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Nadya Suleman Makes Bad Decisions


An organization called “Angels in Waiting” offered Suleman FREE 24-hour childcareand a home for her and her children to live in and she turned them down flat. The group, fronted by attorney Gloria Allred, gave Nadya till Thurs, Feb. 26th to make a decision. To recap – Suleman is a single, unemployed mother of 14, who lives with her increasingly irate parents, and has no immediate prospects for a secure financial future. She even told Dr. Phil that the hospital probably won’t release the babies until she can prove that she can adequately care for the preemies and provide housing. 

So why turn down an organization that wants to give you both of those things for free? 

Well because it might endanger her chances at getting a reality show, of course!

According to Allred, “Linda explained to her that Angels in Waiting would not agree to that [a TV show] because of their concern for possible infections that the infants might incur with camera equipment and many other people in the home in addition to the many professionals who would be with the children providing the care.  Linda did not wish to risk the health of the little ones.”

Pssssst! Nadya! This is why so many people think you’re an opportunistic walking uterus! Try thinking about the babies instead of about how you can make money off them.

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  • What. A. Usless. Human. Being.

    I’m sorry, she just makes me so mad. How can anybody act like that? She has NO means of providing for her children, and there was an opportunity to have it all covered and she denied it! I’m sorry, does she want to end up having one or more of her children dead because of negligence?

  • I really hope there was more to her turning down this offer besides wanting a TV show. I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because I just want the best for these kids.

    But really, how can a mother turn down an opportunity to help provide for her children? Especially in a time like this when the opportunities are so far and few between!

    • She’s a narcissist dear, it’s all about HER needs. She had the kids just to get attention/fame for herself.

    • This is kind of trivial, but I believe the saying is:

      “… few and far in between.”

      • Nomen, thanks for reinforcing my belief that those who take the time to point out ‘mistakes’ in others writing usually have less than stellar language skills themselves.

        Personally, I’d call it an idiom, not a saying, but then I’m in danger of becoming a hypocritical pedant.


    Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK? Why is this bitch even allowed her kids?

    Take that shit away. Where do I file a CPS thing?

  • Half these kids are mentally retarded already and the ones who aren’t are going to have major psychiatric problems because of her. No way can one person give 14 kids their proper attention even under the best of circumstances and turning them into tv circus freaks via a reality show will only serve to damage their lives further. I hope the kids are put out for adoption to nice well off couples who can give them what they need. Nadya belongs in a mental institution.

  • I am no fan of Nadya’s, but I think there is more to this story. Gloria Allred is hardly doing this out of the kindness of her heart. She’s trying just as hard as Nadya to get her moment in the spotlight from the situation. Don’t worry, Ms. Allred has already filed a complaint with CPS.

    • 100% agree with your statement!
      Nadya’s definitely has serious issues, but Ms. Allred is pure evil. Nothing good happens to people when they hook up with her!

  • This is one of those rare situations where I believe someone needs to just go ahead and force this woman to have her tubes tied. Whose to say that if they take her kids away she just won’t go out and have some more? The state isn’t allowed to stop her from having kids, yet she’s allowed to continue forcing everyone to pay for her decisions.

    • Exactly, Gloria isn’t doing this out of concern for those children. She has her own angle to play.

      I have already seen her yapping about it on TV. It somehow is going to greatly benefit Allred for Octo-baby Mother to cross over to the dark side with her.

      And if Octo-Mother denies Allred… Allred most likely will do everything in her power to trip her up. It will get ugly.

  • I don’t think so. Gloria Allred is an effective advocate for women and children and I’m glad she’s using her celebrity to advocate for these children. Christ someone needs to. There is no father and the Grandparents clearly let Nadya do anything she wants. I think Allred knows how mentally ill and unfit Suleman is and that these children are at significant risk of being exploited, neglected and harmed. The Suleman children are fortunate that she’s involved and has filed a complaint otherwise, CPS might have had to wait until something really tragic happened to get involved.

    • Yes, she’s advocating. I just find that when she advocates, it’s often not just for the betterment of society but also to up her own visibility.

  • allred isn’t actually offering to pay for the babies(taken from abc, but its an ap article)
    “The offer from Angels in Waiting would keep the family together without use of taxpayer funds, Allred said. It would require, however, donations from the public.”
    “at a cost of $135,000 a month”

    shes only getting involved bc fighting on the children’s behalf could be a landmark trial,and she wants her name tied to it

    while i agree that nayda needs to do something for her children, the angels offer isnt actually viable, the care offered is based on the anticipation of large,and continuous donations.

  • why aren’t people as outraged over say jon & kate & all the other multiple births that have had the exact same strategy as she? the donations & offers seemed to just pour in for them. guess they presented themselves in a much better light when they all knew full
    well what results ivf produces. they all banked on the sympathy vote & it paid off big time.

  • Unless I’m mistaken, Jon & Kate used fertilility drugs, not IVF.
    They also had a lot of help (and an actual plan) before the reality show came along. I’m all for helping the Suleman babies, but I wouldn’t donate a dime to them until I see them in homes with a sane person. Any $$ you send could easily go for another lip enlargement, tummy tuck, or whatever new indulgence Nadya has in mind.

    “Nadya Suleman Makes Bad Decisions” is pretty much her standard theme. Maybe that’s what she’ll call her reality show…

    • Sadly enough, you know that show would get huge ratings. Huge ratings that would most likely prompt her to get pregnant again.

      That show or ” I need a rich husband, and then people will shut up”. But what she keeps repeating ( if I was married and I had all these children no one would be so outraged) is completely false. If she was married, stable, and had even the outline of a basic financial plan, no one would be sending death threats. She does not have one of those three aspects/people.

  • Gloria Allred is an ambulance chaser, pure and simple. She’s opportunistic, manipulative, and has a craving for celebrity that is paled only by that of Nadya herself.

    That being said, someone needs to be the lawyer. I guess she figures it may as well be her. Despite being a turgid beast, Allred is a good lawyer and certainly knows how to handle the media.

  • I don’t think it matters why Allred is involved, or if she might have a selfish agenda. Suleman most certainly has proven that she definitely has a selfish agenda. In one scenario, there are two women with selfish agendas, and the babies receive the skilled nursing care and mental stimulus/intervention they will need if they’re to grow up with any kind of IQ at all (care that the mother could never afford otherwise); the other scenario, there are two women with selfish agendas, and the babies do not receive skilled care and intensive intervention for the best outcome possible. Scenario one is clearly preferable to scenario two, no matter why the parties have become involved.

    Oh, and plenty of us have always been disgusted with Jon and Kate. And the McCaugheys. Like Suleman, both of those families ALREADY HAD CHILDREN when they chose to undergo yet even more risky and expensive fertility treatments instead of adopting if they felt they really needed to expand their families even more, despite the earth’s limited resources. The media keeps talking about how the story of the octuplets went from “miracle to punch line.” But there are plenty of us who, when hearing about yet another scientifically-engineered litter, don’t automatically start to squeal that it’s some kind of “miracle.” It’s just that, in the past, anyone daring to suggest that high-order multiple births were anything other than “precious miraculous bundles of pure rainbow sunshine and joy, destined for THE BEST LIFE EVER,” were immediately shouted down as “baby-haters” or worse. It’s only now, with this flagrant case, that others are coming to see that we had a point all along.

  • I don’t know who this Allred person is, but beggers can’t be choosers. Nadya is in a bad, bad situation, unless there is something we all don’t know, and she needs to accept all the help she can get if she’s going to be anywhere near successful raising freakin’ fourteen kids.

    • Allred is a famous “women’s lib” prosecutor. She was the lawyer for Amber Frye during the Scott Peterson murder trial. She was also involved with one of Micheal Jackson chester-molester cases. Basically, she won’t take a case unless it gets her on Larry King

  • i love the idea of helping families in need, but honestly aren’t there about a skillion families they could be helping who are in worse shape than octopussy, and who didn’t deliberately do it to themselves? my sympathy meter is at zero for this stupid bitch. i feel sorry for the kids but i doubt CPS will take them away. i have a friend who is a social worker for CPS and the cases she sees are 1,000 times worse than this. i think someone will offer her a reality show, she’ll take the money and get more embryos and/or plastic curgery. this story is just one big mess.

  • While i think, no i believe that Nadya is a few sandwiches short of a pinic and she needs help, Gloria Allard has no business poking her nose in it. Gloria has gone from offering her help to now calling CPS, might i add the babies won’t be released until Nadya can provide a safe home for 2-3 babies to come home to.
    Maybe Dr.Phil can rattle her cage some more.

  • Nadya is being rewarded for repeatedly making terrible choices. Clearly she has not learned anything, moreover she will never be able to be a proper parent for all the kids without lots of help. Actually Gloria Allred is not an ambulance chaser, but I think she should have been more aggressive in taking the babies away from that stupid idiot as opposed to helping her. I’m not sure about the justice in that decision.