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“My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box.”

Zac Efron in April’s issue of Elle, sharing his favorite holiday gift evah…given to him by his, gulp, mom.

He also talked about going to sex shops with Vanessa.  Because it is very important that we all know that Zac Efron is having sex.  With a girl.  Because he’s straight.  Okay?  His mommy buys him condoms-the economy package because he fucks a lot.  And not anonymous anal with hot dudes.  With a girl…did he mention that?  Hetero.

You know, I love my son but there is no way that I will ever be stopping by BJ’s, heh, to grab him the Mega-Save pack of anything that’s ribbed for his her pleasure.  I have limitations.

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  • Whoever he’s using his supersized box of condoms on, way to go to his mom!

    Too many boys/men won’t use them, the whole “why take a shower in a raincoat?” thing. Good for her for being so open with her son, and protecting him from disease and unplanned pregnancy (maybe! but definitely from STDs!).

  • IDK.. I think it kinda sucks that pretty boys get a bad rep for being homo. Plus why would Vanessa be playing along for so long? He’s a good looking guy that’s bangin a good lookin girl. I can’t figure out what’s the problem. I think that’s why jared leto dresses like a duchebag. Since he’s naturally a pretty boy too, he needs to look dirty in order to avoid being called a homo

  • Yea, I think its cool that his mom is trying to make sure that he’s safe. My mom is crazy religious and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. She didn’t even want me to go on birth control. So way to go Zac’s mom.

  • Well, yay mom, I guess, for helping making sure her son has safe sex. But it’s creepy that he told Elle it’s his favorite present– honestly, didn’t he get anything nicer than that for Christmas?

  • Trust me, Wendie, you’ll be more than happy to buy that megabox of condoms for your son once he brings his first girlfriend home ;)

  • He wasn’t at a sex shop, he was at Spencer’s (though it’s much funnier as the former)

    But all the same: looool.

  • Yes, kudos to his mom/him for promoting safe sex.
    But Wendie, this post is fucking HILARIOUS!

  • My mom and dad gave my brother condoms when he went off to college…not all that unusual as far as I’m concerned

  • Um yeah, it’s pretty awesome that she wants him to have safe sex, but a big economy box o’ condoms for Christmas is a weird-ass gift.