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The Other Demi Daughter Scouts Out France


We get more of Rumer than we can take, and a decent dose of Tallulah, but it’s ever so rare that we see middle daughter Scout Willis photographed with her mom, Demi Moore. Scout’s almost 18 now, and she accompanied her mother (and their two hottie bodyguards!) for a walk around Nice.

I’m sorry, but these Willis girls are just proof that when beautiful people mate, the offspring are not always all that beautiful. Unless those two people are Brad and Angelina. In which case the babies are guaranteed to be beautiful. Really all babies anywhere just need to be touched by Angelina and they’re guaranteed to be beautiful. Demi Moore? Not so much. I have these internal debates as to whether it was Demi’s genetics or Bruce’s that caused all the facial problems with these girls. Seriously I dedicate minutes of my life to pondering this. That’s just how unexciting my sex life is.

But it would have to be Bruce, right?


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  • Their unfortunate looks are ALL Bruce’s fault.
    But more importantly (& I CAN NOT believe you didn’t mention this) is Demi’s pant legs. They are tight rolled. UGG! How awful!

  • How can you be so slanderous ? Scout’s problem isn’t her face but her clothes ! This mustard-colored jacket ! She looks like an old granny.

  • Brangelina’s kids look like they have nothing going on upstairs IMO. A constant WTH? look on their faces. I agree that it is Bruce’s genes doing the damage. They all look just like him. Good looks for a guy but not so much for the girls, but they are still better looking than Paris Hilton. At least they can manage to keep both eyes open.

    • um. aren’t their biological children like <1 and 3 or something? how smart are they supposed to look?

  • Rumer and Scout are watered down versions of Demi, and not for the better. Tallulah, on the other hand is more of a 50-50 hybrid of Bruce and Demi, and therefore the prettier sister. You can’t expect that the offspring of celebrities are going to look exactly like one parent or the other – except in the case of Alexa Ray Joel, she looks exactly like her father. (And I have to say that I like her looks.)

  • Brangelina’s kids look like they have nothing going on upstairs IMO. They have a constant WTH is going on look on their faces. I agree that it is Bruce’s genes doing the damage. Good look for a guy, but not so much for a girl. His girls look a lot like him. They are still better looking than Paris Hilton and her droopy pointy nose and lazy eye. At least they can focus.

  • More annoying than Demi’s pant legs and Scout’s outfit is having to click on those ads to close them in order to see the clothes to begin with.

    • If you’re using firefox download adblock plus and noscripts as add-on’s. They’ll block all those obnoxious things.

    • Sorry, guys. It’s a different economy. I can’t afford to buy all the pictures without ads like I used to. I don’t like it any more than you do, but I still have to pay rent. :(

  • If you cover up their faces from the nose down, they are all Demi…cover up from the nose up, all Bruce. Try it, it’s fun! They totally got the gorgeous upper face of their mom, and the masculine lantern jaw of their father…and while it’s kinda sexy on him, it looks like fat-face on the girls.

  • It’s definitely Bruce. Demi’s face is so frozen with Botox that it’d be impossible to pass off those scowls to offspring for about six generations.

  • Let’s not forget how much work Demi has had. She didn’t always look like she does now. I think the kids got her “before” genes…..and that along with Bruce’s genes equal Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah. Scout is the best looking out of the three tho.

  • Damn fingerling potaoes!

    Oh let me tell you, their personalities are just sparkling! Just little princesses with the best manors and charms ever!

    *eye roll*

    little assholes they are!

  • It’s clearly Bruce. The problem is… he’s got these (sexy??) prominent features that are great on men, but TERRIBLE on women. Unfortunately they had 3 girls. I think if there had been sons they’d be pretty hot. And the sisters would be uber jealous of their brothers, of course.

  • Agreed.

    Hopefully that theory doesn’t hold up when I have kids, cuz lemme tell ya, I don’t want ugly babies.

  • I think they look fine. They look normal. What’s wrong with that? They don’t look like… IDK, Lohan the Lesbian so they’re ugly?

  • No way, folks, I’m with Mimiimi on this.

    Have you seen photos of Demi as she looked before she started having cosmetic surgery. The girls got most of the Ugly from Demi. The problem with the jaw is the combination of Bruce’s wide jaw and Demi’s massive chin. But most of it is Demi. I swear, get out some pictures of her pre-surgery and compare.

  • those daughters are just unfortunate looking. it’s the one time I am super glad that I do not have rich and famous parents.

  • I TOTALLY agree with Grace. It’s Demi’s pre-surgery face + Bruce’s wide jaw. Her face got constructed so many times; people forget how she used to look like.

  • Both.
    I really don’t Tallulah and Scout are that bad looking…but Rumor on the other hand…is just…um ……
    Usually I wouldn’t call someone ugly , but I doubt Rumor has a good personality , I doubt shes a good person and I had a eczema flare up today so fuck it …she’s UGLY.
    and shes ugly when she wears makeup and without it and shes just naturally ugly so there !

  • And here I was all ready to talk about how I’ve always loved her name: Scout. Must be the literary nerd in me.

    I think she’s pretty in a non-traditional sort of way.

    On the other hand, are you sure that’s Demi? Looks more like Janice Dickinson in sunglasses.