skull phuck pretty well to

    gotta keep warm in AK !

    pALiN in 2013!!

  • I wonder what britol paLins pussy smells like.

    I wonder what her milk titties taste like…

    I wonder what her brown eye feels like…

  • I’d tap bristol until she walked funny and a cocktail of fluids was running down her leg. She’s a hottie. Levi is retarded fool. However, he’s just a product of his environment. Bristol should have been the one to enforce protected sex. A horny guy is gonna put it where its warm and wet any chance he gets.