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  • I wanna gay marry BOTH of them. They are my favorite celebrity couple of all time. Freaking Ellen and the queen of Arrested Development?? COME ON!

    • I agree. Ellen is cute as a button and Portia is SO unbelievably beautiful, and they’re both really, really funny, and I kinda wanna go gay for both of ’em.

      And they had a vegan wedding!! How awesome is that?

      Thanks for posting both clips, Beet!

  • they are both so incredibly cute and they look so in love..and they seem like such awesome marry ellen in a split second and im straight

  • I didn’t see the interview, but I saw clips of Ellen practicing for the interview. They are both adorable!! (Don’t tell my husband I said that…)

  • I agree with all of you, i would go gay for both of them as well lol.. They are so damn cute, funny, wonderful, i have nothing bad to say about them, they’re perfect for each other i believe.

  • hehe that was cute. so would ellen be portia’s husband? or are they wife and wife? i guess i’m naive about such things.

  • I am such a sap! I actually teared up during the 1st part of the interview when they were gushing over each other!

    But I don’t think Portia’s new show looks very good. I’m hope I’m wrong because I do wish her great succes.

  • that is really digusting to see people condoning that type of abomination. In the eyes of god that is wrong and they shall pay. god destroyed a whole nation for that type of thing. That is why he made man and woman. Steups!!!!! that is really disgusting.

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