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Kathy Griffin Memoir Rights Sell for $2M


NOT TOO SHABBY, Miz Griffin.

Word on the street is that the rights to a memoir Kathy Griffin is writing sold at auction last week to an editor at Random House’s Ballantine imprint for more than $2 million.

That is NOT a D-list figure, dear.

I’m actually very curious to read this book. It would be cool to get a sense of what Kathy’s early life was like, and how she wound up being such a hilarious woman. That kind of funny is never the result of a happy, drama-free childhood.

Would you guys buy the Kathy Griffin memoir?

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  • Her hair is orange on top, and a reddish color at the bottom…. Is that lighting, or is it always like that?

  • Yes, definitely something I would purchase.

    I’d prefer to download it on my IPOD and listen to it, as she would likely narrate her own audio version of the book, and it’d add to the “reading” expereince.

  • I saw Kathy at MSG and she was so boring, I was very disappointed. I was a big fan for years and if I had not paid 70 dollars for the ticket I probably would have left. Imagine reading the jokes she didn’t write? No Thanks!

  • oh and I wanna hear about her parents!!! I love them so much. I was so sad when her dad died.

    Oh! and there’s a bunch of scandalous stuff about her brother that I have been dying to know forever… I think he was a huge druggie or something.. I am pretty sure he is dead now too

    ..and her ex-hubbie stealing money from her…. juicy book indeed!!

  • I find her so irritating. She’s always screaming and she always sounds as if she’s got a bunch of fluid in her throat.

    I thought everyone disliked her. Now I am confused.

  • She’s actually one of the only funny female comedians I can think of. Sarah Silverman can be funny every now and then, I guess. I don’t know if I’d be into reading a book from either one of them though.

  • I would buy it. I just don’t get why so many people dislike her. I like hearing about her experiences with celebrities, she tells it like it is. My favorite skit of hers was the one on Paris Hilton, her re-enactment of her was hilarious.

    Stop hating on Kathy, just because she is “loud” or had some plastic surgery, if you listen to her stand-up or watch her show you’d understand her comedic style. I think she is very underrated.

    Also I think pairing Kathy with Anderson Cooper = awesome. Kathy just brings out the funny in him.

  • I would buy it at full price! I love this woman to death and would be happy to give her my hard earned money! And you are correct; 2 million dollars for your memoirs puts you on the A list in my book. However, she has made a huge effort not to forget her fans that brought her to the A list. And that makes her the coolest celebrity out there! Go Kathy!

  • I am so happy for her! Kathy is hilarious, and is wonderful to her staff (Sadly that seems to be a rarity in LA.) I have seen her live a few times and really enjoy her show.
    It’s so nice to have a great female comedian- who is a bit brass, well really just tells it as it is-to cheer on!