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PETA Jumps the Shark


NY Daily News is reporting that PETA wants to make tofu flavored with Eau De George Clooney.

Someone sent PETA a towel soaked in the actor’s perspiration – apparently picked up at a Washington D.C. gym – and now the organization has proposed using a new-fangled gastronomic technology to convert the scent into a flavor.

And they’ve dubbed it “CloFu.”

They’re hoping that Clooney’s naturally charismatic aroma will attract new fans for the much maligned tofu, which is often described as being “bland”. PETA even sent Mr. Clooney a letter  with details of their plan in hopes of gaining his support. Clooney responded “as a mammal I’m offended.”


How is making fake meat that tastes like a person better than just eating friggin’ meat? And can we verify the origin of this towel, please?? Lord knows some hairy sweaty man-gnome  is laughing himself to sleep at night thinking about PETA flavoring tofu with his distilled ball sweat because he claimed it was Clooney’s. And even if it WERE Clooney’s, why would anyone want to eat it?!

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  • OMG EW…
    and people who think tofu is bland don’t know how to make it. you can put it in soup or spaghetti sauce, or you can bake it with seasoning and then put it in sandwiches, etc etc. it’s really good.

  • PETA needs lots of attention. Put them on the Heidi and Spencer list and ignore them. Better yet, take a vote.

    • PETA may not be most people’s favorite animal rights group (that includes me) but the truth is that they actually do a lot to help animals. The crazy stuff they do is what gets in the papers, but not the IMPORTANT stuff. They do tons and tons of undercover investigations in puppy mills and slaughterhouses and fur farms, etc, they run a program to help dogs chained up outside in cold weather, they have a mobile spay-and-neuter clinic, they file hundreds of charges against animal abusers, and other stuff.

      This sort of “Clofu” publicity stunt is really stupid, but my understanding is that it brings a LOT of people to their site to watch Meet Your Meat and other videos, and my understanding is that this is kind of the point.

      • Maybe they should try to bring attention to all the good stuff they do. I only hear about their crazy dumb shit.

        Now, whenever I hear the word PETA, I just think.. man I want some bacon

  • whaaaat? just out of curiosity, would that not make the tofu vegetarian/vegan (i dunno, but i bet someone will correct me) anymore?

    jesuh h christ, peta is truly nutters.

    • Eh, it’s vegan enough. Nobody would really care anyway since there wasn’t any abuse involved in procuring it. (Kind of like when people say, “Do vegans swallow??” Har har.)

  • This is beyond disgusting. I just Clooney just as much as the next girl, but vomit.

    I thought this was only like a thing they wanted to do. I hadn’t heard that they actually had a sweat-soaked towel.

  • as a kid the first time I heard of PETA my father told me it stood for “people eating tasty animals” Guess they finally heard it.

    Granted, I have heard George clooney described as a tasty bite, but I don’t think this is what they meant.

    BTW, i know I barely make sense, migraine

  • Gah PETA! That’s why people think vegans are weirdos. PETA should seriously focus on actions that matter and not on publicity stunts like this. It’s such a waste of time and energy while animals keep dying.

    By the way, people who don’t like tofu, they probably don’t know how to cook it. yummers in indian recipes or as ‘fake-feta’. :) Good day all.

  • PETA does good things for animals but why the hell do they have to be so fucking crazy the rest of the time? WTF?

  • PETA does good things for animals but they do some crazy ass shit. This has to take the cake.. If that isn’t a Joke, George should sue the shit out of them and then give all the money to some local Humane Societies or no-kill shelters..

  • As a vegetarian and former member of PETA all I can say is WTF?!?! and hope this is some kind of stupid hoax concocted by someone with a twisted mind. I mean seriously food flavoured with someone’s sweat?!? Sweat?!?! I love my tofu and I would not say no to Clooney were he to show up at my door but right now I need to stay clear of both for a few days until I get this image, taste, smell, abomination out of my head.
    And by the way PETA you need a new PR strategy!! And I say this with all due respect and will gladly help.

  • oh. And ‘jumping the shark” doesn’t really make sense in this context, since peta is always doing weird dumbass stuff like this

  • Ten Bucks says they make Clofu “Hot Dogs” so that these losers can pretend to smoke Clooney’s pole while they eat…

  • I cant stand GEORGE CLOONEY or PETA to me their nothing but a bunch of liberal dorks trying to act so rediculous becuase they are rediclous