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The Sarah Silverman Project Feels The Economic Pinch


Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Project needs a bailout.  The executive producers of the show, one of which is Silverman, were informed that the budget for season three would be cut by more than twenty percent.  Hey, welcome to my world.

Anyway, they have threatened to quit, which would effectively end the show.  Apparently a typical budget for a one-camera is $1.5-2M per episode and they have been producing TSSP for $1.1 per show.  So yeah, being cut to $850,000 is tough-I guess.  Honestly, I know nothing about television production operational costs.  It just flummoxes me that it costs over a million dollars to produce twenty-two quality minutes of Silverman amusing the masses.  Of course, I also don’t understand people who pay $200 to go to a concert, so I may not be the best judge.

The EPs and Comedy Central are at a stand-off but talks are set to resume this week.

Totally unrelated, I have to pay Sarah Silverman a compliment.  There is something about her that looks infinitely inappropriate in a dress-like Amy Winehouse at an AA meeting, it just never looks right.  But you know what?  She never stops trying.  I appreciate her persistence.

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