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Rihanna Is Still In So Much Danger


This whole Rihanna deal is a train wreck that is happening right in front of us.  Like, we are all watching it continue, seeing all the signs and I fear that someday she’ll just end up dead and everyone will be saying “Wow, so sad.”  Overstating things?  I don’t think so.

Rihanna’s father granted US magazine an interview in which he talks about supporting his daughter even though he can’t get in contact with her:

US: What was your reaction after hearing Chris Brown was charged with two felonies?
Fenty: I don’t know how to react. Chris is a very talented guy. I still think he’s a little immature for Rihanna. Justice can never be served in this situation. He can’t feel the pain she felt. I don’t believe in hitting a woman. I hope everything works out better for them. I don’t feel happy or sad. He’s in the court’s hands. Let justice prevail.

US: Have you seen the new police report that details Brown biting, hitting and threatening to kill Rihanna?
Fenty: I haven’t seen anything. I hear so many things. I don’t know what to believe until I see it myself. Rihanna’s mother is telling me that she hasn’t heard anything from her [Rihanna]. She said the last she heard Rihanna was well.

US: If those reports are true, how upset are you?
RF: I don’t know what to say, honest to god. I’ve been hearing so many stories. I don’t feel any pain anymore. I’ve gone numb. I’ve heard so much. But I can’t get on to her. Her mother can’t get on to her, her brother told me she changed her email. Somebody has a stranglehold on her. I’m lost.

US: I know you’ve been speaking with your daughter over text. Is she no longer reachable?
RF: I’ll text the old numbers she had, and I call them. One girl answered, and she said, “This is not Robyn’s number anymore.” I asked, “Do you work for Robyn? Do you deal with Robyn?” And the girl hung up, so I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I’m lost.

Us: What was her last text to you?
RF: [She] said, “Daddy, I miss you.” And that’s it. And I could not reply. I saw a number and texted back, “I miss you too.” And I didn’t get another reply from her.

US: Obviously, you still support her.
RF: Yes, of course. Anyone in my family, I’m there for them. All of my kids, I’m there for them. Rihanna’s no exception. All of them I would support. I would tell them where they go wrong, I’d chastise them when they do s–t, but to be honest with you they have their own life to live.

US: What would you say to Chris Brown if you saw him today?
RF: I would tell Chris, “Don’t ever try again, don’t even think about it.” I’m hurt and disturbed at that scenario.

I don’t understand these people.  As a parent, I really do not.  What’s all this “Chris is a very talented guy,” and “I don’t feel happy or sad,” and “Somebody has a stranglehold on her,” shit?  Are you kidding me?  Chris is the vicious abuser who had a literal stranglehold on her and needs to be in jail.  I don’t even know Rihanna and I feel so sad for her.  What is wrong with this dude?

Now her email and phone numbers have been changed-beyond disturbing.  This is classic abuser behavior.  She is being isolated so that she feels that the only person she can count on is the guy who tried to rearrange her face.

I cannot fathom how these parents can sit by and watch this happen.  Yes, Rihanna is an adult but Rihanna is sick and needs help.  This is what parents do; they help their children.  Adulthood doesn’t change that.  This girl is still young and hopefully has a long life and career ahead of her.  Someone needs to intervene and help her out of this situation, because I guarantee that, today, she cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hate watching this unfold because I feel like it is going to end so, so badly.

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  • Uh oh… is this another Wendie prediction? I really pray that this one does not come true.

  • Wendie, you are so right.
    I’m afraid this is going to end horribly.
    I can’t imagine sitting back and watching either of my kids go through something like this. If that was my daughter, I’d probably be in jail right now for beating the piss out of that guy myself. Where is Jay-Z in all this? He looks to me like he could walk in there and walk her ass right out without Chris Brown trying anything. Seriously, somebody needs to get that girl away from him.

  • Hmmm maybe I am reading into this too much but I kind of get the vibe that he isn’t saying too much because he doesn’t want to hurt her more. Think about it, if she isn’t keeping in contact with him, him blabbing to the press and saying what he really thinks ie”Chris Brown is a dead man and if he comes near my daughter again i’ll break his fucking neck” probably wont get her to reach out to him. Like he said he feels numb. All this horrible stuff has happened to her and now she has been whisked away and has broken off contact. The poor guy must be going crazy.

    Personally I am amazed that she has been allowed to go back to Chris Brown. That her management is allowing it. I thought that there was NO WAY they’d let her near him. It’s fucking crazy.

  • yeah….i wasn’t allowed to answer our phone, get our mail, nothing. if i didn’t answer the cell my (now) ex had given me as a “gift” there was “trouble.”

    this is all classic abuser stuff. and oddly, my family did the same exact thing. refused to believe how bad things were. i’ve said this on other rihanna posts recently–denial is freakishly powerful.

    And it does get scarier by the minute. It is bizarre to me how this is being handled by the media, her friends, her family–someone really needs to intervene before it’s too late.

    it was only when a counselor looked me in the face and said “if you do not leave you will be dead within a year” that i did something. someone needs to do the same for rihanna.

    • I think the media is afraid of being called “racist” so they’re purposely down playing it. If Brad Pitt did this you can bet your bottom dollar there would be 24/7 news coverage, but this, Bill O’Reilley won’t even touch it. I bet the asshole gets acquitted just like OJ too.

  • At least Britney’s Spears’ father was willing and able to step in …

    This is just heartbreaking. The apathy of this man when his child–his CHILD–is in such a nightmarish situation explains in part why his daughter is willing to be with someone willing to fight with her (even if he also fights WITH her).

    Oh, Kleenex all around. I don’t even know what to say …

  • Oops …

    why his daughter is willing to be with someone willing to fight with her (even if he also fights WITH her).

    should be

    *why his daughter is willing to be with someone willing to fight FOR her (even if he also fights WITH her)

  • Until Rihanna decides to end this foolishness, there’s not much anyone can do. No one seems willing to step up and make it stop on her behalf. And if they did, they’ll be the one’s who are in trouble with the law.
    Hopefully, this won’t end with her beaten again or killed.

    • ditto that. she apparently didn’t want out of the relationship. if she had no resources at her disposal I would feel for her. the world was on her side, she decided to be abused instead.

  • Shit likes this just floors me. Had a friend that when her boyfriend beat the hell out of her, her parents told her “we want you to know we don’t hate x” W.T.F? That just keeps the cycle going. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Well said! I’ve always known that the day my little girl comes home beat to shit by her boyfriend is the day I go to jail for murder…..

  • It’s patently obvious to me that Rihanna was abused by her father. His comments are bizarre.

    • I hate it, but you’re probably right, Jennifer.

      Women who are abused as adults were often abused as children. It sets up being mistreated as just the normal way things are, when it is anything but. Just like the abusers grew up in households where they witnessed abuse, or were abused themselves.

      I am usually one of the “innocent until proven guilty” set, but once i saw that picture, that was it for me. This guy needs to be in jail as long as the
      law allows.

      This whole case has stirred so many memories of my own experiences. I don’t know Rihanna, but I do know some of what is happening to her. and all of it is simply compounded by her fame.

      It is so sad when *any* woman is put through this. And infuriating.

  • i hate when people’s family members give interviews…her father should either say something like, “i support my daughter 100%” or he should say nothing at all. if my daughter were abused by her boyfriend i wouldn’t be talking to the news, i would go after his ass with a baseball bat. but that’s just me.

  • This whole thing is so creepy. And the way the mainstream press is treating it is surreal. I want torches and pitchforks after this guy!!! None of this pussyfooting around the issue. CB should be groveling on his hands and knees for forgiveness. Rihanna should not be anywhere near him. It’s sick, everyone is passively defending Chris Brown. He did it! We know he did! He beat her! JAIL THE BASTARD!!!

  • that judge that granted permission for them to see one another is NUTS! WTF?!?!

    i live in florida and the laws here for domestic violence are pretty strict. a couple of years ago my ex bf punched me and broke my nose and glasses. i called the cops and off he went to sit in jail for a few days til his friends bailed him out. we were not allowed to have any contact, and there was a restraining order put on him. i didn’t go forward with pressing charges because at the time i was codependent on him and had such low self esteem because of his abuse, and i was “in love.”
    HOWEVER, the state of florida still kept the charges against him, and he was put on probation and required to take hundreds of hours of classes and such. Doesn’t that judge know what happens to victims of domestic violence? They are so addicted to the cycle of abuse, so mentally messed up in the head, they need someone, the courts even, to put a stop to it. EVEN when my ex bf and were not allowed to have contact with each other, i STILL TRIED to reach him through his friends. I look back now and thank god that the cycle was ended and I was able to move on.

    and another thing, my exbf punched me. he didn’t f**king strangle me and threaten to kill me. COME ON!!! This upsets me to no end. No way, no how should Chris Brown be allowed to even breathe in the same time zone as her. He is an abuser, and as such, is manipulative and dangerous.

    • What a great response from police! I live in southern AZ and my father once decided to bend a metal trash can in half with my face, older brother got a look at me called the cops and even when they finally came they did absolutely nothing, didn’t even take us kids out of the house for the night (instead a neighbor who had had enough of the police coming to our house took us in for the night lucky)

  • I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the parents. If they step out and 100% blame Chris, they might never hear from Rihanna again. If they stay on the fence, she might contact them,and then maybe they can get through to her.

    If she still loves her abuser, then she will pick him before them if they force her to.So I think they are doing everything they can to get back into her life, and then they can try to help.

  • Rihana may be avoiding her family for personal reasons that have nothing to do with Chris Brown. Rihana’s family may be hitting her up for money or trying to get in her business. Don’t assume Chris Brown has got her locked up in a dark closet somewhere. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about here. Of course I couldn’t care less.

  • I agree with you MissSmilla. If her parents or even JAY-Z try to force her hand in this situation, she’ll only push them away. We can blame her parents and Chris all day long, but that won’t change a thing. Rihanna is the only person now that can make the change for herself. Lets not forget this is a 21 year old woman. If she were still a teen, her parents would have a lot more say in the situation, but in this case she’s probably paying their bills and keeping them afloat. Add that on to the fact that she is very much so a legal adult and that equals limited power for her dad and mom.

    Chris Brown is a very young man and it might be possible that he can make a change. But he’ll need to do it on his own and not have Rihanna around as a crutch. It’s codependency at it’s best. We can only hope not to see this happen again. But something tells me when his next project flops, she’ll be the person he has to take it out on if they are still together. Sadly, we probably wont hear a word about it.

    • People are what they are, they don’t “change”. This isn’t a drug problem it’s attempted murder. Leopards don’t change their spots.

  • Daddy is playing it safe because he’s on the Rihanna payroll and he knows if he speaks his mind, his baby girl (being in denial about the abuse) will cut him off for making waves. He wants to play it safe, not offend or alienate the source of his income. Pitiful, but unfortunately typical for parents of celebrities.

  • I think you’re right on, MissSmilla. If her father comes out and says anything against Chris or criticizing his daughter for taking him back, that will just make her feel like she can’t go to her family for support. I’ll bet that in private, her dad wants to kill Chris.

  • i’ve had nightmares over Rihanna. i’m no relation – just a friend..not a close one though! Chris Brown is a serious violent thug-he’s knocked her about for a while now! Also, Chris Brown comes from a violent and abusive home. His Mum’s boyfriend knocked Joyce about for Chris, the abuse is a normal healthy relationship..
    Rihanna will end up in intensive care.. IT’S ALWAYS BAD NEWS WHEN P.DIDDY is involved-people get hurt! Just ask 2pac and biggie smalls! Oh you can’t they are both dead! Diddy pulls a curtain over everyones eyes-but not mine or even Jennifer Lopez! Why do you think J-lo walked away from Diddy and kept her mouth shut!