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I Love Selena Gomez

Miley, are you taking notes?  I just think this Selena is so sweet and genuine and open.  You know, Hollywood hasn’t ruined her yet.  Could she be the one that can pull a Jodie Foster-segue from childhood to adulthood, keep her career going and her underwear on and not have a standing arrangement with a local rehab facility?  It’s almost too much to hope for.

Gomez graces the cover of April’s issue of Latina magazine, doesn’t want to talk about Miley and looks up to Britney Spears.  What else could you ask for?

On being a teen celebrity, including the perks and the pitfalls that come with it: “I always wanted this to be my life but I don’t want it to live my life for me.”

On admiring Britney Spears: “In a way, Britney can be someone to look up to. She was constantly being looked at and picked on, and it’s starting to happen to me. At the moment, I don’t have anything good they can pick on me with, but they’ll find something. Maybe I can be as strong.”

On being proud of her Latin roots: “I didn’t even realize what a big deal it was to be Latin at first. But then one day being with my dad, it hit me: it’s pretty neat to be Mexican. And there aren’t enough Latinas in Hollywood—or there are, but they don’t get the recognition. So to be able to come out here and use that, it’s really a powerful thing.”

On the so-called feud with fellow Disney star, Miley Cyrus: “I think Miley can agree with me. There are so many more things going on that are so much more important to us in our lives than wasting time on that stuff.”

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  • So what did she mean by “I felt very Mexican . . . in a good way”? Kids say the darndest things, I guess.

    • …What? She didn’t say that, man…Or maybe she said it in the full article and I didn’t read it…

    • I am glad im mexican/ hispanic / latino also haha. selena gomez is awesome…one day she will be my wife.. i hope :)

    • Oh fuck off. Like that’s the only thing she’s famous for…that’s why her tour is sold out and getting amazing reviews, playing to more than 16,000 people each night.

      • You are on Fantasy Island if you thing her tour is getting “amazing reviews”.

        You are also grossly wrong about it being sold out.

      • The point is that Britney Spears is the world’s worst role model no matter how much success she’s currently having. She’s a ditz, a recovering (we hope) drug addict and the odds of her future success being rehab free are not good. I don’t wish her any ill, but she is NOT someone to look up to.

        That said i’d love to fuck her.

      • you guys are dumb. she is not lookin up to britney for what she has done but for what she has gone through. most of the people who know who brittney spears is critisized her and they still do. to think that so much people are disappointed in you and still remain strong is something you can look up to. selena is lookin up the the strength brittney had when the whole world scorned her.

  • Is this girl the same age (or even younger) than Miley??
    This is unbelievable!
    She can actually speak properly, whilst Miley has an annoying voice/attitude/poise and always has NOTHING to say/anything she says is full of “like’s” and just meaningless.

    Good for Selena, I hope she stays true to herself and won’t end up as another Lohan.

  • You are such a fucking idiot Donkey Punch. You keep replying to threads of a woman you dislike. Do you not have a life? Does arguing with people give you one?

    How would you know whether her tour is sold out or not if you dislike her? You research about people you dislike? Psychotic, much?

    As a fan of her’s since 1998 and knowing about her career in detail, any credible source, whether they like her or not, will tell you that it is in fact sold out. As would any person who went to the shows and saw the arenas themselves.

    Idiot. I really wish you would grow up and fuck off.

  • Britney may not be sold out every night, but she’s still making more money then anyone on this site. Not bad for someone commonly referred to as trailer trash

    • That Britney is a financial success is unquestionable. That Britney is “trailer trash” is equally unquestionable :P

      There are tickets available for her show here for whatever that is worth.

  • I hope she doesnt become as the tipical famous disney teens that then become trash. Latinas are fucking hot, like she is.

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  • you are the best singer I have ever heard I love wizards of waverly place your awesome. Please pick me to go to go to the red carpet with you I,ll do anything.

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  • Hi Selena, If that’s really you.

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  • hi what is that goon dickspitz on about selena gomez in real life aint gonna like wat u are saying. that selena was probably a fake but the real thing aint on here. me and selena are very happy with the relationship(Rivals) we have coz it causes fun and exitement in our fans. love u all
    Miley cyrus

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  • Hi Miley I just wanted to say u shouldn’t talk shit about Selena.
    One you both sing beautifully.Two you both have great hair and you both are beautiful.So stop talking shit about other people because you are just ruining your image and your career.

    Selena if you are reading this then I just wanted to say I love you.I love you with all my heart.I am not talking about the ways dicksplit said.I love because you have beautiful hair and your beautiful voice when you sing and when you talk. So if you read this message please email me at crodas179@gmail. com.

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  • my friend just met her and said she’s so nice and gave all his friends a hug and took pictures with them. she’s an angel

  • Selena, I wish somehow you could see this. You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I wish I could meet you

  • lol man this sh!t is funny. wow who knew there can be a website full of Bvll like this one. i recomend this website to anyone that is bored, they’ll get a ful<en good laugh from this.

  • wow everybody really needs to stop talking crap about selena gomez
    in the words of criss crocker
    LEAVE SELENA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey u guys so far every selena gomez is a fake same with the miley cyrus cause me and miley never post stuff on these kind of sites so u will never be hearing me again

  • Heey guys please dont fight lol they’re both really nice and both my mates so like just leave them bee but ii lovee all my fans x

  • I think selena gomez is the hottest chick around she’s so cool I would like to be famous with her and also be a good friend to her can I?

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  • i still love nick okay so watch out just because i have a boyfriend that doesnt means i forgot nick okay

  • guys me and selena are friends so stop using my name and writing bad things stop one again!!!!!!!!

    • it is true i luv miley no jokes she is awsome and i agree with her STOP USING OUR NAMES!!!! luv u miley xxxxx

  • hey guys is me demi lovato the real one not a fake child using my name its true what miley cyrus has say stop using our name and writing bad stuffs please !!! bye

  • hey guys stop commenting bad stuff please if all you guys dont like me please just dont connect on this site please i love all my fans but whoever dont like me thats there busniss they are or just haterz. and stop once again i saying it stop writing bad stuffs and using famous people name plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guys stop writing about selena gomez i kinds dont like her either and u dont seee me talkin trash about her..oh and also dont use demis name if ur not demi shes a good freind of mine soo dont mess with her!

    • selena and demi and talor r osom so stop tlkin bout them in a bad way. i luv u guys selena demi amd taylor

  • look guys i know gossip is a addictive thing but my friends all 3 of them (miley,demi and selena) are ok. this is the real taylor so please no FAKO comments coz i am the real one!

  • hey selena i am xxSOCCERROCSxx on u tube please b my friend. im not a hater i think ur osom. <3<3<3<3

  • hi Selena i would just like to say ur amazing and love the wizards of waverly place and the movie was amazing too i hope there will bbe lots more seasons of it im not sure if this has gone through but if it has i hope u get to read it your the best

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    • Excuse me! Cheselna i dont even know what you are on about r u sure you arnt seeing things loads of love ME x

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    May the Force Be with You!

    • Hello… um i am actually offended a poser me? if you wanna know i can tell you wat tatoo i have on my boob.

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  • Selena- Evolution stopped on 7/22/92. You were born, and God realized you couldn’t be improved upon. He’d finally created his masterpiece. Everything before you was a prelude and everything since has been a mere afterthought :)

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  • i love you! your smart, sweet, genuine, and you have freakin awesome style! go selena! =) Don’t let Hollywood get to you, your strong. Forget these haters! =D

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  • Anonymous the girl who is being nasty isnt me, but no i would not go out with you i am happy with my baby Justin Beiber and i am 17 nearly 18 swearing coms with this age! love u justin xxxx

  • Thank you babez and Anonymous i am not mad! u can say im gay i have the most georgeous girl friend in the worl (my baby Selena) and that proves to myself im not gay xxxxxx! love you Selly-Baby!!!!

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  • Selena I’ll be honest I think Justin is a beautiful kind guy and hunk but if you really wanna know what’s in the picture I’ll tell you what’s in the photo I also want to tell you that me and my friend think you awesome because of you I wanna be an actress
    You are a great rule model

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  • hi traysi, im sure that the video must be fake, because haters make those kind of videos, just ignore it. Thanks for your support x
    god bless.

  • anonymous you obsessive freek get of this forum, you make my skin crawl. Why you calling my fans wannabes, there real fans unlike you. You annoy me so much!

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  • well if your not my fan then why are you on ‘i love selena gomez forum’? And i came to phoenix, arizona last year on 24th october, forgive me i cant remember exactly. I dont really care if you dont believe im selena because i know i am and thats all that matters. Please leave my fans alone and no more swearing.
    God bless, selena

  • my bro showed me this forum and i liked to fight people its funny…. and its hard to not swear… one question how the fuck did you not get annoyed with justin beibers bitch voice
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  • you know i respect you now selena i still hate justin befag but your cool. on the other hand every mother fucker here is a fuckin bitch
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  • hey i am on facebook those who really want to know its me! i am Selenarr Gomezz thank you all my fans, and anonymous, i love you loads, i laugh at your comments, i just love justing more, x

  • listen since that fggot web isnt talking no more and i guess you can be cool, can we start all over? justin bieber is still gay.
    one question… if your the real selena why do u come to this website? or how do u find time in your day to get on here?
    ps. justin bieber is gay

    • We can start over i have nothing against you, i am on here with my busy scedule because i do like seeing my name that everyone knows i became famous and i still cant believe it! this website concerned me a bit with the innapropriote (<can never spell that word;)) i am on face book my name is in the previous comment, if you think justin is gay your choice, i dont hate you for it. i know he isnt gay,
      *Stay Strong Selena xxx

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  • Selena I’m afraid anonymous is gunna say something really mean to me! And I want to call you but I can’t cause everyone would know your phone number and does Taylor swift go on this site cause I love her voice as much as I love yours

  • traysi you dont get on my nerves so dont worry… if anyone messes with you i will seriously fuck them up. and i dont say bad things to 8 year olds.
    ps justin bieber is gay

  • dude i hate how when people get married they expect people to not get in fights lol
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  • Hi Selena! I’m your biggest Lithuania fan. You are amazing <3 **
    I love to sing and I hope to see you ever ;]

  • hi caroline, thank you for appreciating my work and who knows someday we might meet :D
    Thanks to all the people with the wonderful comments accept a few.
    God bless, selena xxx

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  • Hi to all my beautiful fans out there :) Anonymous i don’t think anything i say will stop you from swearing or doing my head in, so whats the need in me saying something. Just please stop because you are scaring all my fans away, so they cant comment. Remember children are also on this forum so mid your language!
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    God bless, selena


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  • Hi web, I’m probably going to come to the UK on tour sometime this year or next so you can come see me at my concert. If your really lucky you may get a VIP pass… Thank you I’m not really pretty but thanks anyway :D.
    God bless, selena.

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