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Jennifer Hudson and Fiance David Otunga at the Grammy Awards Pictures Photos

I have talked a lot of shit about Jennifer Hudson’s fiance, I Love New York contestant David Otunga, in the past, but I take it all back. Apparently he has stuck next to Jennifer’s side throughout all she’s been through recently — and he walked the red carpet with her at the Grammys, where she took home the award for Best R&B album.

It takes one hell of a man to support someone through that kind of emotional crisis — to not panic and run — so I give mad props to David, and I’m so grateful that Jennifer has had him throughout all this.

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  • She has a Grammy now too??
    Christ, what else is there to win??

    Besides like, the Nobel Prize or something.

  • i have no idea how this woman became famous and i don’t really rate her as a singer or actress.

    She’s in lurve though and has more $$$ than most of us.

    i remember him with new york. now she would have made a good singer / actress. imagine her shairng a screen with carrie!

  • I don’t give him props yet. Wait till her career is on the downturn or she doesn’t have any money and if he sticks around then, we’ll see.

  • Of course he is standing by her. He needs something to lean on to try to avoid falling into Total Loserland.

    Her face looks ridiculously pretty, like a doll’s, dead eyes and everything. She sure is losing a bunch of weight. Poor girl has been through too much.

    I’m impressed that she doesn’t care about going sleeveless with all those stretch marks on her arms.

    She’s a good singer. Has a certain something. She’ll stick around.

    So will he. As long as she’s a shiny star….

    • Everytime I see the dress I think it is some big napkin stuffed into her dress. Someone ain’t looking to get fried chicken stains on them…

  • Who stylist should have known better than to let her out on the red carpet with her make up bib on.

    This style of gown needs to be banished.
    I dont get the design at all.
    She needs people around her who care about her and her stylist is obviously an asshole. Poor thing. She deserved a better dress

  • They look very cute together!

    I am proud of Jennifer for performing, her performance just about made me weep! haha she sounded amaziiing!

  • David is a very good man, and he really does love Jennifer Hudson. This man is the true real deal. Jennifer deserves all and more to come. I think this is a very interesting couple. One of the hottest pairs since Will and Jada Smith got married at least in the black race. I do believe they have gotten married privately before their son was born, but are having a wedding for family and friends later on to come. This is one wonderful loving couple and they are for real with theirs. A very beautiful family Jen has create with her nice and thick hunk of a man David Otunga. Real love is whats driving this couple all the way.