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Helena Bonham Carter Accepts Best Actress Award, Hatches Tiny Spider Babies From Her Hat


I’ve always thought that Helena Bonham Carter is one of the most beautiful women in showbusiness. She has a sultry sexiness that most women can’t pull off. But she is also really adept at making herself look ridiculous and unattractive.

Here, Carter accepts the Best Actress award for Sweeney Todd during the Jameson Empire Awards while wearing a spidernest hat–most likely given to her by husband Tim Burton– that has hatched tiny babies who’ve crawled down the mesh to hang about her head like a pig-pen-esque halo.

The hat was obviously pregnant, but I refuse to speculate on whether or not the actress wearing it is preggers as well. The picture makes it look as if she could be, but  the last time the 43-year-old actress became pregnant in 2007, she had to undergo fertility treatments, so it’s not likely.

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  • I’m glad to see something about Helena Bonham Carter on here! She is so incredibly brilliant in her work (and she always chooses amazing roles to take on)…my absolute favorite actress. Ever.

  • Ah, Tim’s muse. He’s my favorite director, and she’s amazing. I want to know what their kids’ nurseries look like!!!

    • Side note – What is with all the fuckin freaks in the Jon and Kate threads? Give it a GOT damn rest people?!?! Jesus fucking Christ…

      • There a lot of old and weird threads on this site that have attracted the weirdos like dust bunnies that gather under that wardrobe your grandmother hasn’t moved in five decades.

      • The J&K plus 8 crazies are like the Tribles in that long ago and far away Star Trek episode.

        A couple showed up, and they’ve been replicating like two wildcats in a sleeping bag ever since.

  • She was horrible in Sweeney Todd. The whole movie was horrible actually. Nothing will beat the actual show.

    • I KNOW! i had to read the other posts before i said anything because i figured someone else HAD to be thinking the same thing i am. but seriously, why??

  • helena is a stud!

    tim and helena are not married, btw

    yay so glad she won!!!

    fav. actress ever!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I hated Sweeney Todd. I TRIED to like it. I even sat through the whole movie! It was way, way terrible. I’m pretty much a firm believer that a musical should include singing talent.

    Now for the next musical that cannot possibly good, but i have to see it anyway…Repo! The Opera!

    but anyway… I still like Helena, she’s neat.

  • youcan all talk about us at the J&K site all you want, I will say Iam so glad you are not there, Melissa, your filthy mouth should be kicked off any blog, that is about as bad as any thing I have heard out of woman or man, talk about J&K, well I’m sure they fear the almighty to much to use that kindof talk.
    So you can’t stand our site well “thank God” you are not there.

  • I’m sooo glad she won! She totally deserved it, she was spectacular in Sweeney Todd, and it’s one of my favourite musicals!

  • No, i disagree.
    Helena is cute in no matter what she wears,
    and pulls of just about anything.
    She has a unique style, witch I and many other i trust respect.