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Hayden Flips Her Lid


Sounds like Hayden Panettiere needs a Midol-or a whole bottle.  Yesterday, when she arrived at a fundraiser supporting the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation, she spent most of her red carpet time yelling at reporters.

When she first arrived, she screamed at the photogs to back up.  After posing for a few pictures, she was approached by a reporter who tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “May we talk with you Hayden?”  Pantyline responded by yelling, “Don’t you ever touch me!”  In the end, she refused to answer any questions and told various media, “You all make my life miserable.”

In some ways, I understand.  I don’t like anyone in my space unless I’m legally bound to them or they shared my body for nine months.  As a matter of fact, the next time my friends try to get all huggie kissie with me, I’m going to go all Hayden on them.  “Don’t you ever fucking touch me.  Who the hell do you think you are?  God…you make my life miserable.”  I’ll let you know how that goes over.

Personally, I think she’s cranky because she vowed to get one million signatures for the Save the Whales foundation by June, 2009 and so far, only has 90,000.  So please, go sign her fucking petition so Pantyline can calm the hell down.  God, I can’t wait until Heroes gets cancelled so everyone get down to the business of forgetting her.

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  • I can see that photographers would get really annoying. But seen as she at a benefit, she could have been nicer.

  • i remember when she was on a soap opera i watched when i was a teenager…as the world turns or guiding light…i can’t remember…i read all the stories about her and i’m like why does any care about her?? she has zero talent…other than to be a whiny bitch…

  • I used to love her but she actually looks alot like a first class bitch who thinks she is more famous than she really is

    the photographers were probs waiting for someone more relevant and she got annoyed and started screaming at them

  • No. Don’t fucking touch people who you do not know. Why the hell would they want your grubby fingers on them? Im a flight attendant and I constantly tell people DO NOT TOUCH ME. Maybe most people dont get it because they dont live lives where they are constantly surrounded by strangers calling for their attention but its fucking annoying. There is a call button use it. If I ignore you its because Im busy and Im sure you do not have an emergency. There is one flight attendant per 40 passengers in economy, if you need things immediately fork over the 5 grand for a 1st class ticket or better yet travel with a butler.