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Beyonce was on the streets of New York this weekend filming a new video.  Incidentally, my favorite little glitterwurst looks a little dead in the eyes; corsets can do that to a woman.  It’s like her very soul is being extruded out of her via her hips.  For some unknown reason, that conjures up images of cheese in a can.

Anyway, caption this.

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  • what’s going on with her outfit it looks like someone glued a thigh to each side of her body it’s very odd…

  • I needed a video with all the famous black activist that also sold millions of records to show that the message in this song was worthy of their presence.
    love me beyounce yeah that’s me see me do you see?

  • you can seee her corset outline if u look closely. thats actually the point of a corset. it just looks wrong on beyonce..

  • “Hippo & the Jackson 8”?
    “Oh no, I forgot to shave”?
    “Oops, forgot to wear deodorant, hope the bruthahs don’t notice”?

    Either way, the look in her eyes is the same as Ralphie in A Christmas Story wearing the bunny costume…she no happy & proof she is a sellout, and she knows it.

  • You put your right fist in, you put your right fist out……

    You do the Blacky Pokey and you turn yourself around…..

    That’s what it’s all about!

  • This is what Etta shoved up my ass. Due to such excessive ramming, I give you my new and improved fist-filled expanse. No corset required.

  • I wonder if she had surgery to make her hips look like that.
    She looks like a barbie…
    You ever realized that Barbie’s legs are joined at the side of her torso… which is fine I guess as she doesn’t hae a pelvis :s

    • Who the fuck would have surgery to make their hips look like that?
      Regardless, I’m pretty sure it’s just the corset.

  • ‘throw your fist in the air like you just don’t……. yeah, I really dont care.’

  • She’s like those stress balls you squeeze and all the filling goes to the top or the bottom…her’s obviously went South. Not sure who thought this was a good look…but I agree she looks like a Barbie who’s legs are attached to her hips and jaunt out in some ungodly and unhealthy manner….just wierd…and a little scary.

    • …so got me thinking….perhaps she has a little knob in her back that makes her dress fly open and up….brrrrringgggg…..

  • The leadership and members of the local Fisting Club meet at an economic Hope and Change rally.

  • She looks awful, miserable and foolish. Who in their right mind would look up to someone who doesn’t even dress themselves and still looks like they are trying too hard to fit in.

    Stay in school, folks.