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Chris Brown Pleads NOT GUILTY!


Holy crap!

Everyone expected that he’d cop a deal by now, but no! Chris Brown has plead not guilty to two felonies — assault and making criminal threats.

However, sources say that Brown’s attorney and the prosecutor are currently in heated plea negotiations. So likely there will be a plea before any of this goes to trial.

As for Rihanna? Her lawyer spoke to reporters after the hearing to say that Rihanna wants this resolved as quickly as possible — meaning, basically, that she’d like Chris to plead out as well.

And as for Wendie? She owes you guys 200 words on why Mischa Barton is amazing.

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      • Wendie, I have some more ideas for your essay. 1) Mischa has never said out loud that her pussy fell out. 2) No marriage no kids so we are currently safe in regard to any procreation. 3) She really showed her rocker side in her DUI arrest photo. Just helping you out girl!

  • That’s 200 hundred words I can’t wait for *evil cackle*

    But Wendy only has to deliver, if this thing goes to trial. Which it hasn’t. Yet.


      • let’s see.

        her hair looks pretty sometimes.
        she makes me feel thin and good about myself, because I am not her.
        at least she isn’t as messed up as her sister.
        Mischa is a pretty cool name.
        maybe she has done charity at some point?
        keds? I like keds.
        um… unlike Paris Hilton, at least there was a reason for her initial phase.

        I helped!!

    • Oh man. I was totally looking forward to this tomorrow. Only because I don’t think it’s humanly possible without writing “talentless whorebag” 100 times.

  • OMG poor Wendie, but hey just another reason to despise Chris *the biter* Brown, I don’t think the prosecutor is going to cave on Chris *Mr Lector* not doing time. Interesting, but who knows in LA county – they let decapitators run free around town. Mischa frigging Barton. That’s going to be quite the challenge, and if you pull it off the hat trick of the year.

  • I think Wendie has to do it… Purely for my entertainment. I’m a college student in term paper hell… please make me happy?

    • hey high five! but I am in midterm hell. one today, and one tomorrow. yuck. should go study!! I don’t know why these dumb midterms are so freaking late. I had one like a month ago…

  • I don’t know Wendie, you did say “tomorrow”, so it is a self-imposed deadline. I guess that means you have until midnight Eastern Tuesday to crank this baby out. ; )

  • Since there was no plea today…. I am going to agree with Jinxy on the thought of the DA is probably not going to agree to probation only. And Garagos is thinking if he whines enough… and long enough… this will get pleaded out in his favor.

    Yet I bet LA county is looking back on the whole OJ thing, where he was allowed to beat the hell out of his wife all those years… till he decapitated her on the front porch. So if the DA allows this to drop… and Brown continues on his way of beating girls… it is a matter of time till he kills one of them. And everyone blames the DA office for not holding him accountable for his actions now.

    I am going to hold out hope… that he serves at least 30 days in lockup.

    If Chris Brown avoids jail time… he will never be able to recover publically for it. He needs to man up and face the fact he viciously beat and bit a tiny girl. There is no excuse for it. Admit it… and do the time. People will move on if he will just do that. Garagos is not doing him any favors by dragging this out.

  • I personally feel that he should be locked in a room with a guy twice his size to get HIS ass kicked and bit. Maybe then he would think twice next time.

  • wendie: you can write 100 words on her hair (which is very pretty) and another 100 on…well, urm….hmmmm…..ok, she hasn’t robbed a bank. that has to be worth 100 words.