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Samantha Ronson Is Not the Most Handsome Boy in Her Family

The Happy Ronson Family

I’m feeling tired and devastatingly un-clever. So to warm up,  I’m just going to post some pictures of famous people looking like shit.

Here’s the Ronson family at the I “Heart” Ronson launch party “red carpet” (red carpet courtesy of JC Penney). I’m not sure, but I think the designer, Charlotte Ronson, might have a bit of a lazy eye.  I’m guessing the collection includes a lot of bold horizontal stripes that inexplicably trail off and slant down to the left when you’re talking to them.

As for Corey Kennedy (see slide show) the whole knee pads in your tights look is a new one on me. <insert dick-sucking joke here>

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  • Holy shit! Sam is a Samantha? I thought you guys were kidding about the lesbian thing because “Sam” looked feminine. Now I see why!!!

    • The gentleman in the blue blazer is Mark Ronson her brother the winner of several Brit Awards (equivalent to a Grammy) for his producing skills, he discovered both Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen. He is a straight male, he dated, and almost married Daisy Lowe (I think she’s a British model but I’m not sure, she’s not in American newspapers) He appears to be quite a nice guy from watching him during an interview on Brit chat show Lily Allen & Friends. He is British and Samantha in not, …huh? that’s curious! Even though Samantha Ronson looks different, and is different from some people, she’s a sweet girl, and she’s very real. That is what matters.

  • The whole kneepad thing has already been joked about I’m afraid! Maybe they are from Lindsay Lohan’s line, she had some like that?

      • The most that Samantha Ronson has ever paid for a pair of sneakers ( she has 327 pairs) is $800.00 so she has plenty of tees believe me!

    • lol exactly what I thought when I saw this picture. no, I am pretty sure that is the ONLY one sh-he owns. Sh-he wears it like every day

    • You took the comment right out of my mouth…I had that shirt too (uh, in 1989, to be precise) and while I liked it and all, I did NOT find it the most versatile item in my wardrobe for even the dressiest occasions. Maybe there is an intervention method for people who wear the same concert t-shirt of a long-irrelevant band day in and day out? “We’re worried about you, we love you, it’s time to take off the shirt.” “No, no, it’s fine! Look, I’m going to wear a tuxedo vest over it tomorrow! It’s like a whole new shirt! I’m dressing it up with NECKLACES, see? Stop judging me! I CAN QUIT ANYTIME.”

  • My husband isn’t into the celeb gossip like I am, but that headline made him snort. Well done, Kelly.

    • Be careful, Charissa, what you expose your impressionable husband to; snorting when looking at anyone with zero degrees of separation from the unfortunately inclined Lindsay may be contagious.

  • Beet, I’m drunk and don’t even know wtf this thread is about I just wanted to ask why people are mad at you and why I still keep getting that annoying pop up about an add-on. What did you add to the site that keeps harassing me?

    • people got irrationally mad on the fat arms post. It was ridiculous.

      I don’t get the pop-up, but I think I have pop-up blocker… so I can’t help you with that ne.

  • Yay!! Kelly’s here!! I read her blog tonight while awaiting her arrival, and she’s BRILLIANT, you guys- you’ve got to check it out. Samantha Ronson always looks greasy and gross to me. And kinda sad. She needs to dump the headcase girlfriend.

    • i think its fair game when she cuts her hair like a boy, and wears what she does. It isnt homophobic, its just funny.

    • I don’t think that remark is homophobic at all. And I think that Sam Ro and her whole family are an attractive bunch. But she does appear to suffer from ghastly thinness and the sadness inevitable with being in a destructive relationship, replete with substance abuse and domestic violence (okay, all I know about is a window at her home being broken during a fight, but when people start chucking hard objects around, that’s domestic violence). Too bad she needs Lindsay to make her a more in-demand DJ and Lindsay needs her to merely survive. Rehab, oh, rehab, wherefore art thou, rehab?

  • You’re all friggin stupid and disillusioned. Why don’t you put your pics up here and let people judge YOU?!?! Get over yourselves! You make me sick! Your worse than the grease scum that’s scraped off the walls of a greasepit restaurant kitchen!

  • Your posts are usually quite good, Kelly, but this was completely inappropriate and, yes, I dare say it, homophobic.
    No wonder gays are still not allowed to marry in some parts of the US, if a post like this is “totally okay” by your standards.

    “i think its fair game when she cuts her hair like a boy, and wears what she does.”

    Dude, what reality do you live in? The one where all girls with short hair and trousers are lesbians? Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Really??

      I swear, there will always be something someone can get their undies in a bunch for. But this one? You need to simmer down on the sensitivity.

  • Truth hurts, huh anonymous??? Hit a little too close to home? I’m SURE you’re less than perfect (no one is by the way) Keep goin if it makes you feel better about yourself, whatever works, HA!

  • I’d like to direct this comment in a not so hostile direction and point out……… Mark Ronson is a fucking fine ass man

  • I too found this post slightly homophobic, but then I was amused by the horizontal strip thing, and people with lazy eyes would probably find that amblyopiaphobic. More than anything, I’m offended by what Corey Kennedy is wearing.

  • people, you are reading a gossip blog. Kelly, Beat and Wendie all have the right to say whatever the fuck they want, so take a chill pill and quit treating a post as a review for a novel… yes i realize how hypocritical i sound.

  • Kelly, you are a riot with true talent! I dig you’re take on all you’ve written & I actually laugh out loud…super glad Beet hired you!

    BTW, for the rest-o-readers, don’t get a hate on Beet for “fat arms” story, we all write shit we wish we didn’t, or say things that offend others,sa’gossip blog FFS…She did have pudgy arms, but them’s the breaks & side effects when you’re making kids…like drunken behavior when your drinking Russian water, sometimes you’re called on it, and sometimes you’re applauded for it.

  • Homophobic???? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?? Samantha Ronson looks like a malnourished, sickly, and very very tired scenester boy. Whether you like it or not, that’s her personal style. That has nothing to do with the size or shape of genitalia she prefers to put in her mouth when she’s horny.

    Sexual preference has nothing to do with personal style, and by saying that I’m criticizing lesbianism by criticizing her personal style of looking like a man, you’re actually implying that looking like a man is part of lesbianism. And that kind of makes you an asshole.