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Did Julianne Hough Have Work Done?


Maybe it’s just verrrry different makeup, but I hardly recognized Julianne Hough at the Country Music Awards nominations this morning.

For comparison, here’s what Julianne looked like in November 2008:


And, conspicuously, I couldn’t find any photos of her for the end of December and the entire month of January.

Where was she hiding? And why???

I thought she was really, really pretty to start out with.

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    • yeah it looks like she had the bridge slimmed. she still looks good, but WHY?! there was nothing wrong with her in the first place.

      • yup… looks the same to me too. OOOhhh BEET did u hear ur FAVE person got engaged?!?!!! Mandy Moore to Ryan Adams.. that can’t possibly end well; seeing as how she just broke up with DJ AM for the second time and went running back to this dude… for the second time. it’s a break up because its broken!

  • She is all kinds of orange in those photo’s. I suspect it is all just an issue with bad makeup… then equally bad lighting. And using peach color lipstick… even worse on a orange face. She normally is a cute girl. This looks to be a really off day, for her.

    I am just surprise she has already having to resort to painting her eyebrows on. Isn’t she like 21? I never have grasp the need to pluck all of them off… in order to paint them back on.

  • No work done… eyebrows thinned and reshaped and no more dark eye makeup to make her nose look bigger. She is hot! And seems way too nice.

  • i dont think she’s had any work done. but i’m really feelin the more natural skin tone and lighter makeup.

  • She looks the same to me as she did 2 years ago when I first saw her. Also, not sure of the time frame, but didn’t she have a lot of gyno work done (and couldn’t finish DWTS)? That takes some recovery time, y’all.

  • In the first pic, her face is more orange than her body. in the second pic, her body is more orange than her face

    she needs to lay off the self tanner in general

  • If she did have work done, then she is a fucking idiot, because that girl was stunning to begin with, and couldn’t be improved on in my opinion!

  • She probably did have work done because it would go right up there with all of the other stupid things she has done lately. Don’t mess with perfection Julianne but she does look like any any moment she is going to burst out of that dress! Bet that’s an improvement the bf enjoys.

  • No work done there, she has always been perfect and will always be. Just different make up and a bad hair day on the second picture.

  • Shame on whoever it was who made her think she needed to change ANYTHING about her adorable face! I just watched a video from three seasons ago when she danced with Apolo Ohno, and she DEFINITELY looks different! Her lips and nose?

  • Julianne Hough really needs her chin shaved down a bit (or that bad implant removed) and that brow lift she had changed the shape of her eyes. Julianne if you see this, get that reversed your eyes were your best trait before but now you look frozen and hideous. (Botox I suspect)

    Her brow lift has put her eyebrows too high, she looks stunned all the time (not to confuse with stunning, she looks scared off by bombs).

  • Her Nose looks bigger.
    Her face does not look the same.
    She looked better before!
    What the hell is with people ruining their faces!