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Sharon Stone’s Nipples Attend Elton John’s 17th Annual Academy Award Viewing Party


Elton John’s yearly party is super exclusive and tough to get an invite to.  Having said that, I’m having a few “What the fuck,” moments.

What the fuck?  Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are back together?

What the fuck?  What is that French’s Golden Mustard get-up Dita Von Teese wearing?

What the fuck?  Rachel Griffiths in head-to-toe grey flannel?  Is she fat or just pregnant?  Oh, she’s pregnant.  Still…that’s not right.

Bai Ling?  Just, what the fuck?

Ugh, I had more to say, but I looked at too many pictures of Posh and now I must sleep…can’t…keep…eyes…open.

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  • Hells no! Dita got it wrong this time ( for the first time ever!)- love the colour though!

    Velarue – Hot dress and shoes!!
    Sharon Stone- for an old braod she looks great!
    Eva- looks like an extra from Dyanasty
    Rachel grittths- WTF???
    Olivia Wilde- lovely colour but crap hair and makeup
    Jenilfer Love- looked great!

  • I don’t mind seeing Sharon’s nips, but please don’t ever post another pic of her saggy white ass in a see-through dress. UGH!

  • Too bad Sharon’s nipples couldn’t have shown up by themselves and left the rest of the skank body at home!