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Can Someone Please Decipher Drew Barrymore’s Words For Me?


Listen, it’s been a tough night here at Chez Bitch, so it’s entirely possible that my brain is not functioning properly today.  Come to think of it, even with a full twelve hours of sleep, I have never been accused of thinking like normal folk.  I’m serious, though.  I have no fucking idea what Drew Barrymore is talking about as she is interviewed in this month’s W.

“It’s like Cinderella fantasy,” the 34-year-old actress said of being a W cover model. “It’s like the cool kids club, too. I’m like a frickin’ paralysis dork victim! (points at her lip) I love pretending and I’m an old crazy woman and I love pretending that I love a sex life. (laughs)”

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  • It makes perfect sense if you listen to the interview with Jimmy Fallon. He called her a paralysis dork victim in Fever Pitch (which they explain) and about being an old crazy woman, Jimmy shows a picture of her in a movie she did this year as an old woman. She says she loves pretending she’s an old crazy woman (like in the movie) and that she loves pretending she has a sex life (referring to the W cover.)
    The quote wouldn’t make much sense if you didn’t watch the clip. I think she is very quirky and cute- I love Drew!

  • It’s not you! I opted to take Italian in high school and passed on the how to speak stupid course. In retrospective to see now that I should have taken that course seeing as how A LOT people speak that language! The normal protocall just smile,nod like you understand and. . . eyeroll. Isn’t that what we all do anyway when celebrities have an oppinion.

  • she’s probably talking about being edie in grey gardens – somewhere in there. loves her.

  • i know one thing for sure:
    that’s the best picture of her i’ve seen in a long, long time.

    her lips = perfection.

  • Ugh, I’m so tired of Drew Barrymore. I used to like her, but she’s ended up being such an annoyance with her ridiculous mascara (?) commercials. Maybe she’s actually really nice, but I’ve gotten the impression that she’s terribly, terribly impressed with herself and her “I’m so quirky!” persona.

  • im sad i understood that. go watch her interview with jimmy fallon and you will too. BUT i dont get what any of that has to do with her W interview. maybe its just crazy out of context.

  • she is saying that shes glad she got a good photoshopmakeover
    like all the others! and that she always wanted to be a non

  • oic … you ripped off the bad translation of her words from justjared … tsk tsk

    and that’s why you don’t know those words of hers were not in the W article, they were from the Fallon tv show

    i know, cuz they replayed her appearance on the Fallon show again last nite , i just looked up her words on google and came here and saw you pretended you read the article and pretended you din’t get the quote from jared

    but that’s ok, i still love you er your website

    and them justjared folks really did do a real botchy job of translating … i think courteney is right, i think she said “I love pretending I’m an old crazy woman and I love pretending that I have a sex life.”