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I Wonder If Jennifer Aniston Will Be Invited to Vince Vaughn’s Wedding


Because he’s engaged, to 29-year-old Calgary realtor Kyla Weber. The pair are rumoured to have met through a movie producer friend of Vince’s.

They got engaged on Valentine’s Day, but there’s no word on when they actually plan to tie the knot.

Hey remember that Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck? Where he’d fuck a girl and then they’d meet their true love? (It was actually a pretty good movie, as much as I hate both Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.) I think Jennifer Aniston is like the male version of Chuck. After she dates someone, they pretty quickly find their true (non-Jen) love.

Realistically, though, who wants to marry Vince Vaughn at this point? He is bloated and gross and always looks like he smells like stale liquor. I think Jen dodged a bullet.

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  • See what I mean. You have the common sense to hate Dane Cook and you’re well aware of how much the Jonas Brothers suck…. but then there’s this retarded side of you that believes Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are talented/interesting/attractive/well dressed/funny/cute (or whatever other loving terms you’d label them). It just baffles my mind. Did somebody beat you with a bag of nickles or something a some point and just totally messed up your ability to separate untalented human feces from other untalented human feces?

    • Well, I like Dane Cook, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. And I used to think Vince was attractive. But I do NOT like the Jonas Brothers. And sometimes, you just like someone and you can’t explain it. I know I shouldn’t like Lindsay lohan. She’s so messed up. But I do. Do you follow her on twitter? She’s hilarious.
      And you’re kinda mean. “Untalented human feces”? Jeez, what they ever do to you?

  • “Good Luck Chuck” was like half porn half romantic comedy.. if that. But you’ve called it on the Jennifer thing, she is like the female Chuck.

  • Who else has Jennifer dated that’s now found their true love? Brad doesn’t count since they were married and I’m sure at one point thery were in love and he’s not even married to Angie…..

  • Well this just proves my theory that men only get married when they hit rock bottom of their careers/lives. Kyla is getting the left-overs, not to mention the 10 yr difference.

  • Well if his fiancee ever gets chilly, she can snuggle up in his triple eye bags, looks like they are plenty roomy. She could probably even invite a friend.

  • Well, I love him. I think he’s funny and would be a great guy! At least he was smart enough to get away from Aniston!

  • Vince Vaughn’s acting skills run the gamut from A to ummm … B. He’s the same character in every movie I’ve eve been forced to endure. I agree with you, Beet, “He is bloated and gross and always looks like he smells like stale liquor.” Well, I would have said malt liquor.

  • i agree 100%, beet. vince always looks hungover – i think i can smell the alcohol sweats from here.

  • I’m surprised, this girls has small tits. Vincey-poo does not like small tits-he was bragging recently about all the sex he’s had with skanks with huge fun-bags!!!

    I just don’t understand men at all, if this is what Vincey-poo wants, why doesn’t he marry a stripper???? Is he finally “growing up”???