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Ellen Degeneres Interviews Her Wife

Check out the cuteness that ensues as Ellen Degeneres has her wife, Portia de Rossi, on her talk show.

Damn, Portia is SO GORGEOUS. She hasn’t aged a day since Ally McBeal. Ellen is a lucky lady!

Part II of the interview is after the jump.

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  • I wanna gay marry BOTH of them. They are my favorite celebrity couple of all time. Freaking Ellen and the queen of Arrested Development?? COME ON!

    • I agree. Ellen is cute as a button and Portia is SO unbelievably beautiful, and they’re both really, really funny, and I kinda wanna go gay for both of ’em.

      And they had a vegan wedding!! How awesome is that?

      Thanks for posting both clips, Beet!

  • they are both so incredibly cute and they look so in love..and they seem like such awesome marry ellen in a split second and im straight

  • I didn’t see the interview, but I saw clips of Ellen practicing for the interview. They are both adorable!! (Don’t tell my husband I said that…)

  • I agree with all of you, i would go gay for both of them as well lol.. They are so damn cute, funny, wonderful, i have nothing bad to say about them, they’re perfect for each other i believe.

  • hehe that was cute. so would ellen be portia’s husband? or are they wife and wife? i guess i’m naive about such things.

  • I am such a sap! I actually teared up during the 1st part of the interview when they were gushing over each other!

    But I don’t think Portia’s new show looks very good. I’m hope I’m wrong because I do wish her great succes.

  • that is really digusting to see people condoning that type of abomination. In the eyes of god that is wrong and they shall pay. god destroyed a whole nation for that type of thing. That is why he made man and woman. Steups!!!!! that is really disgusting.

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