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Why Aren’t You Supporting Them?!


The Jonas Brothers are very sad. They’ve been abandoned in their time of need.

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience is playing on approximately 1,200 3D and IMAX theaters where the tickets are $15-18 a pop and they still barely managed to rake in 4.8 million on opening day by industry estimates. Where execs once were hoping for a 30 million premiere weekend, they’re willing to settle for a measly 17 – 20mil.

The bros must be feeling especially low when they consider that Miley’s concert movie had a 8.7 million dollar opening day while playing on half as many screens. Bummer.

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  • seriously i’m not being mean but a lot of your posts really don’t make grammatical sense and it’s SO annoying.

      • “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience is playing on approximately 1,200 3D and IMAX theaters will the tickets sell for $15-18 a pop…”

        that doesn’t make sense at all! i’m guessing the ‘will’ should’ve been ‘where’?

  • Never break up with a girl over the phone, Joe.
    Same goes for you kevin/joe. “team demi and selena” .. they are not going to help you.

    team Swift & cyrus.

    • i think you mean joe/nick (kevin didn’t date miley nor selena)
      haven’t you heard sarah? nick and selena broke up a few days ago. now miley, selena, demi and taylor are all bffs. lol, now it’s the girls v. the boys.

  • No one wants to see those eyebrows coming at ya in 3D. It would be like Beet turning her crotch shot gallery into a 3D movie. I’ll stick with Captain EO, thanks.

  • Why aren’t you supporting them?!!!, why would anyone support them in the first place. They fucked up a whole generation making “fag attitude” a trend for het. I’m not against homosexuality, I’m against hetero-fags be claimed as cool and hot………. If they post that on, I will gladly click on the “you deserved that” adding “because you’re a fag”!

    • lol @ hetero-fag.. Those are my thoughts typed out, Jorie.. thank you. Seriously now, it’s been like 14 minutes and 45 seconds.. leave while you still have some dignity.

    • i second that, the only cool thing about them are the ray ban wayfarers they sport around. that’s it.

  • A) I’m not a tween
    B) I wouldn’t spend $18 to see Watchmen, let alone this crap
    C) I’m not a tween

  • It must suck to be a male performer over the age of 18 and have a fanbase comprised of mostly underaged girls.

  • Well, they do really suck.. so maybe that’s why nobody went. They sucked 12 years or so ago when they were known as Hanson, and they suck now.

  • i hope i fails miserably. i went to see coraline the other day but it wasn’t in 3d cuz all the 3d screens were being used for this piece of shit. DAMN U STRAIGHT TO HELL JONAS!

  • these guys are so annoying to look at, then when the open their mouths i just want to punch them in the face. um…that’s why i didn’t go see their movie, i don’t know about other peoples’ reasons. i promise ring you i will never spend $18 of my hard earned money to see a movie about 3 dorkwads like the jonas brothers.

  • We wasted $50 on this. ($5 for the glow sticks they were selling) My husband and I took our son and spent the entire “concert” texting each other about how gay it was. Unfortunately, at 5, my son still really likes the stinking Jones Brothers.

    Anyway, it sucked, except for when Taylor came on and sang her song. Love ya Taylor.

  • Geez, they made a spelling error – get over it man!

    The Jonas brothers are the most talented teens in the world and I adore them! I went to there 3D movie experience with my 2 best friends and fellow Jonas fans Heather and Danni on opening night and I loved it.


  • Didn’t you hear Joe dumped Taylor over the phone but it was only a 27 second phone conversation because she hung up on him! She then spread it around that he was mean and just another player!! it was Taylor playing Joe not the other way round..