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I Wish I Were Cool Like You, Amber Rose

Amber Rose, Kanye West's Girlfriend Pictures Photos

Let’s talk about Kanye West’s new girlfriend, Amber Rose, who accompanied Kanye for some shopping and lunch on Sunset today.

I can’t even tell you how jealous I am of this look.

I wish I could wander around LA in February wearing a see-through half-tank with no bra, faux denim hot pants and fuck-me heels. And don’t forget the cigarette!

What a radical departure from social norms, Amber! You’re so awesome. I wish I had the guts to show up at uber-expensive restaurants looking like I just finished my hooking gig at the trailer park. Looking respectable is so passe. You are totally the future of fashion … at the Bunny Ranch. Airforce Amy is going to take a break from blowing lines to call Kmart and see if they have those heels in stock. That’s the kind of trend-setter you are.

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