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Nickelodeon “Stands By” Chris Brown as Nominee



Despite the fact that he’s currently up on charges of some serious domestic violence, Nickelodeon is keeping Chris Brown on as a nominee for their Kids Choice Awards.

Brown is nominated for favorite male singer and favorite song for “Kiss Kiss.” He’ll be competing in the latter category with Rihanna, who police say was allegedly punched, bitten and choked by Brown last month.

An online petition asking Nickelodeon to remove Brown and Rihanna as nominees had 2,166 signatures Tuesday. Nick says Brown was nominated for his work as a performer, and kids will decide who wins.

I know that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty, but, still. This is a kids‘ show. Are young ‘uns really going to be able to process the legal minutiae of this situation, or is Nickelodeon just sending a loud and clear message that domestic violence is forgivable if you sell enough albums?

What do you guys think??

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  • I think that most kids, that are in the Nickelodeon stage, don’t really understand the situation with Chris and Rihanna anyway.

    I also think that artists notoriously make bad decisions and we, as a society, haven’t really stood up and boycotted one yet so I really doubt that it starts now.

      • seriously Stacy?? dang that’s creepy. I wouldn’t have thought they knew about it, but again, I do not have kids or know any that young.

  • Yeah, I agree, we haven’t as a society really boycotted all the others that have done deplorable things. I’d be surprised if that started now.

    Plus, I don’t think nickalodeon is making that statement at all. I think they just want to stay out of it. Also, kids are NOT able to understand all of it and they shouldn’t have to. Hopefully, they know nothing about it.

  • This is not surprising considering Nickelodean was glad to keep making money off Jamie Lynn after she got knocked up…I don’t think morality is high on their priority list…

    • You think that just because a pregnant teenager was not shunned, naturally a woman beater won’t be either? I’m not saying I think it is Nicelodeon’s place to make a moral stance, but you equate Chris Brown’s actions with Jamie-Lynn’s?

      • I don’t equate domestic violence with teen pregnancy – they are 2 completely different issues. With that said, I believe that a children’s network should maintain a moral standard and demonstrate to our youth that when you engage in either there are repercussions…when you get pregnant at 16 a company should not “reward” you by allowing your show to remain on the air…when you batter your girlfriend you shouldn’t be invited to participate in company sponsored events. When Nick does this they tell our youth that it’s ok to be irresponsible and reckless. These companies need to take a stand…I bet they would be surprised how many fans/parents/other companies would come to their support.

  • I understand why Chris Brown should be removed but what on earth has Rihanna done to be removed as a nominee?

    So now you get beat to shit and get punished for it?

    • What did she do? She went back to the fucker that splattered her blood all over her clothes and the car. What kind of message does that send? She needs serious help not adoration.

  • ok seriously even if miraculously all the kids vote for him there’s no way in HELL nickelodeon is going to give it to him. they’re just gonna say some other guy got it and just move on with their lives…

    • I think you have a good point, and I agree with your idea. I don’t think they would give him the award, even if he “won” it

  • Can we move on? There’s nothing new here. He bashed her, she’s signed up for more beatings, everyone is agreed he’s a turd, many of us think she’s a loser. Let’s talk about more serious issues like who’s got a baby bump, who’s gay and who is fat.

  • Sad to say, young kids do understand this. Schools now are more focused on current events (they discuss politics in class — still not sure if I like that one). Also, most kids have seen an example of this in real life. No matter how you try to shelter them, you can’t control the world. Nickelodeon has even done kids shows where there is abuse.

    He’ll win because of the cartman theory — it’s legal if you get away with it

  • I would have signed the petition except that it also calls for removing Rihanna from the nominees. She may have made the wrong decision, but she is still the victim here, and is clearly still under his control.

    And yes, kids know all about the latest celebrity scandals, and I think it absolutely should be addressed by Nickelodeon instead of being ignored.

    • Knowing about something and understanding it are two completely different things.

      My 4 year old knows where babies come from… but he doesn’t UNDERSTAND the implications behind that.

      Kids talk about things because their parents talk about things. My ten year old cousin came home during the election telling me not to vote for John McCain because he “kills babies”. They regurgitate things at that age (in my opinion of course), things they hear in other places.

      It’s Nickelodeon’s job, as a corporation, to enforce the ‘innocent until proven guilty’… even though everyone is well aware of the kind of boyfriend he is.

  • I dont think Nickelodeon is condoning anything but just trying to stay out of it. Taking them out of the KCA would just draw more attention to it anyway. Yeah kids know what happened but Nick wont give it to him even if he did win the popular vote.

  • Nickelodeon has no choice but to leave him in the competition and they will have no choice but to give it to him if he wins. That is why HE must remove himself. They cannot do it.

  • I think Nickelodeon should consider their decision on leaving him as a nominee for the awards show as poor judgment. By offering him an opportunity to be “rewarded” when we all heard heard this story in and out, is saying one’s moral image isn’t important -its about money and keeping its audience. It is teaching kids that their character isn’t important as long as they are rich and famous. I know people have said kids grow up in households with abuse and such, but kids these days do need good role models-ESPECIALLY if they don’t have have good ones at home. These kids are looking at these celebrities as role models. These celebrities should not reflect the negative in one’s everyday life, they should represent a positive image, what does a negative image bring to the table? Its not bringing up anything for kids to achieve. Also not every kid these days does have a screwed up home-life -heaven forbid-so these celebrities who they hear about all day show them a moral lesser then theirs-which is a good, healthy one, and now introducing them to something that correlates fame with bad behavior and they think they go hand in hand. The healthy, wholesome lifestyle good parents have tried to teach, goes all down the drain.