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In This Difficult Economy, You Definitely Want to Give Your Hard-Earned Money to the Crazy Octomom, Right?


Oh, good.

That’s what I thought.

Because Octomom has started a website, the Nadya Suleman Family Website, so that you guys can encourage her behavior by giving her money and sending her gifts. You can also look at pictures of babies hooked up to all sorts of tubes and equipments, their skin strange colors and their faces in discomfort, because that is what happens to babies when you have eight of them at once. Don’t you want to encourage her to do this again? Yes yes. Give her money.

America is already well on the way to making Nadya the kind of star she’d always hoped she’d be at the expense of fourteen of her own flesh-and-blood children. Dateline ratings were double their usual audience when Ann Curry sat down with Octomom. Over 11 million of you tunred in to watch Nadya be crazy!

UGH I hate situations like this. It’s, like, part of you wants to give her money, because these babies are alive now, and shouldn’t have to suffer just because their mom is crazy, but you don’t want to give her money, because this behavior should in no way be encouraged. Stupid woman.

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  • Every single one of her neighbors should report her to CPS on a daily basis until they find enough shit wrong with her to take all of those kids away.

  • Don’t give her money. She’ll just get more bad plastic surgery.

    I agree with the above though, report to CPS!

  • I am just so scared for these little babies and nobody will give them the help (money) they need because their mom is a mess…. She is seriously crazy, so for these babies to have any chance in life they need to be taken from Octomom as soon as possible….

  • Oh yeah I commented to. NO ONE should give that selfish child hoarder any money. If she couldn’t afford them she shouldn’t have had them. I have been thinking that all along about the CPS. I mean with that many kids in that small of house and a nut job of a mother it will at the very least be to unsanitary for them to live. There are a million families that want and deserve children and are unable to have them-she needs to let those eight be adopted out to those people and her next medical procedure needs to involve tying some tubes. Her behavior is actually psychotic and she needs medical help to cure her of the disease she has.

    • Exactly. She’s already shown that she’s a selfish idiot who puts her own needs above those of her children. I wouldn’t give her a dime.

  • I think it’s hilarious that she accepts Paypal!

    I guess no one has offered her a TV show,
    or a million dollars for a first photo op like she thought.
    Judging from what I’ve read, people are pretty pissed off at this whole situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but still- I cannot believe the balls this woman has.

  • And to think I am ambivalent about having kids, not really because I don’t want them but because of the expense (in this economy especially). I even have a job, a supportive family and my sanity. Apparently I should just have a dozen or so and put my hand out. Silly me.

  • But do the comments on her site go to comment oblivion, never to be seen?

    I half-expected each of the baby pictures to be clickable, linked to a back story of the baby, a description of his or her superpowers, photos of fun times in the neo-natal ICU unit, and a plaintive cry for help.

  • I second what most everyone else has said, and want to add my two cents. You notice how on the site she doesn’t have the babies labeled as “Boy” or “Girl” and instead refers to them as “male” or “female”? I know this could have been the doing of the site designer, but it’s as if she’s showing them off as puppies, or dolls. You know ,as in “Oh, look at this sweet little male with the nasogastric tube and sunglasses!!”

    • Your comment made me think…
      Long ago I had a college prof that told me that humans can never be male or female but only girl or boy (man or woman etc). Only animals and some plants can use the label male or female.

  • Woah, What happened to the “No, i dont need/take welfare” thing?
    This women is not only crazy, she is also capable of lying without turning red!

  • I left a comment – but I too wonder if it will be read. Or if they will just use my email to send me unsolicited requests for donations. I tried not to be too mean in my comment even though I wanted to curse her out!
    Now, do we believe she really started this website? What if it’s not even her, just some other nutjob that started it and is collecting money? hmmm

  • AAGH I don’t wanna LEAVE a comment on her site, I just wanna SEE the shitstorm she must be receiving in a large number of them… Gimme a goddamn link!!!

    Half the fun of going on to controversial/troll-able sites is seeing the DRAMA unfurl in the comments…like here on EB!

    • That was my first thought too! I can’t even put into words what I actually want to say to her. But I’d love to see what everyone else has said!!

  • I’m not even going to give her the satisfaction of visiting the website even though I’m curious as hell. And I would rather scratch out my own eyes than donate money to her. I know I should feel bad because of the babies, but like everyone else has said — those kids will most likely never see a dime of that money.

  • I doubt that she is getting many bad comments. There are enough “nice” people who will open their purses to support the poor children.

  • I just had my third baby this past september and boy the 3 of them wipe me out ! How the fuck is this nutjob gonna even be able to feed them all!? Who is gonna help her? They need to be taken away…ALL 14 of them. The whole situation is so sad. And what about the doctor who did this? He needs to get fucking PUNISHED! There needs to be a law against implanting embryos into a psychopath.

  • When she did the plastic surgery?
    Before or After the babies were born? Jesus, this lady is trying hard to look like angelina. Poor poor babies.

  • What a selfish bitch! I don’t usually react very strongly to celebrity gossip, but this is unacceptable. She had 6 kids, which is more than enough, and now she has 8 more. These kids are never going to have a normal life because, as a single mom who gets plastic surgery before taking care of her kids, and has a total number of 14 kids, there’s never going to be enough money. She got herself in a serious mess.

  • Urgh….this whole situation makes me sick. Babies for profit and the media is to blame for paying celebrities absurd amounts of money for baby pics. Is it any wonder an average nut has latched onto the idea? Children are no longer sentient beings, they are pawns for their parents narcissism. Anyone who donates to this sicko is encouraging child abuse. Let her go broke so she can be declared unfit and some nice young NORMAL couples can line up to adopt these children.

  • I read that this nutcase has hired a PUBLICIST to shop around a reality show, line up PAID tv interviews with Oprah, and to SELL pics of these babies to the highest bidder. Sickening. LOUDLY BOYCOTT any media outlet that pays her a dime so that no one will pay this bitch. If she doesn’t get money she can’t care for the babies and they will be taken away. This woman is mentally disturbed and DANGEROUS. I would not at all be suprised if she ended up abusing them when the stress becomes too much.

  • Think how bummed those kids will be when they’re cognizant enough to realize they were never given a chance – starting out life in poverty with a crazy mom. She never should have been allowed to do this in the first place.

  • That fact that she calls it “The Nadya Suleman Family website” instead of just “The Suleman Family website” kind of bothers me. Like how self-centered is this woman? It’s all for her own gain and pleasure. Ugh.

  • this just keeps remind me of the tina fey snl rant about her biological clock (pre-baby) and she says ‘because six half-pound translucent babies are not a miracle, they’re gross.’

  • I watched the interview because I desperately wanted to find some sort of sanity–some reasoning–behind this woman’s actions. I did not and was truly nauseated. Those poor kids.

    I will not be donating to her cause; I’ll leave that up to the California taxpayers. :o/

  • If people are dumb enough to donate to Casey Anthony’s jail fund, surely many people are going to donate to Octomom :( Why does Octomom think she is so superior that she’ll never have to work and will always have people cater and take care of her and the kids that she wanted to put here?

  • I don’t know why everyone is complaining, all the taxpayers commenting here are already supporting those translucent fetuses with ng tubes receiving neonatal care costing upwards of $8000 apiece a day.

    Why didn’t her parents say, um, any more kids and you need your own apartment? Maybe the 1000s she’d saved for IVF could have gone for regular living expenses.

    I wonder if Adair (above) is right & some other looney created this family website to channel the funds the bleeding hearts will send into their own pockets? ugh.

    Don’t send money and don’t comment on that site, you can’t change crazy.

  • Hopefully, the fertility doctor that over-fertilized this woman will be stopped from conducting further unethical fertility procedures. Suleman should be banned from having anymore children. Such a selfish woman. I really hope she loves and provides for the soccer team she has brought into the world.

  • Am I the only one who finds it wholly egregious that in the midst of all of Nadya Suleman’s gall, she has a website called the “Nadya Suleman Family Website” and on it there are no references to the 6 kids that she gave birth to before it became obvious to the world that she’s a certifiable train-wreck?