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An American Idol Tell-All???


A tipster in the publishing industry tells Evil Beet exclusively that a former employee of the show is shopping around a tell-all book. Says our source:

[T]he author is planning a whole expose of their employment. A few things that are going to be revealed are the drugs and alcohol that flow freely through the show, how the show is fixed, contestant plants, brainwashing, verbal and physical abuse, sweatshop like working conditions, threats of blacklisting, etc…….

Apparently the book is going to be full of very damaging allegations and plans on revealing all the behind the scenes workings of the show.

Some potential editors already have the proposal on their desks!!!

Didn’t the producers of the show make him sign an NDA???

I really hope this book gets published! I want to read it NOW!!!

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  • Love ya beet… but.. exclusive? Are you a little concerned about sources? This sounds way to good to be true. I will so eat that spider Wendie mentioned yesterday…
    Please, please be true!

  • i’m not quite an ai fan, though i do watch now and then if i’m bored and remember it’s on, but this book sounds GOOD!

  • I’ll give you the heads up: Paula is a falling down drunk, Simon takes it up the ass, Seacrest is a speed freak and 99.99% of all male contestants are gay and getting their freak on with each other. *snort*