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Mark Ballas and Joanna Pacitti?

Mark Ballas and Joanna Pacitti Pictures Photos

First off, I would like to say that I hope the President’s little talk was DAMN good last night, because I was all excited for Idol and THEN IT WASN’T ON. Total devastation. How could they just move my favorite television show without sending out a mass email to the whole country and asking if it was okay? Nobody thinks about my needs anymore.

But my little Idol obsession, Joanna Pacitti — who’s not even on the show anymore, due to ineligibility — is already proving to be the most famous Idol so far this season! She stepped out at the Jonas Brothers’ movie premiere last night with her new boyfriend: Dancing with the Stars‘ Mark Ballas!

“She is the most supportive person in my life and she’s been great,” said Mark. “We get to spend a lot of time together [and] we do pretty much everything together.”

Said Joanna: “We both get each other and understand schedules and even on a musical level, I’ve never met someone that’s so passionate about music … that’s what I live for, so it’s amazing to be with someone who gets it.”

And as for Idol? Joanna says she has no hard feelings. “I actually had an amazing time on the show and I met some amazing friends…Everything happens for a reason and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.”

Yay Joanna! Now go record a good album and stay in the spotlight so I can continue my weird obsession with you.

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  • I agree Beet! I was so bored last night I was forced against my will to watch those old hag housewives of NYC. That phony countess gets under my skin.

  • Good to know I wasn’t the only one screaming “WTF…noooooo!” at 8:02 last night when I realized it wasn’t on!

  • Joanna you are first class. You get disqualified and you continue to have an amazing attitude. As I sit here watching American Idol tonight all I can say is they really messed up. Your voice was so much better than any other female on here. I really hope we get to hear more from you in the near future.

  • Hey Joanna yes you sure one class act. What happened on idol was due to things that cant be told right now. But you did nothing wrong. You are an inspiration for all young people who have a dream,and will not let anything even a top show to dampen that dream. Want to hear you got signed and you are gonna have an album out soon