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What Does Jimmy Fallon See in Fat Arms??


Jimmy took his wife, Fat Arms, to a party for the launch of TOPSHOP in NYC, and she looked like … that. This is not a rare occurrence. Fat Arms has a knack for buying her red carpet clothes at Target. (Please don’t get me wrong. I love Target. I would live in a Target if they’d allow it. But I’d go somewhere else to buy my clothes for fashion-related red carpet events.) The shoes are ALL WRONG for that dress, and she would have been better going without a belt than choosing a belt that soooo doesn’t create a pleasant silhouette.

I need your help people. Please fill in the blank:

Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because _______________________________ .

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  • He is not an insecure woman so obsessed with idealised images of femininity that he sees her as having fat arms, or would remotely care if she had?

    Jesus Christ, Beet. Is it because you’re from LA, or is it just you?

    • Not to sound like an ass, but I kind of agree with Grace; I don’t necessarily agree with the “insecure woman” part, but I don’t think her arms are so bad that they deserved the title of the post.

      Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because she is a nice person and they love each other.

      • Absolutely with you guys – her arms aren’t fat. She looks like a happy, healthy woman not a starved stick insect.

      • I have to agree with you guys. Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because Jesus Christ, she looks like a normal person. I have fat arms occasionally and sometimes I have picked the wrong shoes to go with my dress. I can’t afford (or require) a stylist; maybe she just doesn’t feel that high & mighty to get one.

  • ugh I’m more curious about: who would want to marry Fallon? I get a headache just thinking about it

    • Agreed. Why does it seem like women always have to “endeavor” to deserve their husbands? How about the fact that J.Fallon is no catch?

  • Well, there are dark parts of everyone’s mind that the public doesn’t need to see. And I think this is yours.

  • Okay, New Girl (because i’m sure this is not Beet).. if the Evil Beet readers enjoyed stupid posts like this and unfair judgements, they wouldn’t be Evil Beet readers, they would be Perezscious readers.
    So just stop it. That was a stupid, immature post.
    Sasha, if you read this.. you should delete it. Cuz this is NOT the image you wanna create!

  • I´m with Lisa! Nancy looks fine (though I agree about the outfit. Those shoes!) I´d rather marry her than Big Teeth any day!

  • I think her clothes are horrible, but her arms look pretty normal…not fatty, shes a bit large chested so….
    maybe this is an april fools joke? evil beet is being a bitchy snob-hater? idk, i hope it is.

    what an awful thing to say and MEAN it evil beet.

  • You are no glamour puss yourself or a skinny girl so why on earth such a bitchy comment. There is nothing wrong with her. You’re turning NASTY!

    • Agreed! Exactly what I was thinking..
      There is nothing, NOTHING wrong with this woman’s arms.

  • …she let him see her naked when he was geeky and not famous!

    Us guys are just easy that way. ;-)

  • Awww. Who cares why, more power to him for loving who he wants to. This chick may be his rock, his soulmate, but he should trade her in for someone more aesthetically pleasing?

    That said, he’s got the dosh, a stylist for his lady wouldn’t go amiss.

    Pretty cool that he’s still dancing with the one that brung him…and, BTW, I’ll bet Jimmy is no cakewalk to love. All that funnyman energy.

  • Whoa! Why would a fellow “feminist” criticize this woman’s anatomy? She’s a beautiful woman and her arms are not fat! Let’s not propagate the stereotypic body of a skinny woman, such as Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton, as the only acceptable body type. Why the hate??? I’m kind of shocked by this – it’s hurtful and NOT Hollywood gossip, just nastiness. I’m disappointed. There are PLENTY of things to blog about that are not so malicious and uncalled for … maybe you could back up the truck on this one?

  • I agree with everyone else. Me thinks someone has a crush on Jimmy F. and is jealous of his cute wife.
    It’s all right, 15 years ago I used to hate Julia Roberts for dating Kiefer Sutherland (I still hate her even though the crush on Kiefer is gone).

  • Yo, some dudes LIKE chunkier ladies. Have you not seen all of the porn on the Internet that supports this??? Hmmmm????

  • Gotta tell ya, Beet, I’m with everyone else here. This smacks of your own weight issues — not the reality of her situation. I think you need to eat this one. So to speak.

  • Because… She can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    (somebody had to go for the juvenile humor)


  • Jimmy Fallon loves “Fat Arms” Because…. She is his wife, he sees her through eyes of love, and no one sent him the memo that just one universal body type is acceptable, and all others have to be ridiculed.
    It’s bad enough that men have set such ridiculous standards for women, but to have one of your ‘Sisters” jerk you around too. is just too shallow. WHEN WILL PEOPLE JUST LET EACH OTHER BE THEMSELVES IN ALL OUR VARIED BEAUTY, AND STOP BEING SO DAMN JUDGEMENTAL?

  • Um, yeah, I’m with everyone else. Jimmy Fallon loves his wife because… who the fuck cares? It’s their life, their choice, and not everyone cares about stupid things like “fat arms.” Wait till you have kids…you better hope you have a man who doesn’t mind “fat arms.” I am currently 8 months pregnant and let me tell you, I thank my lucky stars that my lover does not mind “fat” anything. Cause he sees me for me, and our bond is greater than “fat arms.” Beauty fades, no matter how much you work out or use botox.

  • I agree with everyone else here. Beet, this post is probably the most useless post you’ve ever made. My opinion of you has just gone WAYYYYYY down.

  • I’ll play.

    Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because it’s April Fool’s Day and Beet wanted to see how quickly people would get pissed off about this post.

      • This isn’t Beet’s first rant on Jimmy Fallon’s wife and her “fat arms.” I don’t think this is an April Fool’s joke.

      • agreed. For God’s sake people. Beet can call people anything she wants, just like all the negative posters are doing right back to her. Just gossip, we’re all entitled to our opinion. Get. over. it.

    • I like to think that beet could come up with something clever…
      If this IS just an April Fools thing (and not sour grapes, as I suspect) then I’m disappointed, it’s pretty lame.

  • Beet, I hope this is an April Fool’s joke (although if that’s the case it’s a bad one). If you are going to turn into Perez Hilton, I don’t think I can read this blog anymore.

  • Ehh, first I got pissed of as a representant of FAT ARMS lately, hahaha, but at the end of the day, I am still fat arms no matter if Beet posts derogatory comments about it or not, too much sweets can do that to your once lovely arms, dammit!!!!

    Maybe this is just “I have just tricked you on April 1” kind of post. :P Is, it?

  • It’s ironic that this follows a blurb about how the female idol contestant played an instrument and was just not a pretty face behind a microphone. But, is she fat? That’s the real question.

    • I’m with you c. Pierce Brosnan’s wife wears inappropriate clothing on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of clothing options for women with imperfect upper arms. It’s tough to find dresses that hsave sleeves long enough to cover the not-so-toned arm, but not make you dissolve in a pool of sweat. It sucks to shop with your arms in mind, but it is reality for many of us.
      And that particular pose-the absolute worst way to stand if you have arm issues. Stick arms would look flabby when shown against the body at that angle…

  • (shuddering)
    dang, beet, I was buggin for a while, I thought Perez Shitton took over your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i guess i don’t have to say anything because it’s all already been said at this point. i hope this is an april fools joke.

  • Who cares why she wrote it or what was meant by it? People are entitled to their own opinions. Whether it was a joke or not, it’s her blog and she can express the way she feels on any subject regardless of how others may feel about her opinion. If you don’t like it, don’ t read that particular article. If you don’ t agree, who cares?? It’s an OPINION people. Everyone is entitled to have one. I think people need to calm down on the hyper-sensitivity…

    • Yes, it’s HER blog, but the comment section is here for a reason.
      She can post whatever she wants, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to call her bullshit.
      That is my OPINION.

  • Aw this makes me sad Beet…. I would expect this from the likes of scum like Perez, but not you. :( Wow. Im sure he loves her b/c she’s funny and talented (for those of you who don’t know, she is Drew Barrymore’s partner in Flower Films).

    Bring back the Beet who would never title a post that way.

  • leave her alone, you aren’t the thinnest person i’ve ever seen according to your pictures (and not a wonderful fashion sense either)
    hypocrites don’t have a right to judge others

  • Found the post boring but damn the comments just made my day, what outrage you all expressed in the face that some chick you don’t know may or may not have thick fatty arms.

  • Congrats Beet for deciding to take a day’s vacation in Perezville. “Fat Arms”?? You’re witty and often funny in that vaguely-veiled-mean way, but it gets harder all the time to understand how you completely lose your shit every time Lindsay Lohan goes shopping in boots and gush all over how hot and cute she is but then get all Sorority Girl over a woman whose arms aren’t toned. Does that make ANY kind of sense?? Oh, and I think if I had the time to look back through the archives I’m fairly sure I remember you taking Madonna to task for having arms that were TOO toned, so either you have no sense of consistency whatsoever or you just have really, really mean and nasty moods some days. I wouldn’t want to cross you, but I’m not sure I’d want to be friends with you either.

    • I’d cross her if I were you, whats she gonna do, valley girl at you? trade meds? be snarky about your shoes?

      It was just a post about someones arms! it doesn’t make her a crazed she-bitch who will stab you in the gullet as soon as look at you any more then your remark on her love of lindsay lohan makes you one.

  • Dannng. I always find it so disturbing to see such horrible girl on girl hate. Evil beet, you most have some serious deep seated issues. I’m sorry you’re so insecure with yourself.

  • Terrible, Evil Beet. If the post is a joke it’s LAME… Maybe if you said that about someone who obviously had very skinny and toned arms, but it probably would still be crossing the line.

  • April Fool’s joke? Hope so. Otherwise you are a bitch, because this gal is healthy looking and NORMAL.

  • Ok you guys are funny. I agree the fat arms is not so nice but she called the girl in the Adrian post STUPID WHORE… Yeah.. So… erhm… Whats worse?

  • Probably because she’s real, has a great laugh, smile that melts your heart, sense of humor, quirky, knows value of a dollar, quick witty reactions, and everything a normal guy looks for from the inside out and a heart and feelings and unconditional love, all the things most in LA seem to lack….but real MEN in this world love.

    When the lights turn out and time passes, you are left with your voice, you laugh, your heart, and your love. Those are the things money can’t buy …because the best things in life are free, and those are the traits one should really seek.

    Some of the finest women I’ve ever been with & loved had stretch marks, shopped at second hand stores, and had “fat arms” and pudgy ankles…and I can go toe to toe with Brad Pitt…what does that make me? Human.

    Sorry beet, you struck a nerve with this one, 99.9% of the population is NOT Hollywood material..thus backlash. 1 dud in a million other good ones isn’t bad though…;)

    • Totally agree. Fat arms (which she and he may or may not like) can be slimmed down with exercise if that’s a problem. A great heart and personality is usually an inner quality that in some cases may be developed but it’s much more rare and special than toned biceps and triceps Beet. Fat arms for life!

    • Totally agree. Fat arms (which she and he may or may not like) can be slimmed down with exercise. A good heart and personality is something people are born with or in very rare cases develop. With that in mind it is much harder to find those set of qualities in a girl than toned biceps and triceps.
      PS. This is the biased view of a meat lover :)
      And Beet, if the intent was to attack her fashion sense then go for it, but to attack about her body type, a little low in my opinion. I suspect a little tomFOOLery on your part =)

    • ummmm wtf? what part of GOSSIP BLOG do you not understand? YES WE KNOW FATTIES ARE PEOPLE TOO. You sound like you are in love with the woman, because you know her so well, right?

  • I don’t really get why everyone thinks this is an April Fool’s Joke…

    “APRIL FOOLS! I’m going to be SUPER catty so everyone can get mad and it’ll be soooo funny!!”

    Seems unlikely. I mean, while this post seems to suggest otherwise, Beet is generally pretty witty and intelligent and capable of a much better April Fool’s joke than this. I think it was just a cruel post, plain and simple.

    • I agree, Georgia. This is a pretty woman who doesn’t look like she spent $10,00+ on her look. Yes, the shoes don’t look so great – so what? And since the camera adds 10 pounds, her arms are fine. I hate how pressured women are; usually they look way better than the men they are with, who seem to feel that looking unshaven with porcupine hair is fine for public appearances.

    • Agreed. Not all of us are born with forgiving genetics. I’ve hated my arms since I was a kid. Just a problem area for me no matter how much I work out. So I agree that this is a mean post joke or not. On behalf of “Fat Arms” everywhere…fuck you.

    • This is NO APRIL FOOL’S DAY prank.

      Wendie introduced that lame possibilty, in what was clearly an attempt to deflect the venom this post brought out by THE KICK ASS MASSES who are standing up to a bully in the school yard with a toxic pen.

      This post of Beet’s was just not as thinly veiled as so many of the other recent, mean. lazy, uninspired (especially in comparision to Wenide & Kelly) Perez-like, hollier-than-thou posts coming out lately.

      Like I said, Beet, you should’ve taken constructive criticism from a long-time fan for what it was…..and raised the bar, instead of sinking lower. I’m disappointed.

  • Wow shame on you Sasha. It is one thing to comment on people in the form of hollywood gossip but this goes way to far. The interesting thing is that you are no high and mighty beauty yourself, infact i recall a birthday picture of you in a red dress in which your arms look exactly this size (and if i was a bitch, i would mention how you really needed to absorb some of that shine on your face, but im not), as many womens do, THEY ARE NORMAL ARMS.

    I dont understand why people are considering this may be an april fools joke, it is no joke to treat another woman like this. And i realize i did the same thing to you in this comment but women who treat other women like this are disgusting.

    Now lets play this game.

    Not only does Beet have big arms like this woman, she also is a stuck-up, money hungry, BITCH. So who in the world would ever marry her? I got nothing.

    • This is uncalled for. Yes Beet may have been mean with this post but no need to start on a personal attack.

    • ew, Terrible. Nothing is worse than a hypocrite. Do not bash girls– for bashing girls— that doesn’t even make sense.

      ” but women who treat other women like this are disgusting.”

      who are you talking to? Beet or yourself? Idiot.

    • does that make you feel better? saying somebody is a stuck up money hungry bitch that nobody wants to marry in my book is much worse you hypocrite

    • “…(and if i was a bitch, i would mention how you really needed to absorb some of that shine on your face, but im not),… ”

      Um. Yeah. Hate to tell you, but you have kind of mentioned it, so that does make you a… well, you know.

  • Its one thing to critisize someone based on their looks or dress. But to suggest that a woman with a less-than-perfect body has nothing else to offer is disgusting and says much more about you than it does about her.

  • really, beet? god i hope you were kidding cause lets get real. do you wanna post the circumference of your arms for us? or your tummy? cos, sasha, forreals. you aint lookin much better than ol’ “FA” in the pics i’ve seen, honey.

    stick to talking shit about people who at least semi-deserve it.

  • I wanted to say I’m proud of 98% of the Beet readers and commenters today. Instead of blindly agreeing with you they put you in your place for being an ass, good for all of you!

    Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy because she’s good to him, is a good wife and stands by his side even when others turn their backs? Because she’s got a sweet personality instead of trying to impress the public by running marathons and being a cunt?

    Well, I think so anyhow…

    And no, this can’t be an April Fools joke, because it’s no different from any other damned mean post we see on any other day…

    • Oh, come on, so do I! We MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE around here! How is no one else angry about her SHOES??

      • Beet –

        Really?!? REALLY???????

        Are you really so fucking arrogant that THIS (with DOZENS AND DOZENS of your “fans” weighing in with disgust!) is your come back, instead of just falling on your sword and showing some humilty? Would being a HUMAN BEING and admitting you fucked up kill you?

        WOW. This is only a celebrity website, and it must be kept in perspective, but WOW….what an entiitled, unlikable bitch you sound like with this come back.

      • Personally… I love this post!

        (There.. that oughtta chase away the two people who were on the fence about you Beet.)

  • Beet, how disappointed am I? This post is unnecessarily cruel, surely she hasn’t the most toned arms but it is because she is NORMAL. Normal, like in a normal woman with a normal weight and normal arms who doesn’t kill herself at the gym 3 hours a day. Plus, she has amazing hair and a fantastic smile, and fuck me, I love that dress. What’s with all the hate? You aren’t perfect either, just like neither am I. Is it funny how you defend Jennifer Gardner in her trackie bottoms but go all bitch-like on this woman.

  • This is one of the posts that you do once-in-a-great-while, Beet, where your aserbic sense of humor, that we all love, crosses some sort of line that puts you in a different light than I usually see you in. I think you are clever enough to have done this same post in a way that was more acceptable but still got your point across while holding true to your style. Or maybe you just aren’t at the cleverness/intelligence level I thought you were. I’ve noticed several times before when you were just mean without any real wit; maybe it’s not an anomaly after all.

  • i hope to hell that my partner wouldn’t dump me for having/getting fat arms. god forbid jimmy could love her for who she is, not what she looks like.

  • The Evil Beet: Now with 785% more virulence!

    I hope this is some kind of April Fool’s Day social experiment. Please tell us it is, Beet.

  • Does someone have their period or something??? So many angry posts!

    Plus, how would you like it if you were walking down the street with Adrian and someone wrote that about you? Sooooo angry today!!

  • Beet, I know you’ve been going through a rough time and feeling a little wonky, and maybe this is all an elaborate April Fool’s joke, but if it isn’t, I’m disappointed with you and this site. Snarking on her clothes is one thing but the post you wrote could have been put on Perez and no one would have seen anything out of the ordinary.

  • …because her liposuction will feed the entire cast of 90210.


    Shame on you, Beet. I love a fat joke as much as the next frump but she’s really not fat at all but average. Normal. Healthy.

  • ….because most men want a woman to love, not a woman to see posed perfectly with ideal toned and slender limbs.

    Its the subtext here that saddens me – do people really think that the fattness of ones arms is going to make or break a real, loving, supporting relationship?

    My husband has a belly, I’m pregnant and puffy and we couldnt be happier if he had a six pack and i didn’t have cankles.

    maybe people looking for true love should look inside others and perhaps they would find it.

    I’m sick of this website.

  • What the hell is everyone’s problem???

    I’m not sure if you all need like 12 midols, or if maybe all of you are FA’s and on the defense..but GOOD LORD. This became outright chaos.

    This post was hardly different than any other. Why do any of you give a rat’s ass if Beet made a remark about Nancy’s fat arms? …Her arms are fat…and those shoes are hideous. End of story.

    Good lord. Everyone’s hormones seem to be playing the best April Fool’s Day prank of all.


    • AGREED. I didn’t even notice the outrage about this post until Beet just mentioned people getting mad in one of the newer posts. Geez people, its not like Beet is saying this woman is worthless. She was mostly making fun of her outfit! That’s what celebrity gossip is about. Get used to it.

      • That’s not true though – sure she made fun of her outfit a lot… it would have all been fine without the question of WHY Jimmy Fallon would marry “fat arms”. THAT’S the problem here.

  • It’s still not as rude as the comment about Woody Harrelson marrying a “hottie”.

    Or the woman who Beet declared too fat to be in a beauty pageant in Britain.

    Oh… the list goes on and on…

    But…. this is just a gossip site.

    There are no pretences of any Journalism being done (since Journalism is dead, anyway) And this isn’t where you sign up to get a kidney or join the Peace Corps.

  • I don’t like when people refer to women with curves as “real women” or “normal women”. As someone who has curves and some chub on her thighs (and yes, arms) i still get annoyed by that statement. I have a handful of friends who eat as much as I do and are total stick insects but that doesn’t make them any less “real” or “normal”. And while i’m upset about the fat arm comment today too since I can’t seem to lose the fat on my arms no matter how hard I try – I just wanted to say my thoughts on that annoying habbit that people with ‘curves’ often say about “normal” women. There is no “normal”!!

    • Thank you for this! I’m 5’11” and weigh 135lbs, which is probably the heaviest I’ve been. Growing up I was always a twig, but I’ve always been healthy! I eat like a horse (right now I’m eating Cheez-Its and just had some chocolate cake), but thank you mom and dad, I was born with good genetics and a hyperactive metabolism. My point is, “real” women aren’t necessarily curvy. I’m tall and thin and that’s how I NATURALLY am. You see magazines that point fingers and tall thin girls (like Keira Knightly) and automatically insinuate they’re unhealthy, but that’s not always the case. Thank you Itc for sticking up for all of us!

  • Oh wow. You people must have a stick up your ass or something, to get this worked up over a simple little article about a person you don’t know. Let me say that again…you DON”T KNOW HER. I could understand rushing to the defense of a girl who is your friend, but come on. Jimmy Fallon’s wife could care less what anyone thinks of her. She has lots and lots of money now. Do you people not read this site? It is acerbic, and deliciously evil…hence the name. If you wanted sucking up to celebrities, go to
    We’ve heard the “real women have curves” beat down over and over and over again. Simple fact, its healthier to be fit. Plus, Sasha was mainly commenting on the horrendous outfit Nancy was wearing. And it was truly awful.
    The bigger question is, why would anyone marry Jimmy Fallon, besides for the money? He’s like an awkward little boy. Their wedding night was probably a LOT of fumbling around.

  • Chill out.

    If you were soo disgusted by this post you shouldn’t have commented at all.
    If it really had an adverse effect your day so you should have just sent Sasha a message like:
    “omgz ur post sux so much I almost fell off of the bandwagon”


  • Jesus CHRIST. The bitch has fat arms. Beet called it out. So would I. First thing I noticed. Guess what? I have flab-arms, and a giant nose. And I’m still saying she has FAT ARMS. You were all thinking it, but she said it. Props to you, Sasha. Gah, none of you would be so defensive, had you not had flaws of your own.

    Get over it. His wife could probably be twice as snarky as she was, you never know.

  • Ummm, in case you guys haven’t noticed-the chick has fat arms! And this isn’t the first time fat arms has graced Evil Beet Gossip. Sheeesh, you guys need to chill. It’s a snarky gossip blogs and that’s exactly why I loves it!

  • I think one of the major reasons we don’t like this post is you are picking on a non-celebrity. Nancy is a producer and a wife of a celebrity and in my opinion should be immune from the intense physical scrutiny we place on our celebrities. Make fun of her shoes but not her body or her looks.

    Now if you make fun of the physical attributes of say, Heidi Montag or Courtney Love that’s a little different. Still mean? Perhaps. But these are individuals that choose to be in the public eye.

    Now in Beet’s defense, I will say the same thing I say when people cringe at a mean comment by Sarah Silverman (or Kathy Griffin or any other comedian). We want our comedians to push that very thin line between funny and cruel for our entertainment but god forbid they cross it and then we turn on them. In fact many of these comments back at Beet are very mean and uncalled for. How does that make any sense?? If you thought what she said was mean, let her know. But don’t be wickedly mean in your comments back. Or alternatively don’t read the blog if you don’t like what she has to say.

    Beet, I think you rock and 99% of the time you are funny. Sometimes I think you go to far and this is an instance of that.

    P.S. I happily accept your firemen apology.

    • Kathy and Sarah don’t really let their fans in on their personal struggles the way Beet does, which makes all this “fat arms” thing feel a little cringe-y and hurtful. Beet invites us into her life by allowing us to read her personal blog, AND she talks about personal issues HERE. WAAAAAY different than Kathy and Sarah, who don’t ask us for empathy or sympathy with regard to their struggles in life.

  • Really guys?
    you laugh at posts about kate moss’s boobs, and saggy man tits, and star jone’s weight loss look…
    yet you’re pissed at THIS??

    either laugh like you’re supposed to or join a self help forum

    because this is not the place (and beet isn’t the person) to vent your own insecurities


    • It’s because those are celebrities, and this is just some celebrity’s (beautiful) wife. There’s a difference.

  • Ok
    so you guys will laugh at how star jones looks, kate moss’s boobs, old man tits, and when girls look too skinny…

    yet you’re raging pissed about this?

    seriously, laugh like you should or find a self help forum

    because this is not the place to freak out on behalf of your own insecurities
    beet isn’t your therapist and those of us who come here for a laugh don’t care

  • Newsflash:
    She has LARGE ARMS.


    Beet has called her fat arms before.

    Some people are so sensitive (I assume because if this lady has fat arms it means that they are severely obese in comparison)

  • wow. that is really, really bitchy and lame of you. just not funny at all. a little bitchiness can be fun, but this makes you seem like such a shitty person. some men love women for reasons other than their arms, beauty queen.

  • What I love the most is how hardly anyone came here to kiss ass until the “I know you’re mad at me” post.

    Frankly, I’m annoyed at the “Is married to fat arms because..” comment. I’d hate to see what nickname I’d get around here if I were to pose for a picture on the red carpet.

    She has fat arms, Jessica Simpsons Huge, and me? Well If I did a belly flop into the Pacific ocean we could all see the barren strait again..

    I wont stop reading because all you women are wonderful and witty writers, but you did hit a soft spot that makes me lose respect for you. We all have off days, but thats what apologies and the edit button are for.

    • What I love the most is how hardly anyone came here to kiss ass until the “I know you’re mad at me” post.

      Ditto =) Thank you for noticing that too!

      To give you a little credit Beet, at least you apologized in a way…

      • Mostly that is probably because the rest of us did not give a shit about this post until the Firemen and came back to see what was up. I read it when she first wrote it, but could not come up with anything funny enough to finish the line.

  • Wow…what the fark happened here? Seriously, it’s a celebrity gossip site! The word “Gossip” isn’t a friendly, happy, love- everyone word. If this site constantly praised every celebrity and didn’t have funny (and yes snarky) remarks about them, then it would have no appeal what so ever. There wouldn’t be any point in having the site at all if it contained nothing but pleasantries and kind remarks all the time. Suck it up people. And use the golden rule of the internets: if you don’t like what is being written, go to another fucking site!

    P.S. And my fat arms/ass/nose/stomach aren’t offended. It’s no one’s fault buy my own and god’s. So I can’t get mad at something a writer says about the subject. Beet has never claimed to be perfect so stop crucifying the chick. Worse things have been said on here, and everyone makes mistakes.

  • The woman has fat arms…
    She was nicknamed “fat arms”…
    Maybe not the most inventive nickname ever, but thouroughly accurate nonetheless.

    Geez people, get over yourselves: IT’S SO NOT A BIG DEAL

    Ps. But if it causes more hot fireman links to appear, then I will gladly express outrage ;)

  • Today is honestly the last day that I will read this idiotic blog. That was the lowest comment I’ve read in a long time – this website has never been funny, I just read it because you had some different pictures. Thank you “Evil Beet” for forcing me to do more productive things with my life – maybe you should get a life too.

  • WOW! WTF is this hullabaloo all about? I can’t believe some of the comments that were being posted about ol’ fat arms :) She is kinda thick, and her shoes were so wrong with that outfit! Beet wasn’t being snarky, she is calling it like it is!

  • I’m a little torn here. Yeah, it’s a gossip site. Yeah, I sorta write one, too and make fun of CELEBRITIES. This woman is NOT a celebrity. She’s not asking for any sort of abuse. We could all go down to Walmart and make fun of the fatties, couldn’t we? The thing is, THIS woman ISN’T fat and DOESN’T have fat arms. Jesus.

    I’m wondering why, with all that you’re going through, Beet, that you would actually pick on a “civilian”, for really, no good reason. Puzzling, given the support you get from virtual strangers with all of your issues.

    • ummmm if I was as rich as this bitch is now for marrying that dude (who to me it the absolute opposite of funny) I honestly wouldn’t give a damn what anyone said about me or the fat areas of my body. I’d be like, “OK you want to make fun of how I dress and look? Cool! I can’t still buy whatever I want, travel the world, get massages, eat great food everyday, not worry about paying medical bills, and have my kid’s college funds set. I may have fat arms but at least I’m NOT POOR”.

      Seriously, the chick probably could give a fuck less and will never come across this post in her lifetime. I mean she could very well be a horribly mean, puppy-beating rich snob for all we know. Use your energy to stick up for more important things or for folks who really need it.

      • It would be awesome if she thought like that,but I think no matter how hot,rich or successful a woman is,bitchy comments about her fat arms can always make you upset.

        Celeb gossip to me,should be about the stupid things they do,or whatever horrible outfit they wore.Not about how big their nose,ears or any other body part is.We get pissed at them for getting plastic surgery and ‘setting a bad example’ to their fans,but yet if you are constantly made fun of for a certain body part that is supposedly not right,you will end up doing something about it.

        I’m still a big Evil Beet fan,it’s the best gossip site I’ve read so far.

  • damn i never thought id be one of these annoying bitches to post comments like “ohhh emmm geee beet thats HELLA rude real woman have curves, i bet your not perfect, im sure shes a nice person, im never coming to this blog again!” (ect) buuuut this one really is sooooo out of good taste. i never thought you would stoop to this level. usually your funny and i understand the point of your “rude” comments. but this is ridiculous. shes not even asking for this shit, shes not a lindsay lohan who is in the press everyday. so what, shes an average woman who probably doesnt have a 2893420834 dollar stylist and maybe doesnt have the best fashion sense, who cares. she looks happy and they look happy together. leave her alone, wow im getting really pissed about this! i so sad that you stooped to this level. redeem yourself!

  • i agree… making fun of someone who choses not to be in the public eye is kind of low, and her arms aren’t fat, she looks perfectly healthy. stick to celebrities theyre more interesting anyway, making fun of this woman just makes you sound like some bitchy brat. and insinuating that jimmy fallon shouldn’t see anything in her is ridic. i know this is a gossip site and i read it all the time but uninspired posts like this are going to keep me from coming back

  • Probably because she has a fantastic personality created after years of having to deal with judgmental bitches who criticize the size of her arms. That is just a guess though, as I haven’t followed her meteoric rise to fame or the reasons why she is “gossip” worthy.

  • maybe youre jealous because she has a career and all you do is sit on the computer all day looking for celebrities to bitch about

  • maybe youre jealous because she has a career and all you do is lurk on the computer all day looking for celebrities to bitch about.

    • i have to say, as much as i love this site, that WAS low. i’m not so much pissed about the “fat arms” comment as i am the “jimmy fallon loves fat arms BECAUSE” comment. what the crap was that?? so now love is all about finding people without fat arms? i say kudos to fallon for not being a shallow jerk.

  • OMG YOU GUYS. Have all of our cycles synced up? I KNEW we spent too much time together.

    I read it this morning and didn’t even flinch. I only came back after the fireman post. like 140 comments? Holy shit.

    you guys are defending his wife like she is your girl. newsflash: she is not. but you know who is? motherfucking beet. you come here, probably daily, maybe a million times a day (often, me) and laugh at her little stories. you enjoy her talent and wit. sometimes you may not like what she writes. so you fucking freak out on her? a couple of you went WAY TOO FAR and I hope she blocks your asses.

    you don’t get mad about a girl talking shit about another girl BY TALKING SHIT. je-sus. if anything, just comment that you didn’t like the post. no need to get so personal.

    I don’t know how beet puts up with this shit. shame on you guys.

    I don’t care if I am an ass kisser. At least I’m not part of some crazed anonymous lynch mob.

  • I have to rant a bit here…

    Ripping this girl for her fat arms when you too have some extra armage is just weird to me. It hit a nerve with so many people because so many can relate to this woman, and it was like you were making fun of YOUR fans.

  • well i found the post funny but to all you haters, really do you have to call beet a bitch and stuff, sure this post wasnt exactly her finest but seriously its one mistake and off with her head, yes i know it really did offend people but some peopls comments are way more nastier than what beet said

  • hmmm…I did a double take when i read the post title…but then was like “whatever, sounds stupid” and didn’t even read the whole post because it just seemed like non-celebrity gossip or non-interesting non-news.

    Just not relevant. Her arms are not fat, who cares anyways?
    yeah, her outfit was not stylish. again, who cares. jimmy fallon’s wife? don’t care, not a celebrity.

    meanwhile, the new girl is really funny. cant remember her name, but i like the way she can kind of weave a post that has a beginning, middle and ties up nicely at the end.

  • I am shocked by all of the readers attacking Sasha over this.

    Seriously, all of you are acting so perfect around here … and I gurantee you have all used a term like “fat arms” to describe your man’s exes. It’s what women do for humor and to make themselves feel better…

    Think of the posts about Phelps and the cocktail waitresses, or Adrian Grenier and any female he is with… Beet jokes about those girls because of her crushes on those guys. Thats what this site is for – HUMOR.

    You all know how hard Beet works at keeping us entertained every day, and I think these attacks are ridiculous.

  • There are too many defensive fat women out there.

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of chubby chasers to keep you large women happy.

  • If you Google Nancy Juvonen, she’s actually got a really cute face that her profile doesn’t completely capture. She looks thinner in other pics, but probably did gain a little weight since they got married. Still, very pretty.

    That said, all the criticism of beet is way out of control. It betrays the make up of the website’s readers: chubby to fat, plain-looking, insecure, wary of men because they’re afraid they aren’t valuable enough for a man to stick with, etc.. There are a lot of women on this website that act as if beet has betrayed them personally.

    Real MEN, and good men (which I think I am), do care about looks; of course, not blindly as if a girl is only as good as what she looks like. And this is a really bad picture of this girl, Nancy. If the women that criticized beet really believed that looks don’t matter, and if they thought it was all about what’s inside, then they wouldn’t be so desperately hurt by being called fat-armed–not that beet was calling you all that. I think many of the women that commented negatively here are a bit unhinged and unstable.

    • I could not agree with you more.

      Also, I actually find it funny that back on the post Kelly wrote about Natasha Richardson, the readers freaked at anyone who was offended by the “cold dead body” line…which is much more offending to me than calling someone “Fat Arms”
      **Not that I dislike Kelly’s writing, I really enjoy it..that post just stepped over the line.

      People confuse me sometimes

  • Oh my god. I can’t believe this post got such a reaction.

    Who fucking cares? Her arms ARE fat. My arms are fat. Your arms are probably fat too. Everyone’s arms are fucking fat. Seriously. Like 98% of America– it’s fucking hard to get rid of that shit. If your arms aren’t fat, congratulations: no one cares about that either.

    Have the self-confidence to see the humor in your own (and someone else’s) situation.
    I can joke about my fat arms. If you can’t joke about yours, that’s a problem with your character, not your physique. Don’t blame Sasha for your insecurities.

  • EVERY GIRL I KNOW, including many with fat arms, has called another girl fat arms before.

    And you people shouldn’t be so cruel to Sasha, its like being mean to your waitress. Sure you get to vent on someone and make them every inch as miserable as your sad self, but you will never get the same quality of food.

    • None of my friends have ever called another girl ‘fat arms.’ I like hanging out with nice people.

      • are all your friends fat?

        oh shit sorry, I just had to say that. And I am kidding. But I swear, every girl I have ever known has pointed out another girl’s weight. She’s fat, she is too skinny, she looks anorexic, she has a huge ass…… not that big of a deal.

  • EVERY GIRL I KNOW, including many with fat arms, has called another girl fat arms before.

    And you people shouldn’t be so cruel to Sasha, its like being mean to your waitress. Sure you get to vent on someone and make them every inch as miserable as your sad self, but you will never again get the same quality of food.

  • why didn’t anyone say that she looks old anyway? I always would picture him with like a 24 year old idiot chick (prob because that’s his fan base)…

  • you people are ridiculously funny. so its not ok to call a normal looking girl fat but its ok to laugh about Amy Whinehouse’s drug problem? Its like making fun of people who are so far removed from anything normal makes you all feel better- its like HS all over again. I get it… beet called this girl fat and now everyone feels personally attacked. lol-
    Now you know how the crack heads feel when you are laughing at them. I’m just sayin’

  • Fat Arms? Her arms don’t look fat to me. I’m a forty-year old female and I’ve never noticed another woman’s arms not to mention comment on them. I’m never heard another female make comments about another woman’s arms either. Is that a body part we’re supposed to notice and comment about? Glad I’m finding out before I turn 50. ‘Cause that would be embarassing! I notice when a woman changes her hair style or her outfit. Then again, I’m straight so I’m usually looking at guys. Also, you chicks with foot fetishes creep me out. I wear shoes that are comfortable and go with my outfit.

    • you have literally never noticed arms on a woman in FORTY YEARS?? lord, lady. may be time for glasses.

  • That’s not fat, maybe the photographer should try taking a picture of her face, not the side of her arm, which is an unflattering angle for her entire body.

  • Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because he’s not a superficial piece of shit like you.

  • Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because he’s not a superficial piece of sh*t like you.

  • Jimmy Fallon is in love with Nancy “Fat Arms” Juvonen because he’s not a superficial piece of shit like you.

  • oh my god, could you people be more jealous? jimmy loves her and that is all that matters. you say her arms are fat? they really aren’t and who gives a shit anyway? she is still really pretty and looks good for being 40. geez people, being nice doesn’t kill, you know.


  • What you said was wrong that is his wife and he loves her the way she is, you sound like a hater to me, unless your a fashion designer you need to shut up.

  • she is absolutely hideous & fat. not just fat arms; but FAT everything. my god! jimmy is so damn cute. I think that hog must have him by the nads.

    she must eat them out of house & home.

  • Sounds like all you haters are jealous of her and want to be Jimmy Fallon’s “wife”. Her arms aren’t that big, I mean she isn’t Kirstie Alley fat.

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  • You’re a terrible writer. I bet you went to college for writing, eh? How do you feel about wasting thousands of dollars on an education that made you nothing but a blip on Google word searches? I hope you didn’t aspire to be a journalist. That’s laughable. Hey, maybe you didn’t know this…but, chicks with fat arms can pack a pretty heavy punch. Be careful out there. We wouldn’t want your skinny little nose to get broken.

  • He wanted to marry his Mommy. She’s also 7-8 years older than Fallon. I do think the “Fat Arms” thing is over the top though. Who the F are you to judge?