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Alyson Hannigan Welcomes a Little She-Devil


Alyson Hannigan finally had that baby!

The girl is named Satyana Denisof and was born March 24 in Los Angeles, which also happens to be Hannigan’s birthday. “They’re very excited, and mom and baby are doing great,” says the rep.

Now that is an awesome name. It’s like if you combined “Satan” and “Tatyana.” Brilliant. A+ on the naming, kids.

My birthday is March 24, too, and it’s endlessly being brought to my attention that Alyson and I share a birthday. So now I also share a birthday with Little Baby Satan. My evil heart is delighted by this.

Congrats, kids!

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  • Satyana? Is that like Russian… or eastern European? It doesn’t sound awful… not my favorite. I like Sasha better.

    • Agreed!
      There have been so many terrible, terrible celebuspawn names that this one doesn’t seem too awful (although it does invoke satan it is quite fun to say).

    • denisof is russian, so perhaps satyana is too? i know a katya and a tatyana, both of whom were adopted from russia, so maybe?

      • Satyana is not a Russian name, Svetlana, or Tatyana are Russian, this most likely is a combination created by the parents, or a name of some other origin.

  • Satyana…well it may be funny…for her futur classmate!

    So happy (late) B-day to you from France ;)

  • The name satyana comes from two sanskrit roots: sat, which means truth or being, and also refers to action aligned or suffused with spirit; and yana, which means vehicle. So “satyana” means a vehicle for action infused with the grace of spirit.

    I got that off a website when Satyana failed to show in any of the baby name sites I use to name characters. I assumed it was russian as well, but have only found it as a last name several times. There is a Satyana Institute that seems to be a new age female empowerment center, which is where I got that description of the meaning of the word.

    Still, it’s a pretty sounding name. There’s some seriously messed up names out there, like Lemonello and Orangello, which came through the call center where my fiance works one time. Apparently the twin’s mother really liked lemon jell-o and orange jell-o.

  • Not that I’m checking her out, but… Wait, no. Let me retract that. I AM checking her out, because I think more women check out other women than men do. Truly. Don’t correct me, because I’m not wrong.

    Anyway, for someone who’s a little preggers in that photo, she sure didn’t exactly blow up in the chest area. She must have been totally flat before conception. I’m a small-ly endowed girl, but my lovely lady lumps grew copious amounts when I was pregnant. Granted, they shrunk back to their tiny size; irregardless.

    Congrats to the new family on Baby Satan.

  • Unusual name? YES.

    Crazy Celebspawn name – with all others being considered? NO. Not by a long shot.

    This one was a stretch.

  • I love Alyson! I’m so happy to hear that she finally popped!
    I’ve been watching HIMYM this season, and enjoying the increasing size of her belly, and the creative(?) ways they were trying to hide it during filming.
    She’s awesome, and I actually like the baby’s name.
    Beet, you cracked me the hell up with the baby Satan thing, though.

  • Fuck the evil side and bee free inside, because you are the one (I)
    if you don’t get it then forget it.