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Octo-Mom And Octo-Gram Video Smackdown

Listen, in random conversation with people, I’ve said that the Octo-Mom is nuts.  Intentionally having more than four fourteen children is a clear cut sign of mental illness.  No psychological evaluation needed.  But now I realize, she’s actually nuts.  In video released on Radar Online, the baby factory goes head to head with her mom, Octo-Gram.

Nadya Suleman appears genuinely astonished at her mother’s perspective and possesses a debate strategy that doesn’t extend beyond screaming “Use them or destroy them,” and “You can’t go back and ring a bell,” over and over again.  Suleman’s mother, Angela, feels that Octo-Mom was irresponsible in choosing to be implanted with six embryos when she had six tax deductions already.

I know some media reports were claiming that Suleman wanted to look like Angelina Jolie, but I think she was aiming for Mickey Rourke.  And succeeded.

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    • Unfortunately they’ll have to split up all those kids because no normal person would be able to care for that many properly.

      I guess its good they’re just babies?

  • The doctor who impregnated / implanted her deserves more of the blame than Nadya. Whoever the doctor is needs to pay whatever it takes to keep these 8 kids afloat.

  • She’s bananas. She consented to have six embryos implanted in her at once, but she had no right to consent on behalf of those poor tiny babies for them to go through the hell of extreme prematurity, with all the (potentially life long) problems that go with it.

  • Octo-Gram,
    Time to pack your suitcases and RUN.
    It’s good Octo-Mom has” let go of her need to control everything”,
    cause once these babies are released from the hospital, control is one thing that your daughter won’t have. How much help does this silly woman thinks she’s going to get and for how long? She’s nuts and a know-it-all, not a good combination.

  • I agree with Chuck. The doctor has a very large part in this. There are MILLIONS of ridiculous people in this world that would have any number of unethical procedures done. Physicians have to be gatekeepers in a way, and cannot allow their ‘power’ to be abused, by themselves or a patient.

    • Just like the doctors who allowed blood laced with hep c and hiv to be given to innocent hapemhalic suffers? and then refuse to anwser legal questions about in the hopes they’ll be dead soon? Lovely.

  • i am confused i though that with IVF many emberos were implanted to up the chances of one actually taking. So if she was lucky enough to have them all take shouldn’t she have given life to the lot, or murdered the odd one of two?

    She has ended up with a big brood though, very angelina of her. Suprised angelina isn’t round there for a cup of herbal tea to discuss playdates?

    • you are forgetting one little itty bitty thing. Angie has a gazillion dollars, a partner, is paying for everything, etc. Octo has no partner, no job, welfare, and EIGHT MORE KIDS THAN ANG/BRAD

      you shouldn’t think of it as luck. carrying so many kids is unhealthy. We’ll see what kind of life long problems they may have. She obvs has f*Cked genes, if like half of her kids previously are friggin disabled

  • I agree with you that octo mom is crazy but i don’t think having more than 14 is a sign of mental illness in the Duggar familly. I think the correct statement would be: Intentionally having fourteen children you can’t take care of or afford. At least the duggars can support themselves entirely and are in do debt whatsoever.

    • True, they can support them all, but having all those children is still selfish and irresponsible. As soon as the babies reach 6 months crazy duggar mom hands them off to the older girls to take care of. What kind of childhood is that for anyone? And just think of the carbon footprint of that family!

  • I feel bad for the grandmother. The whole video is of the octo-mom talking down to her like she’s stupid. The only one whole is stupid is the octo-mom. She is a psychotic bitch who needs some serious help. And I do feel bad for those kids.

  • I saw a woman and TV a long time ago, one of those TLC labor and delivery shows, who had just given birth to her 14th crack addicted baby. All of the other children were in foster care because she was unfit and a crackhead. She didn’t mind. Doctors pleaded with her to get sterilized and she refused each time. If we can’t force sterilization on a crackhead (who endangers her children in utero) then we certainly can’t on this nutjob. A shame, really. So many children screwed from the start.

  • That broad’s voice alone is enough to want to sedate her indefinitely. And I love how outspoken she is, when she clearly has her head so far lodged up her ass. At least the majority of America isn’t falling for her bullshit pity party.

      • Indeed. I’ll watch Denise Richard’s stupid ass show before I watch that crap. No thanks. We have enough useless “celebrities”.

        Also, where’s that goofy bastard, Donkey Punch? I want to hear his take on this sociopathic nightmare. :)

  • OH MY GOD. I actually watched the video. I could only make it thru half. SHE IS SO OBNOXIOUS. holy god. I desperately want to hit her in the face.

    and I cannot believe she is talking to her mom like that. WTF? you need this lady. stupid psycho.

    seriously after the vid I am soooo convinced that she is crazAY

  • As much as she seems like a crackpot, I don’t think now is the time to judge. The tv networks have to get some of the blame. They should have waited a couple of months after the birth. They do this all the time with the ‘death knocks’, hoping to get people at their most vulnerable and ratings worthy. Her body and mental state cannot be in the right place at the moment. She just had a massive surgery and her hormones would be all over the place. Whilst I think she is crazy, she’s probably not as glorifyingly crazy as she is being portrayed.

  • @ ac: yes, pregnancy makes you hormonal, but what about her mental state when she decided to go for IVF 9 months ago, after already having 6 kids? while unemployed and living with her parents? that is not hormonal, that is batshit crazy. and as far as the media, this bitch loves the attention, obviously. instead of being with her babies in the hospital she is running to studios to give interviews with anyone who will listen. she needs to keep her legs and her mouth closed, and she cannot seem to do either.

  • so wait i heard that the possible dad only gave sperm to the octomom because she told him she had cancer. why in the heck would someone with cancer be having children? it makes no sense. he should have known better. they’re both idiots. her kids are going to be in foster homes by the summer. shes the reason that california is broke. shes a nut case and the media is only making it worse by giving her attention, just like heidi and spencer. they are probably just as worthless as the octomom.

    • Actually when my aunt found out she had cancer 2yrs ago she & my uncle decided to try & get pregnant again. They already have 2 kids but always thought they’d have more. I guess the chemo often times makes you sterile/infertle. (Not sure what the differance is, but you can’t get pregnant) So they wanted to try again before she started her chemo treatments. Unfortunatly, neither worked. She didn’t get pregnant & she passed away 9 months later.

  • What really angers me is the way she speaks to her mom, her mother is simply questioning her ability to raise all of those children and her immediate reaction is “I know everything”. My immediate impression listening to Nadya is that she only cares about herself. Her parents have been looking after her first 6 children and Nadya has not thanked them at all their help!

    They have got to grow a backbone and kick Nadya’s ass to the curb. I can see the mom looks like shes taken that shit from Nadya before and can be easily manipulated as we have all witnessed….

    • That’s exactly the impression i get as well.. That she is an ungrateful laud bitch, she is disrespectful towards her parents, and she thinks she knows it all.. Poor kids, nobody deserves that kind of shit..
      I also blame the doctor for half of this btw..